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Conversation Between Amorphous. and BillieRose88
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  1. BillieRose88
    June 23rd 2012 05:17 AM - permalink
    He is AMAZING!! You should look up 'Friends in Low Places' and 'The Red Strokes'... He has amazing songs- all of them. They're just the first two that I thought of.

    I have to wake up at six o'clock just to get ready for school in time... I'm not waking up any earlier just to have breakfast

    Haha that is reeeeeaaaalllyyyy fast =]

    Haha I don't co-operate with anything to do with P.E...

    Well, he relpacement is very sexy

    I'm neeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaarly better =]
    But there's something else that I've got now.
  2. Amorphous.
    June 22nd 2012 09:23 AM - permalink
    Garth Brooks, I have heard a lot about him. I might have seen his Oprah Interview. He might be the one who when he has concerts, before the show, he sometimes sits right up the top row in the stadium, to think and empathise with the crowd . Subtlety is awesomeness . Just spreading my wisdom LOL.

    Hwaaaaaaaaaahhh? You don't have time for breakfast you say? . That is the most important meal of the day for so many reasons, how do you get your energy LOL? Especially because you are young and you a student, you have got to find the time.

    I have only ever had to write lines once in my entire school life . That was in Year Eight for rocking in my stool during Science Class. Fifty of the little suckers in twenty minutes. Beat that hehe .

    Hahaha, you burned down your school have you hehe? That's the only way you would get six and a half hours of lines at our school. You'd get six and a half hours and a major criminal record LOL.

    Nawww, sorry to hear he retired. I wonder whether his replacement would be able to pick up where he left off. I know Mr Macpherson's replacement just didn't match. He was good, but he was not Ryan Macpherson good and his attitude was different too.

    Hahaha, hope you find one soon . Billie Piper will be very disappointed about the change of name (yes I remembered). Hahaha, LOL jokes.

    It's Friday, was I correct, are you back to full health yet? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! ! .
  3. BillieRose88
    June 22nd 2012 08:28 AM - permalink
    I don't really like that kind either I LOVE Garth Brooks <3

    I don't have time for Breakfast...........

    I love writing lines =]

    Six and a half hours of lines... Sounds like something I would get

    My PDH teacher from year 7 retired yesterday... He was loved by EVERYONE!!

    That's exactly why I was watching that thread Haha
  4. Amorphous.
    June 22nd 2012 08:19 AM - permalink
    Hahaha, I love the thread you are watching right now, Change of Username. Getting some inspiration for your new name, are you ?
  5. Amorphous.
    June 21st 2012 09:33 AM - permalink
    I like country too, but subtle country, stuff like Need You Now by Lady Antebellum, nice subtle and mellow sound, not the full banjos and men in singlets and howdown atmosphere type stuff. Hahaha, soz LOL.

    You have got to get back into it. What is a normal breakfast for you now? Yeah, I am used to seven, I did eight today because I felt hungry LOL . Either that or two avacado toast sandwiches NOMNOMNOM... .

    Hahaha, I am currently writing this at night, hope you enjoyed your lines . Unless you are STILL writing them. WHAT THE FLIP, HOW MANY LINES DID YOU HAVE TO DO HAHA .

    I wonder what you would have to do to get six and a half hours worth of lines LOL. I looooooivvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee PE! But probably the way that it is taguht is different, my teacher went all in, he was like an army commando LOL.

    Ryan Macpherson was definitely the single best PE teacher I have ever had. Sports and fitness, he was an awesome all-rounder, hands down the best.
  6. BillieRose88
    June 21st 2012 03:13 AM - permalink
    Thanks hehe
    Hahaha that was me it's all cool...

    I know!! =] hehehehe

    I like Country!! AND The Pigs !!!! OH!!!

    I haven't had Weetbix for ever!! Haha
    I have six for breakfast!!

    Hahaha I would do that! It would drive them crazy!

    I'm supposed to be writing lines now
    I hate PE..... I haven't had my unoform all year!!
  7. Amorphous.
    June 21st 2012 02:24 AM - permalink
    Hey, you changed the background colour on your profile! It looks good . I used to enjoy English as well until we changed teachers and schools for that matter. There are so many things wrong with English at this school, I could go on for a long time haha. Have I already said that or was that Ellie?

    Ooooh, have you noticed, she is back from leave! AWESOMENESS!!

    Hahaha, same here, just music in general, except for country music . If you have seen Australia's Got Talent this season, there is this cover band called The Pigs and they do fully on explicitly country covers of mainstream songs, like last time they did "Don't Ya" by the Pussycat Dolls. Country mixed with mainstream? Eugh.

    Although yes, La Musique est Mon Tout is the motto of any of my awesome friends. Any friend of music is a friend of mine hehe . What is this laziness of which you speak haha ? I think it's the Weetbix. When I got into Weetbix I had so much energy.

    We then ran out and for five days, I had no energy to do my workouts, my training was shit for that whole time and then I came back. First day on Weetbix again today, eight for breakfast .

    Aaah, I was wondering what that meant . Hahaha, Melophobia, imagine using flooding to fix that, that's what I would do. Give them non stop music in their ears and they will be cured in no time LOL.

    Hahaha, she is a bullet LOL. I usually wake up to my PMs, so come up after going to sleep and then go to inbox FIRST, so it's all there .

    BIOLOGY NNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXXXXXXTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT TTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! And then English, so I am nearly done. And then a flipping dentist's appointment. .

  8. BillieRose88
    June 21st 2012 01:56 AM - permalink
    I happen to enjoy English

    Mum's into everything pretty much- like me She likes almost everything except for Country I just like it all!
    Mum also runs by 'La Musique Est Mon Tout'

    I like being busy, too... Otherwise, I'm the laziest person ever!

    I only have 'Then I defy you, stars!' because I like the quote from Romeo and Juliet. it's not my favorite, but it fits

    I like all of those things you listed... I'll look into some of my things like that =] Melophobia- Thanks I'll kill anyone that has it

    I hate the PM thing, too... Ugh! Even when I'm expecting it. Ellie just messages back SO fast!
  9. Amorphous.
    June 20th 2012 11:40 AM - permalink
    I love the use of the smilie face in the beginning . Thanks for giving me the heads up. Sweet, you know when you can go through an entire English lesson without falling asleep, then you are perfectly healthy LOL.

    Thanks so much .

    Hahaha, what's your mother into, all that 1980s stuff, Bon Jovi? I love Bon Jovi, if she is into Bon Jovi, tell her she has taste LOL. Mmm, I would kill for chill hehe . Nah, I like being kept busy, no problem at all, ecept for when I am being kept busy by fifty different things at the same time LOL. It's pretty evenly spread out next week, which is pretty damn awesome .

    I reckon you should probably choose "increduli sidera". Latin for "defying the stars" haha . I had alook at the list of phobias and came up with something which tied in with things I believe in, concept I admire, just awesome things which people have fears of.

    I looked for imagination, fire, emotional attachment and then finally, the perefc one came up, the fear of dreams. Melophobia is the fear and/or hatred of music, just for your bank .

    I hate it when you get a PM and you do not expect it, so in the middle of writing a message, you see this thing pop up saying, "YOU HAVE GOT A NEW PM!!!" Freaking thing nearly gave me a heart attack LOL.
  10. BillieRose88
    June 20th 2012 11:07 AM - permalink

    You can talk to me when I'm sick, I'm going to school nowadays anyway

    A, yes, I noticed the name change... I forgot to comment upon it :L Sorry... I like it!!

    I have an iPod b ut it has my Mother's music on it so it's less awesome...
    Even though we're into a lot of the same stuff... Because I'm into everything

    You poor thing! Having such a big week... my week's all chill

    I REALLY want to change my username but I can't think of something to change it to....
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