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I can't get enough

Ambedo. Offline

I'm as sane as I ever was.

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  1. Arabesque- golfing girl.
    March 27th 2023 10:54 PM - permalink
    Arabesque- golfing girl.
    I'm glad you are doing well. How was your weekend? I'm ok, I guess. Have a lovely day tomorrow.
  2. Arabesque- golfing girl.
    March 25th 2023 11:38 PM - permalink
    Arabesque- golfing girl.
    Hi Sam, how are you doing?
  3. Arabesque- golfing girl.
    February 24th 2023 11:16 AM - permalink
    Arabesque- golfing girl.
    I hope you will be okay soon. I'm ok, have a lovely day.
  4. Arabesque- golfing girl.
    February 23rd 2023 11:37 PM - permalink
    Arabesque- golfing girl.
    Hi How are you?
  5. Arabesque- golfing girl.
    February 7th 2023 08:56 AM - permalink
    Arabesque- golfing girl.
    Your books and shows sound lovely and I'm glad that you enjoy them. I read everything just not crime books or shows because my mother has been a sheriff's deputy for 25 years and my uncle a detective and I'm always hearing them talk about what happens at work, so I stay away from those. Right now I'm reading to my little cousins, they are 5 and 7, they have been staying with us. Have a good day today.
  6. Arabesque- golfing girl.
    February 6th 2023 10:43 PM - permalink
    Arabesque- golfing girl.
    I like to read too. What are your favorite books and movies to watch? I'll send you a PM, thank you so much. We do have more staff positions. If you need help with any of them, I'm happy to help and I think that's lovely how many you had. I hope you had a good day.
  7. PSY
    February 6th 2023 05:22 PM - permalink
    Hey Sammi!!! It's great to see you back on TeenHelp. =) It's definitely been a long time, I'd love to hear more about what you've been up to in your "offline" life. I'll have free time this weekend if you want to catch up then!
  8. Arabesque- golfing girl.
    February 4th 2023 06:03 PM - permalink
    Arabesque- golfing girl.
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. What do you like to do when you are relaxing? I'm teaching ballet to the little kids and my two cousins, they are five and seven. I may be a little slow to get back to you, I have a lot going on and we can PM or talk on Discord if you would like to.

    When you we're on staff, I don't remember what color you we're, I do remember you we're on the Forums and I was a HelpLINK mentor.
  9. Arabesque- golfing girl.
    February 4th 2023 12:25 AM - permalink
    Arabesque- golfing girl.
    Are you doing anything for the weekend? I'm trying to become a Elementary teacher because I love working with little kids teaching them dance. I hope you do come back to staff, you always did a wonderful job.
  10. Arabesque- golfing girl.
    February 3rd 2023 04:05 PM - permalink
    Arabesque- golfing girl.
    I'm glad you are doing well. I'm doing ok, just busy with school and dancing. Anything new going on? Also, I think it would be lovely if you came back to staff.

About Me

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    About me
    I've recently abandoned the idea of living for the purpose of fulfilling societal expectations and am now a firm believer in the beauty of chasing my dreams and passions to their fullest extent. If this means anything to you, I'm a Slythern, an INFP-T, a 6w5, and blue. There was a point in my life where I considered myself outgoing, but I've come to realize that I'm truly an introvert masquerading as an extrovert.

    I drink an obscene amount of coffee, have a penchant for hole-in-the-wall places, and relish in the moments that allow me to sit aside with my nose stuck in a book. While I greatly appreciate all the little things life has to offer, some of my favorite things are Harry Potter, Disney, Christmas, exploring nature, and my little family. My sense of wanderlust will never die, but I'm slowly crossing places off of my bucket list.

    I believe in vibes, karma, and the energies of the universe. I chase love and light and do my best to make my little corner of the world a more positive place. I find the greatest joy in getting to know people and hearing their stories. I think ghosts and aliens are rad. I have a fascination with the paranormal, true crime, and the occasional conspiracy theory. I watch more YouTube and Netflix than is probably healthy, but I'm learning to balance those things with my other interests.

    As far as TeenHelp goes, I took a wrong turn down the right path and ended up in one of the best online families out there.
  • Details
    Here for
    Every single one of you.
    Relationship status
    In a relationship.
    Zodiac sign
  • Interests
    Sweeney Todd. Repo! The Genetic Opera.
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
    Her. Lost in Translation. Lars & the Real Girl.
    10 Things I Hate About You. Begin Again.
    Harry Potter. Donnie Darko. Disney.
    Favorite quotes
    "They're going to bitch about me anyway, so I might as well give them something to bitch about."

    "There's always money in the banana stand."

    "Goonies never say die."

    "I'm not a concept, Joel. I'm just a fucked up girl looking for her own peace of mind. Don't assign me yours."

    "We are only here briefly and, while I'm here, I want to allow myself joy. So fuck it."
  • Signature
    wanderlust consumed her;
    foreign hearts & exotic minds compelled her.
    she had a gypsy soul
    and a vibrant heart for the unknown.
    -d. marie


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