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Re: Running Away..... - March 31st 2009, 01:41 PM

Hey Justine.

There's something you have to know about abusive guys (dads included ) .. when they're angry, they might end up beating everything in sight. But you know (take this from a so-called man ) all guys have a sensitive side. I think for your dad, you should show some small and subtle gesture of love that will touch his heart. And no matter what, he is your dad, and i'm really sure that there's a part inside the deepest threnches in his heart, which loves you unconditionally Try touching his heart's soft spot before doing anything else, at all i believe you can reach out to him !

and yeah , you have to tell your friends ESPECIALLY about how much this is affecting you . The knowledge that someone knows and cares deeply is very comforting.

Those who have went through more pain than everyone else, and want to protect anyone and everyone they know and care for from that pain, are stronger than everyone.

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