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25 Years of TeenHelp Memories
by TeenHelp August 1st 2023, 10:24 AM

25 Years of TeenHelp Memories

As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations, current and former members of TeenHelp were invited to share some of the things they love about the site. Answers ranged from specific features and memories to the overall feel of the site and the community of people who spend their time here, but one thing remained consistent: TeenHelp has been a supportive and welcoming place that has changed many people’s lives for the better. Read on to hear about the lasting impact TeenHelp has had on its members and what they’ve gained from their involvement with the site.

Making Friends & Meeting People

"I have been around on TeenHelp for over 10 years, and my favourite part is the people. I have met and spoken to so many different and amazing people on TH who are so kind, caring and supportive. There is so much effort that goes into all of the roles here and the staff do a wonderful job of keeping everything running and keeping TH a safe place to come back to." - Everglow.

"I joined TeenHelp back in 2011 as a way of seeking advice for one specific thing that I was struggling with at the time. I thought it would be a quick in-and-out, but 12 years later, I'm still here. While my activity on the site has fluctuated over the years, I can't imagine ever fully leaving. TeenHelp provided a place of refuge for me when I needed it most and helped me feel less alone in this world. Today, I don't often reach out for advice, but I take every opportunity that I can to pay it forward and give new users the same experience that I had. TeenHelp also allowed me to form some lifelong friendships, many of which with people who no longer use the site. When I created an account 12 years ago, I found an amazing online family and I'm so incredibly thankful for the community I've created here and in my personal life as a result of TeenHelp." - Ambedo.

"I joined TeenHelp when I was 16 and among my earliest memories was joining our bustling Chat Room which was a popular hang out spot at all times of the day and night. Seeing the same regulars online and getting to know them was nice, it was a really warm and welcoming space and we had good fun chatting away. I formed some really close friendships where we became like a family who supported one another through some of life's most difficult moments while also sharing many laughs too. I am still in touch with some of those people years later, but there are many more people who I often think about and wonder what they're up to now." - anonymous

"Although on TH we often meet people all over the world, there's lots of stories of those who met up in real life, some happy, some humourous and some inspiring. I know some people who went to the same university as others they knew, others who met up to party and ended up a little worse for wear, and even one couple that met on TH, fell in love, moved across the country and got married! I enjoyed hearing about people who left because things had all worked out ok, from those who'd found their perfect job to those who had recovered from issues affecting them, but just as many people who still find comfort in TH to help them through life's challenges." - anonymous

Finding Support & Giving Advice

"It’s so hard to sum up it’s impact, but it was such a resource and support for navigating the tough years. So glad to hear it’s still around and continuing to help teens!! ♥️" - an anonymous former member

“TeenHelp has always been there for me and has seen me through some difficult times as well as some good times too. In a way, I have grown alongside TeenHelp- I first joined as a teenager looking for help with a break-up and a few years later, in my early twenties, became a HelpLINK mentor. I have held many roles since then and have been lucky to have picked up a few volunteering awards too! I have really enjoyed getting to know other people from around the world and being able to help and support others (as well as blogging whenever I need to vent!). I have learnt so much while being a part of this community and it has really opened my eyes to the many issues affecting young people. That said, I have also had a good laugh along the way too from various threads in the chit chat forums. No where else on the internet feels quite like TeenHelp!" - Celyn.

"I have very fond memories of Teenhelp since joining the site in 2009. During this time, I have received a lot of help from other members and I feel so comfortable being able to ask for help. I have made lifelong friends and I truly believe that Teenhelp is a family." - Dawn.

"I remember moderating sex, general health and bullying. I do still remember how happy being a moderator on the team made be me though. When I was mod I felt really proud to help others. I remember wanting to be a super mod so much lol. Like it was my job to me at the time.
My parents have never fully understood my mental health diagnoses, but at least I had TH. It was really hard at school for me. Homophobic bullying.
I was just thinking about TH the other day actually. And how happy I was to be included. It seems like a welcoming place. " - an anonymous former staff member

Belonging to a Community

"TeenHelp has always been an amazing place to spend time. I have met many great friends on the site and have had fun having conversations with all kinds of people. Volunteering for the site has also been an amazing experience and I am glad to play a part. I hope TeenHelp continues to grow and improve, and is around for years to come." - Ennui.

"I love Teenhelp because, it is a lovely place to come when you or someone you know is having a hard time. We always want to help you out so that you feel better soon. I also love talking to everyone on staff and the regular members and we are all over the country and state. Being on staff is one of the best things because we come together and help each other out, also help out the regular members and all of the unregistered guest. Helping others out makes us feel so much better. You can grow and get more confidences being on staff because you have others who will help you out and we always want to grow." - an anonymous member

"Even after over a decade, I have some very fond memories of Teenhelp whether it was hanging out in the chat room with other people, the occasional member meet-up or occasionally managing to genuinely help other people with their daily struggles.
I also remember the panic and stress when the site was wiped and we all had to scramble to put as much content back as quickly as we could and the inspiring way so many people came together to rebuild it as best we could.
In all respects, TeenHelp helped me in so many ways and not just as a support system. Arguing in the debating forum helped with prepping me for university research, being privileged enough to have a number of people confide in me helped with an empathetic approach to problem solving and generally it assisted with my technical literacy and writing style.
Thanks TeenHelp and everyone who has helped (and still help) to keep it all running." - an anonymous former staff member

"You’ve done such an incredible thing to help young people to feel they have a place where they can vent and get support and feel a sense of belonging." - an anonymous former member

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