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Re: having trouble to cope. - February 4th 2013, 10:38 PM

I don't know... my mood just went downhill the last couple days. I dreamed about him and says I love him then. I woke up feeling miserable and wishing that I didn't have to dream about it. The days just gets bad and I don't know... as much as I'd like talking to others, I think they get bored with me. I don't want others to felt that I'm selfish because right now I'm self-centered and probably is annoying as heck because I'm always saying the same thing over and over again.... I don't know.... mine is not as bad as others but I just hate going through this ups and downs. felt so miserable and like there's no color in this life. I'm ranting yes... i know... but this is probably the only place that i can.
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