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Twinge Offline

Forever we'll just lay here

About Me

  • Basics
    Vint Fall
    The Abyss of your Psyche
  • About
    About me
    Daylight lasts till dawn, for me
    the all knowing will wave us
    as the moon radiates,
    I've waited days to take off
    discreet are lashes
    and their unwanted blinks
    not a soul will heed
    so nightly, birds wither;
    Now, seconds forward
    My sky ship, do you see?
    I'm taking off alone
    pulling a cloak of starry powder
    clouds are behind me
    while I let go for a moment -
    the beehive and their hymn;
    Pull the red over my face
    Shut my body down
    I'm alone in this world
    for all I wanted was far,
    For every person must not know
    my suffering, they may only think
    I've lived until this day
    Let them think in sight
    it dawned midst dark
    and my feathers that I claim
    faded from ether to earth,
    Uniting for purpose
    by sacrificing infinity, inside
    Stay hidden, let them not know
    my name of images

    (Former User Names - RippedHeart55, Star's Heart*, Running on Faith, Vint Fall, Esc-tactic seat and Xerces)

    I miss you like crazy right now.
    It would be too much to admit I want you all to myself.
    Too much, I'd have to find a special place
    to write all of the dreams and lullabies I have in my strange mind
    involving you, your presence, your face, your smile, voice... oh, I'm plain crazy about it.
    I find you addictive, although I would never admit it out loud
    as long as I'm sane, and alone with myself...

    As long as you know, you make my time on Earth even more precious; you make it fueling with life both the breath and second we share.
    We can't leave something great in life, just because we are scared... there is no right or wrong. All I know is what I won't be if I lose you, the rest is not important to me now.
    ...that you are mine, I am yours. What else can matter so much?

    I wonder.

    4/16/2015 A bee just scared me.
    4/23/2015 The heated surface on my back... It's a sweater.
    4/30/2015 It's later than usual today. Not sure why.
    5/7/2015 Gone for longer today.
    5/14/2015 Time for my big break.
    5/21/2015 Huge storm predicted.
  • Details
    Here for
    Wasting my valuable time
    Relationship status
    The compulsive dumper
    any kind of Penetration
    No land's man
    That is a negative
    Explorer and adventurer
    Agnostic Spiritualist
    Zodiac sign
  • Interests
    Writing in all shapes, blogging, messing with my mentality and the mentality of others, practicing vivid dreaming, spirituality, singing and music, humor, reading, traditional drawing/painting, design, professional loitering, being officially arrogant, hypocritically dissing at education, addressing every worthless soul with sarcasm and undressing people with my eyes in public
    Don't compose a song. Compose a story.

    0.5) Aqueous Transmission - Incubus
    1) Xerces - Deftones
    2) Twinge - Chevelle
    3) Sky Machine - Karnivool
    4) Paradise Circus - Massive Attack
    5) Me, I'm not - NIN
    6) Flames - VAST
    7) In time of my need - Opeth
    8) Serenity - Godsmack
    9) Gravity - APC
    10) Whispers of October - In this moment
    12) 10,000 Days (Wings Pt. 2) - Tool
    13) How To Disappear Completely - Radiohead
    14) Deathblow - Deftones
    I watch everything... But alright.
    Fight Club, 2001 Odyssey, Walking Life, 21 grams, Quills, Saving Pvt Ryan, Enter The Void, The Fountain, The Prestige - my favorites
    If I'm casually watching something, I have an appetite for films with a lot of blood/gore or Great humor. But if it's not good, I'll forget it the next morning.
    I can be a tough critique when I watch movies because it makes me think like heck.

    Best "Dracula" or vampire depiction in my opinion: Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979)

    My favorite short films: 10 Minutes - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdZaoKCzPN8
    Un Chien Andalou - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIKYF07Y4kA
    I don't prefer brain-washing and mental-scrubbing.
    Adventure, with a great story, emotion and long dialogues.
    Argh, this is an intimate subject!
    Chuck Palahniuk is my idol.
    Not today, Mom!
    The monsters within which taught me how to tie my shoelaces when I was 6, and to keep my elbows off the dining table.
    Favorite quotes
    I'll leave these quotes aside

    "What matters is that we're humans and we live in one world."
    -the person that doesn't understand me so well

    “You have a choice. Live or die. Every breath is a choice. Every minute is a choice. To be or not to be.”
    -Chuck Palahniuk

    "It's not that I'm so smart, It's just that I stay with my problems longer"
    -Albert Einstein

    "What gives life can take it away as well."
    -heard from my history teacher

    "Imagine the world as a body and we're all molecules in it that spin, turn, hit on each other and bound together in order for the body to survive."
    -my quote

    she: Wow those pants look good! Lol
    me: Those bottoms have big {TEEN} -ish spirit!
    -my GMAIL bestie

    "i dont help people, i work WITH people because i can relate to a lot of their problems."
    -the best friend I used to have

    "People who mind don't matter, and who don't mind actually matter."
    -a wise quoter

    "When people 1st saw your eyes, all they could say is that they're brown, but what I saw in them cannot be explained in simple words. I found something I suddenly became curious about...something I need to discover."
    -Girls Alive

    "Just because you accepted a person doesn't mean you're going to fall onto their level."
    -the person that made me who I am today

    "I know I'll be who I wanna be, but if I work hard on it, I'll be where I wanna be."
    -the person that got a hold of my heart the most once

    "Basically I just try to put my shelf in other shoes, to better understand them and myself."
    -nicest philosopher I've met so far

    "Every person around you should be your role model, those who behave how they're supposed to and those who don't. I learnt to have respect for others because my dad had no respect at all."
    -the only adult I got well with on the internet

    " There is a saying: don't follow, I might not lead, don't lead, I might not follow, but walk beside me and be my friend."
    -a person that made me realize how to defeat depression

    "When you have a problem that you don't slightly realize, a friend won't see it either, won't even try to cause they listen your every word you say.
    But a true friend won't listen because they will try to help open your eyes you let them in or not."
    -Girls Alive

    "In heaven, all the interesting people are missing."
    -my favorite philosopher(search)

    "The price of freedom is death." -Malcolm X

    "We linger on but leave the past behind us..."
    "Burning the bridges will not bring me back." -Epica

    "In death we'll live the love we never had."
    "When September was long, and winter unreal" -Kamelot

    "...and i didn't stop."

    "This sort of behavior is left to the psychotic, dogmatic, fundamentalist believers you see on your TV everyday letting off bombs and killing people in the name of God. Beliefs are dangerous. Beliefs allow the mind to stop functioning. A non-functioning mind is clinically dead. Believe in nothing." -Maynard James Keenan

    "I swallowed his façade 'cause I'm so
    Eager to identify with
    Someone above the ground,
    Someone who seemed to feel the same,
    Someone prepared to lead the way, with
    Someone who would die for me."

    "Breathe in breathe out
    There must be something more" -Secondhand Serenade

    "Roll the window down this
    Cool night air is curious
    Let the whole world look in
    Who cares who sees anything?"

    "one more medicated peaceful moment" - APC

    "It's hard to have a relationship in this business...it's gonna take a very special woman...or a bunch of average ones." -Bill Hicks
    Other interests
    Talking to Satan before I fall asleep.
    That's none of your damn business.
  • Signature
    I moved back while
    my head was turned.

    Upside down
    closer to the end.

    Afraid of the dark
    within future times.

    I'm drowning there,
    my final chase.


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