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Welcome me, I'm new!

zucks Offline


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  1. Intoxicated Brutality
    September 12th 2011 09:56 PM - permalink
    Intoxicated Brutality
    Ffffft well that sucks :/
  2. suferboy22
    September 12th 2011 06:49 PM - permalink
    my name is Brian and i am 22 years old. yea i know that feeling of dreading schol
  3. Intoxicated Brutality
    September 12th 2011 09:53 AM - permalink
    Intoxicated Brutality
    LOL. Well then xD idk what to tell you girl! xD I'm sure you'll figure it out though :3
    Haha, yup. c:
  4. suferboy22
    September 12th 2011 01:52 AM - permalink
    hi and im doing ok. how r u
  5. Intoxicated Brutality
    September 11th 2011 05:35 AM - permalink
    Intoxicated Brutality
    Yeah, idk I'll just have to look into stuff. No matter what I'd decide I want to do I'll still have to get it approved by my English teacher. Ouch, I bet it does make it difficult...especially since I imagine she's really close to having all the BS classes out of the way if she doesn't already. :/
    Hahaha, it's my fault for accepting the nomination into the society xD oh well.
    That is weird o.o here we do world geography in 8th grade, world history 9th grade, another history course 10th grade (like, world history 2, American studies, native American studies, history through film, etc), US history 11th grade, and then US government 12th grade. So guess basically the inky difference between how we do here and you do there, is you don't take the other history course 10th grade year, you do your senior year
  6. Intoxicated Brutality
    September 10th 2011 10:59 PM - permalink
    Intoxicated Brutality
    That's just an option of something I could do for the project, it doesn't have to be an internship or shadowing experience. Problem with it is I haave no idea what I want to go to college for. And there's complications of finding someone who'll let me be their intern/shadow. I'll figure something out, eventually.
    Haha, I did the 25 hours last year. Something will turn up eventually, I'm sure.
    Oh wow, see here we take US History 11th grade and US Government 12th grade. Do you have to take another history course next year, or is the last requirement you need for history?
  7. Intoxicated Brutality
    September 10th 2011 03:05 PM - permalink
    Intoxicated Brutality
    I have to start with the project. The only way I won't have to do the project is if when they do the midpoint check to see how things are going the project just isn't working/turning out like it should. Then I'd have to drop everything I'd done for the project thus far and switch over and write a research paper. I'm only supposed to be brainstorming ideas at this point, since we don't have to commit to an idea (after it gets approved) until mid October, but I hove no clue what I'm going to do yeah, with the project you can to an internship or shadow (basically observe) a professional. I wish my school was like most other schools though. A paper would be so much easier.
    I haven't been able to complete any yet. It's extremely difficult to find places in my county that needs something done art related :/ I'm not allowed to do things for family or friend's of family, it has to be for businesses.
    That's kinda odd...have you taken US History already? o-o
    Hopefully ><
  8. Intoxicated Brutality
    September 10th 2011 02:44 PM - permalink
    Intoxicated Brutality
    Stressful. Most schools require you write a research paper in order to graduate, but at my school you have the option to write a 8 page research paper, or complete a project (which they insist you take the project option). The catch is the project requires for you to commit 25 hours to it among research and whatever you physically do for the project (like some people work on cars or host fundraisers). Then, no matter if you did the project or paper you have to give two seperate presentations on it with two different componets (suh as a slide show/PowerPoint and a demonstration if possible). And if you graduate is highly dependent on the grade you get.
    Plus I'm a member of a club, NAHS (National Art Honor Society) that requires I complete 25 hours of art related community service by May.
    It's just insane to think about it all in addition to all the work I have for the classes I'm taking that are essential to me getting to graduate, like US Government. I've been freaking out a bit.
  9. Intoxicated Brutality
    September 10th 2011 04:50 AM - permalink
    Intoxicated Brutality
    Hm. Well, maybe the purpose of the tests was so that the teacher could gauge what people know bs what they don't know.
    You'll make it through(:
  10. Intoxicated Brutality
    September 10th 2011 04:26 AM - permalink
    Intoxicated Brutality
    Wtf? o-o
    Were they on new material or review? :/

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