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Re: sick of being alone - December 3rd 2012, 11:28 AM

Hi Alana! I'm Christabel... I'm 13, I don't hate you. :3 I just want you to know that I think you're a beautiful person and I'll never call you names. I'm so sorry about everything you've been through. I know how tough it can be. Everyone judging you and picking on you. I know how hard it can be to be growing up and going through things being picked on and feeling alone with no friends. So I'm here to tell you, it gets better, darling. You'll realize that you aren't ugly, society is. Being without friends isn't being weak and being a ugly person, it just means that you're strong enough to go without others util you find friends you deserve, sweetie. Please hang in there till you see your self-worth. You're developing into a beautiful person, do not let the jerks in the world stop that.
The fact you lost weight, is a good achievement if it made you happy. Don't listen to that guy, he probably gets off ruining someone else's day.
Not everybody is bad, you can trust some people. You just gotta keep your eyes and heart open to know who. c:

Can you tell your parents about the other kids picking on you and how you're feeling? It could really help you out if you got them to listen.
Is there any school activities you can participate in to distract yourself and to have something you enjoy to do and possibly make friends?
I'd also recommend music/movies/games/art/animals. It's wonderful for the soul. Just something for you.

We can be friends if you'd like. I can listen and try to help. And I'd just love to talk to you. About any topic at all. Even clothes and such. :P I'll be your friend, you can trust me and talk to me about anything, hun. Feel free to PM/VM me. I'm always here for you, darling, I promise.
Stay strong, Alana. You can do this. <3 Show those jerks they can't bring you down.

~ Christabel