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  1. I've had a really bad week
  2. Mice?
  3. I feel robbed
  4. No purpose.
  5. Second job.
  6. Don't know what to do.
  7. Decisions, decisions.
  8. Seen better days.
  9. Disappointment after disappointment.
  10. Taking on too much.
  11. Upset.
  12. Angry
  13. Can't access good healthcare.
  14. Anxious times.
  15. Can't catch a break.
  16. Want to cry.
  17. I'm Furious At The World!
  18. Want to cry.
  19. Another whine thread
  20. Sick of it
  21. This is probably dumb to be upset about, but I lost my dentist.
  22. New Year's Eve...
  23. Triggering (Grieving): Christmas whatever!
  24. Why?
  25. Fed up
  26. Triggering (Abuse): My sister is a terrible human being
  27. It's all my fault
  28. Hate the puppy!!!!!!!
  29. Things
  30. Triggering: Just numb
  31. Please give advice
  32. Triggering (Abuse): My dad is a c***
  33. My brother is useless
  34. Non-PG13: DL2's Rant
  35. Just ranting.
  36. Rant about sports day
  37. I need to be okay.
  38. Rant About People at School
  39. Triggering: My mother is a hypocrite.
  40. Triggering (Suicide): Struggling to keep head above water
  41. Don't really understand.
  42. Triggering: Gong back and forth.
  43. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Just a really sh*tty day at school | opening up?
  44. Motivate me
  45. Triggering (SH): Bad dream
  46. Another thing to stress about
  47. Coping with anger
  48. I'm just doing what I think is right.
  49. I'm so confused about grad school loans!
  50. Triggering: Jealousy and Plastic Surgery
  51. Suicidal thoughts?
  52. I can't take anymore
  53. Seriously?? Rude A** Neighbor
  54. Triggering: I Try So Hard
  55. Nervous
  56. Unmotivated and done
  57. Didn't expect this.
  58. 2018.
  59. Feeling trapped with all the tech out there?
  60. Triggering (Suicide): The happy days will never return.
  61. Triggering (Substances): Not super sure if there is even a place for this?
  62. This month has been shit.
  63. Triggering (Suicide): I am cursed.
  64. Something in me has changed.
  65. Triggering: I'm Gonna Put This Here
  66. Its a lot.
  67. Male Advice Preferred: I need some help
  68. ?
  69. Wasn’t sure what category this falls under...
  70. Spreading your illness around...
  71. Triggering: What is wrong with me?
  72. Non-PG13: I can't do this
  73. I just need to vent
  74. one of the worst days ever
  75. Triggering (Suicide): IM Not Sure What To Label This .
  76. Triggering: Howl loudly, my resentment.
  77. Is this love? (I am losing my mind)
  78. I am a idiot
  79. Bad week
  80. Things I put up with
  81. I feel unloved by my parents
  82. I have no idea where this goes xD
  83. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): She's not part of my family
  84. I lost my health insurance
  85. I was hoping to give you all some good news
  86. I hate days like today.
  87. people can be so RUDE
  88. Triggering: Complaint of the Day 2
  89. Very unsure
  90. Struggling with peer pressure and the outside world.
  91. F**k slim fit (2)
  92. Triggering (Suicide): I Hate My Home...
  93. Triggering: Tired
  94. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): F**k slim fit
  95. So my mum just said this
  96. I don't want to face this
  97. So anxious.
  98. So that just happened
  99. Social Media..
  100. everything that's wrong lately
  101. What is going on?
  102. I am in hell again...
  103. I'm so. Freaking. DONE
  104. help
  105. idk.
  106. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): *frustrated sigh*
  107. Really just need to rant. (long)
  108. Just unhappy
  109. Bowling alleys are too noisy and my friend is crazy
  110. My friend
  111. It's too much.
  112. Test Exam — Frazzled!
  113. Need to feel better soon.
  114. My friend saw my scars and ignored them
  115. Triggering (Grieving): I try my best ..
  116. Fire in the dorms??????
  117. Focus
  118. I'm boo boo the fool
  119. Just feel like griping and ranting a little
  120. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Prom is depressing
  121. So mad
  122. Why Me?!
  123. I'll never be the same again
  124. I hope it stops soon.
  125. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Always fuck up a good thing
  126. Triggering: Self harm, detailed gore, animal abuse, suicidal thoughts
  127. Triggering (Substances): Full on panic mode
  128. I put some clothes up for sale and got a ton of hate
  129. Ugh.
  130. It was stupid of me to give in to a scam.
  131. Just ranting about idiots.
  132. My remaining food
  133. might have to drop the volunteer opportunity I was looking forward to
  134. Feeling down.
  135. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Just want it to go away, and STOP!
  136. I'm Pretty Sure I Was Kicked Out Because I'm Autistic
  137. I was lead on and well...
  138. Triggering (Substances): F*** Addiction (also non-PG13 language)
  139. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Can Someone Explain What's Wrong With Me?
  140. Fractured my foot
  141. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Everything will be alright.
  142. Still bitter
  143. Triggering (Bullying): Indifferent vs. Passive
  144. I made a fool of myself
  145. Moving Companies (rant)
  146. can't go to the art school i wanted to go to :(
  147. Cant help but be pissed that my ex is living our perfect life with his new gf
  148. Just issues
  149. I feel so alone
  150. Gay fail, metabruh
  151. Triggering (Substances): scary incident, still thinking about it
  152. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Shouting through the phone
  153. i can't deal with him
  154. What exactly is it about me?
  155. Don't bloody touch me
  156. Short rant.
  157. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Fucked my shit up
  158. So many things going on...
  159. I'm ready to just quit
  160. more lies about accident a year on
  161. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY TO ME
  162. I'm just a total failure
  163. RANT!!!
  164. Triggering: It's been awhile...
  165. Cant i do anything right
  166. It's not fair.
  168. I don't know myself
  169. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I just want to be normal...
  170. Clearly, he is insane.
  171. Why do i cry
  172. My brother
  173. Please help ASAP: (
  174. Just exhausted by this point.
  175. the last 2 weeks..
  176. Another very long week.
  177. Higgledy-piggledy shower.
  178. A living nightmare
  179. have a thing with waterbottles.
  180. Scared of the world.
  181. Y do my pants keep ripping?
  182. Constantly failing my theory
  183. I'm in a very serious panic situation, without anybody to help whatsoever!
  184. Cavity Rant/Vent
  185. I'm really sad about this
  186. This irritates me
  187. Confined to my room
  188. Numb...
  189. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Just Why Me
  190. Triggering: Too broken to be fixed???
  191. What is WITH these assumptions?!
  192. I'm being deprived of having access to friends because I was accused of doing something a whole lot worse than what actually happened
  193. Embarrassing Situation.
  194. Ranting - what to do with my life.
  195. "I know people"
  196. Triggering (SH): Not sure how to title this
  197. Because I can't find my footing just yet.
  198. And you say I'm acting like a child.
  199. I just can't forget.
  200. Serious Issues.
  201. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I just can't deal with this right now.
  202. Short Rant
  203. Nothing is going right.
  204. lol...(rant)
  205. The Life Of A Cockroach
  206. i'm new here this is my story
  207. Under pressure
  208. Why?
  209. Bad people vs Good people
  210. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): ugh.
  212. I hate myself
  213. I honestly cannot call them friends anymore if it continues like this.
  214. Singing contralto
  215. Triggering: all i can think of
  216. Triggering (Grieving): Dear Fibromyalgia
  217. Sorry, we are Closed: The City that Never Sleeps.
  218. Why?
  219. IB sucks so much
  220. She's back
  221. i hate coffee
  222. I feel like a failure
  223. Lost.
  224. I'm in so much trouble
  225. Triggering: World shut the hell up!
  226. I hate executive dysfunction!!!
  227. Im new, am ranting, i believe this is the right forum. As the description of the forum says so.
  228. Technology.
  229. Has anyone ever felt this way?
  230. wish me luck
  231. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I can't periods why
  232. Not sure what to do about her!
  233. Concluding 2016 is so far w**k
  234. Non-PG13: Just Why?
  235. So annoying!!
  236. Car Accident (PTSD warning)
  237. Respect & Authority
  238. Why i had to go and mess it all up:(
  239. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Positivity problems in family?
  240. Triggering: It finally happened. :(
  241. Regret. It's ruining my life
  242. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Unwanted help
  243. I really don't want to be forced to wait a whole year before college and be far behind my age-appropriate peers
  244. Why are my friend so mean sometimes!
  245. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Insufficient Caligraphy: The Story of How I Lost $132.
  246. Now I Have A Cold :(
  247. Please don't ignore me
  248. Triggering: More news from the Doctor.
  249. How can I live one day at a time?
  250. Life's crazy roller coaster ride.