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So nice of you to drop by, thank you so much for doing so! In case you don't happen to know who I am, my name is Mark. I'm a 23-year old who's currently building a life that I want to enjoy for the long term. This blog is designed for young adults who seek guidance and clarity on the problems that life often throws at us. What you will gain from reading my blog entries is the wisdom that I've learned along the way that has helped me create and live a better life. You can absolutely do the same. If you happen to read some of my oldest entries, you will notice how I've changed along the way compared to now.

I want to remind you that we all go through challenges and obstacles. We can't go back and change what happened. All we can do is our best at the end of the day and learn from experience so we don't end up repeating the same mistakes.

If you ever want to message me about anything, feel free to PM me and I will answer back as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great day wherever you are in whatever time zone you are in!
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If You Struggle With Self-Worth…

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Posted September 2nd 2019 at 05:15 AM by CrusadingAvenger

I completely relate to where you’re coming from.

Back then, I used to look to other people, people
who I thought would be my friends for life, tell me
what I’m worth. When I was in a long-distance
relationship with someone for 4 years, I was looking
for my partner at the time to tell me what I’m worth.

I realized as time went on though…

It’s a complete error in judgment.

No one can tell you what you’re worth.

Sure, there’ll be people that say nice things,
but there will be people who also say the
most awful, terrible things to you about you.

The sad part is we often believe in the things
people say about us, and we internalize it as fact.

We often look to others, the people in our circle
for validation, but the truth is they can’t give us that.

Nobody can.

Only you.

Whatever you are telling yourself inside your head
on an every day basis, it is so.

If you tell yourself you’re worthless…

You are worthless. Simple as that.


If you change it around and tell yourself
you are worth something, you do have things,
qualities about yourself that you recognize and appreciate…

That will serve you long term.

Quit relying on others to tell you what you’re worth.

Quit asking permission from other people.

The only validation you ever need is your own.

It all comes down to your belief.

Do you believe you’re a worthy human being
deserving of happiness, success, joy, and love?

Whether you believe you are, or you are not…

Either way, you are right.

Be thoughtful of what answer you choose.
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