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Re: I just cut myself and i'm suicidal HELP - December 30th 2012, 11:15 PM

Breathe, darling. Sit down, count the number of green objects in the room around you, and keep breathing. In and out. Everything is going to be okay, I promise.

You know what? You are beautiful. I don't care what you look like, your soul is beautiful. It's taken a battering, it's been through a fight, and it has a long road ahead of it. But it will get there, y'know? Beauty isn't something that can be measured, or defined. It's in the eyes of the people who love us. I don't look like something out of a magazine. But that doesn't mean I'm not beautiful. My silly little quirks, the fact I have one eye bigger than the other? It makes me, me. And it makes you, you. I know that might not be what you want to hear right now, but just look at yourself. You're you. You're solid. You have a purpose, and no one is going to defeat me- you hear me? Good. Because you aren't giving up on me, no way.

You know yourself you aren't stupid. You have good grades in other subjects. Everyone is a genius, but try to get a fish to climb a tree and what will happen? Depression is going to make you feel like this. It is going to try to bring you down. It is going to focus on the negatives and shield your eyes from the positives. There are so, so many good things ahead of you, and so many things you have right now to be grateful for. You can't see them right now because this illness is acting like a blindfold. But you can beat this. You can open your eyes and shatter the illusion of helplessness. All you need to do is wake up.

Waking up is easier said than done. When I talk about waking up, I mean making a commitment to beat this. I mean talking to your therapist, talking to your friends, talking to your family, being strong, resisting the urges to self harm, WINNING this battle. Scars will fade, try not to make any more, and they'll fade even faster.

Keep your head up. You can do this, and feel free to PM me at anytime <3

Take as long as you need.