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Average Joe

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  1. DeletedAccount24
    January 18th 2017 05:17 PM - permalink
    Happy birthday!
  2. DeletedAccount16
    January 18th 2017 07:37 AM - permalink
    Happy birthday, Victoria!
  3. RadioSerenade
    January 18th 2016 01:09 AM - permalink
    I extend the greatest of birthday wishes and withhold the sizable excitement of knowing you were active no less than nine days ago .
  4. Thereishope
    January 8th 2016 10:44 PM - permalink
    Hehe it's ok, better later than never! You're welcome! How have you been?
  5. Thereishope
    January 18th 2015 02:50 PM - permalink
    Happy Birthday!
  6. Avox.
    January 17th 2015 08:14 PM - permalink
    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fabulous day!
  7. Le Papillon
    January 14th 2015 04:53 AM - permalink
    Le Papillon
    I was doing the same thing xD I love you too beautiful c: <3
  8. Le Papillon
    January 14th 2015 04:38 AM - permalink
    Le Papillon
    As you did mine <3
    Haha, I feel you
    And do you remember the guy who I'm like, madly in love with? Well, without getting into much detail, that's... not a thing any longer. I just really hope that he's happy, because that's all I've ever really wanted for him. And thank you lovely <3 I'm certainly doing my best
    And I'm always here to provide you with that, because I have never not believed in you <3
    I had that on my old computer, but I now have my own personal lappy-toppy! Just bought it with the money I earned a couple weeks ago.
    And that is absolutely beautiful! <3 This is why we are friends
  9. Le Papillon
    January 14th 2015 04:25 AM - permalink
    Le Papillon
    I know exactly what you mean love.
    And I just saw your name down there and had to say hi xD I'm glad I did <3 (I'm surprised I remember, too, but I did spend years on here before taking my leave)
    And I've just been trying to deal with my broken heart, as well as manage a job, school, and keeping my grades enough to make sure I keep my admission, scholarship, and (hopefully) honors program I'll pull through, though. You will too
    And yeah, xD I haven't been on Skype lately, either. haha. It's my catchphrase
  10. Le Papillon
    January 14th 2015 04:09 AM - permalink
    Le Papillon
    I know it can be difficult, and no one can fix your problems, but we can certainly support you through them. I know I'll always be here for you if you need me <3
    And, I just got back on like, I don't know, an hour or so ago? Great timing, on both of our parts. I'm glad, because not only did I miss you terribly, but I'm in a similar needing-to-find-something-that's-missing state

About Me

  • Basics
  • About
    About me
    I love to roleplay and I like to listen. My hobbies include drawing, reading, roleplaying and writing for the most part. And other than that i don't know what else to write XD
  • Details
    Here for
    Like to help and be helped
    Relationship status
    In a relationship
    Somewhere in the lines of Bi and Les x3 i don't need a label :P <3
    High School
    Liberal though I'm not apposed to looking at all sides of everything
    Zodiac sign
  • Interests
    Writing, reading, roleplaying, drawing, helping others, listening to music, and other forms of art stuff to go along with being AwEsOmE :D and quoting shakespeare x3
    Rock, Alternative, Classic Alternative, Screamo-rap, Screamom(gotta love typos right? decided that one was funny so i left it. i meant screamo though.) some metal, ect... A wide veriety over all though including almost anything except for most pop, country, and clasical. Over all - quite the wide verity.
    -The Red Hot Chili Peppers
    -Relient K
    -Chase Coy
    -Breathe Carolina
    -Green Day
    -Cage the Elephant
    -Stellar Kart
    -Creature Feature
    (those are just some bands i like to give you a light idea)
    Too many to name but The Time Traveler's Wife is my all time favorite!
    Bleach, Durarara(don't know if i actually spelled that right xD ) Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, and NASCAR (When its on)
    Left4Dead(2), COD, Zelda, Klona, and Mario and a few others like the Elder Scroll Games, Oblivion being my favorite!
    WAY too many to name but my all time favorite would probably be The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton.
    Track and Field is the only sport I've ever really partisipated in outside of gym class :3 but I like watching sports. NASCAR (if you count that), Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, and football for which i like Martin Truex jr, Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, and the New England Patriots respectively :P
    William Shakespeare <3
    Sigmond Freud
    Favorite quotes
    "To be or not to be: that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer then suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" ~Hamlet; Shakespeare
    "A fool doth think himself wise but a wise man knows himself to be a fool," ~As You Like It
    "I am mad but north-north-west: when the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw." ~Hamlet
    "He knew me not at first. He called me a fishmonger, he is gone, far gone." ~Hamlet
    Other interests
    Ur mum...jk i dunno being awesome? :D i think so.
    -SHARPIES <3
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