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Oddoneout Offline


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  1. newbie552
    July 7th 2010 05:21 PM - permalink
    *sighs* i hope so to. I'm not as freaked about it anymore. I'll tell ya how it went after its over.
  2. newbie552
    July 6th 2010 04:10 AM - permalink
    well i've ok but tonight i got stressed out.

    I work at a pizza shop where the wait time for a pickup is 10-15 minutes. Usually I work in the back but today the manager took me up front.

    I started slapping the dough (making the crust, getting it bigger so you can put toppings on it, etc) today and I was really nervous. And he told me that on my next shift (Wednesday) I have to get it perfect and do it in 1.5 mins max.

    I'm really nervous and scared, i know i can't do it.
  3. newbie552
    July 6th 2010 03:58 AM - permalink
    the sad thing is that the candy wasn't spiked. I really do get that hyper from eating a lot of candy. Sorry if I scared ya.
  4. newbie552
    July 5th 2010 04:39 AM - permalink
    whoah ohmygoodness just had a lot of candy and I am soooo hyper! Holy toleddoes, do you want to build a sky? I sooooooo wanna build a sky. Maybe I could use wood.... NO, I should use carrots! Yeah that would work. Oh do you want to run to the moon? Maybe on the the way I can get through a store and bu moon boots!!!!! Ohmygoodness!!!!
  5. CanadaCraig
    June 4th 2010 10:52 AM - permalink
    Happy Birthday Daniel!!
    I hope you're having a dandy day!!

  6. newbie552
    April 23rd 2010 03:09 AM - permalink
    Happy Earth Day!!!!
  7. Lynnnnn
    March 10th 2010 11:35 PM - permalink
    hey daniel! i saw ur post about ur sister and everything that was going on. I hope u are feeling ok

    im here to talk too (im sure a lot of ppl here are haha)

  8. newbie552
    December 6th 2009 05:27 AM - permalink
    i am sixteen
  9. newbie552
    November 25th 2009 10:16 PM - permalink
    *sighs* no, unfortunatly i don't have either. My dad doesn't trust anything like that
  10. newbie552
    November 25th 2009 12:54 PM - permalink
    sweetness. For me, i like writing, reading, hanging out w/ friends, watching movies (although my movie knowledge is very low), going for walks, shopping etc

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    About me
    I have an older sister but she has a mental disability and can't develop mentaly past 7 so I had to be the older brother even though she is 5 years older then me my parints favered her they focused on her blamed everything on me avoided punishing her. when I get to grade one I found I had a learning disability no one realy told me what it was even my classmates knew more about it then me. I had alot of trouble with writing anything and was slow I eventualy just gave up on spelling tests when they were handed back so we could mark out own work I just marked everything as wrong and put my pencil down. I got alot of extra help didn't do much and it turned everyone agenst me funny thing here everyone seems to thingk bullying is always just one kid picking on another for me it was the whole class agenst me teachers didn't seem to care my parints said I was being unresonable to expect everyone to like me.

    all this caused paranoia and hatrid for everyone if I had a bomb I would have killed my entier class I thought about doing it often. this went on until I changed schools in grade 6 I became the quiet kid and people seemed to leave me alone. I had a few freinds I didn't like them much but they were people to hang out with during resses. I don't remember much about grades 6 through 8 it is a blur but I think there was a suicide atmempt in there

    in grade 9 I was quiet still and I was afraid of people I barly said anything and never said it loud enough to be herd. I saw that people had changed but my fear was too deep to shake I had one person I called freind but I didn't like him much but agen he was someone to hang out with. I hated english class I have allways stuggled with writing and anything to do with art. I am good at math but being good at something most people arn't isn't very helpful if you can't do the things most people find easy.

    in grade 10 I found out what depression is and that I had it. I spent hours resurching trying to find a way to help myself without telling anyone. my parents were better then they were before but the fear of saying anything to complain stuck. there was nothing about how to help yourself out of depression all the sites said was tell someone I was afraid to tell anyone. I eventualy found this site and I think it saved my life the people there convinced me not to kill myself a start. eventualy my parints found out and got me some help it was too late the pain was cemented into my brain

    in grade 11 my one freind got me into a group of his freinds they were ok people but I could barly talk because I was afraid of looking stuped. it was my first real socal interaction I had ever had and I had no idea how to act or what to say, I didn't know how people seemed to be able to talk to people

    by grade 12 I had learned to talk more and in grade 12 I met a girl who showed intrest in me and I fell in love but there was a catch (if there wasn't one it probibly won't hapen to me) she had a boyfreind. it was the most frustrating thing that had ever hapened to me it was the first thing I had ever been sure of and I couldn't act on it. I eventualy told her about my feelings and we are still freinds but it is still frustrating

    now I am in grade 13 and optrional grade where I am

    I can't see my freinds as much anymore because of diferint lunch periods. being lonley is 10 times worse when you know what you are missing

    and something new has started recintly. I have never realy been able to get my anger out and now it seems to be boiling over anger not directed at anyone or anything just at life. I have an urge to break things tear my room apart I find I am wishing someone would pick a fight with me so I can take it out on them

    that is all I can think of right now I think there might be a few detals left out
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    Here for
    Need help for a problem
    Relationship status
    High School
    I have no idea
    Atheist and not going to convert
    Zodiac sign
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    wanna talk?

    AIM: oddoneout667
    MSN: dancl667@hotmail.com

    with or without religion a good person will do good and an evil one will do evil


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