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Conversation Between Amorphous. and BillieRose88
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  1. Amorphous.
    June 25th 2012 11:54 AM - permalink
    Hahaha, driving your parents out of the house lLOL.

    The video, I have not had time to put it up, I shall get to it .

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Isn't that over two weeks away. I am going to miss you toooooooooooooo!!!! .

    Thanks for the many hugs, gotta go, bye! P.S. Enjoy Newcastle .
  2. BillieRose88
    June 25th 2012 11:07 AM - permalink
    Well, I guess so Haha I just blast Music through the stereo till my family leaves then I play it louder and dance in my living room because I'm home alone

    I've been writing Music there for about eight months, I guess..... It's different now, though =]

    My friend and I are going to, when we finish sorting stuff out... We only really JUST decided to get serious, though, we have talked about it for a while....

    Speaking of, is your video up yet?

    Oooooohh......... I have to go..... I don't think that I'll be back until after my birthday... MAYBE Sunday the eight's night but probably not until Monday or Tuesday..... Imma miss you

    Bye, Hamed... Ttfn xx.....

  3. Amorphous.
    June 25th 2012 11:02 AM - permalink
    Yeah, I probably can, but it sounds waaaaaaaaaaaaay better and more influential with the headphones in, defs. Ooooooh, you have got a special spot where you write music and think and come up with inspiration for songs?

    How long have you been writing music there?

    You should definitely put your music and recordings online. Do you? Haha, no problem .
  4. BillieRose88
    June 25th 2012 10:18 AM - permalink
    I'm glad that you're feeling better

    Hahaha! Why can't you just listen to Music WITHOUT headphones?

    The sun and the breeze is where I go with my guitar, down at the lake at a very special table to wrie music =]

    'Tis cool. Thankyou for putting up with me while I was sick.

  5. Amorphous.
    June 25th 2012 09:51 AM - permalink
    Hahaha, thanks for rubbing it in to start the message LOL. I am sooooooooooo glad you are feeling better, it must have been all the hugs hehe . Thanks so much for the consideration, Claude . I am waaaaaaaaaaaay better now that I have had lunch and Panadol with Apple and Mango juice.

    Some sleep and I will be back on my feet . Nothing compared to what you had to endure, I would imagine.

    I made the very big mistake of giving my sister my headphones (yes, you heard right, they are back ) and she does not finish work until nine. I am just waiting for her, watching the clock, just going, "get the flip home LOL".

    Yeah, stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have got some done and I have actually learnt how to make a pamphlet without a template but I have got a ways to go. I am just about to continue it, after I write this.

    The best place to study wuold have to be outside with the sun and the breeze, great imagery.

    With regards to why I am failing everything, I shall send you a PM, the only reason being if I have to add it to my VM, it will take an hour to read LOL.

    Thanks so much .

  6. BillieRose88
    June 25th 2012 08:38 AM - permalink
    Well, now that you're sick... I'm not
    Get better sooooooooooooon =]

    If you don't go to school you'll lose marks AND not go to councilling...

    I know right, LUCKY!

    I'll listen... Why are you failing everything?

    Good luck with your crazy life! (:

  7. Amorphous.
    June 25th 2012 04:15 AM - permalink
    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEE!!! ! I would sound energetic, but it is very hard. I am sick. Sore throat and headache. I would write a long VM but it is very hard. I am tired now and I want to go home. Sleep.

    But I cannot, I have to do this assignment and it is killing me. I have not started and it is due tomorrow morning. Hopefully something happens and I do not have to come to school. And then I would have to miss councelling. Damn.

    I need tea LOL.

    HAHAHAHA, I also need a teacher like your's LOL. Lucky .

    If only the councellor was here TODAY. I have no idea why TBH. Gives me an opportunity to complain to someone who will listen LOL. I hate English right now. Last assignment and I am going to fail. I have failed nearly EVERYTHING!!!! Except for when I passed by one, just add one more to the list .

    Hahaha, sorry, I shall sign off, I will speak to you tomorrow. When I am less frustrated .

    Have an awesome day, Claude.

  8. BillieRose88
    June 25th 2012 03:01 AM - permalink

    Thankyou (:

    That's crazy and oh, so, clever

    I have headphones in now anyways so you're safe! Don't worry =]

    We are! (: That's exactly what I thought! =]

    I'm SUPPOSED to be in Geography but my teacher is amazing and let us go into he quad to chill hehe
  9. Amorphous.
    June 25th 2012 01:08 AM - permalink
    Hahaha, I will pass the message onto Ryan LOL. I have had days of school without music and none of those days have been good ones. I ahve even got my favorite songs on the computers they have at school, so even if I do not have my laptop, I can listen to them .

    That would be incredibly hard to hear, "leave me alone, I don't want to talk to you". Put the headphones in now LOL. I hope I never see you in THAT bad of a mood, Claude! .

    You have got plenty of time, it is not for a couple of months, so you would be able to figure out something in that time hopefully LOL. So food is out and so is music . What about the surf and the beach, ban yourself from the sand or the water for forty hours?

    No pressure now, defs .

    Aaaaaaaah, be a curious audience, hey? I don't think we're allowed to have other people in the room at our school. That's exactly it, by learning and helping yourself, you know better how to help other people . Say, for example, on this website, you can write better and more helpful responses about more topics .

    Sheesh, I just realised, I haven't ANSWERED a thread for soooooooooooo long. I am writing this at the school right now, in our Welfare Centre, surrounded by people having their recess and socialising with friends. Seven minutes till Legal. Where are you right now?
  10. BillieRose88
    June 24th 2012 12:04 PM - permalink
    I am VERY much a Ranga person!! I litterally CAN NOT help falling in love with them... Even if they're a dick... Yeah, had a bad experience.

    I reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to know you're friend Ryan! Tell him that I'm in love with him I can garuantee you that I would be anyways, might as well tell him now =]

    Oh, okie doki... Well...
    Music really does mean that much to me. I would start cutting and I wouldn't eat just because I'd be in a crappy mood. I'd yell at everyone and tell them that I want to be alone. Even El Belle. Even Ethyn. Even you.

    I'll think of something.

    Ah, see, I love councelling just because of that. I go to it when my mum goes sometimes just to listen to it and see what goes down. It's always good to have more of an idea on how to help people

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