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  1. Kindred
    August 31st 2015 07:29 PM - permalink
    Meanie. xo
  2. Kindred
    August 28th 2015 10:51 PM - permalink
    ....did you remove me from your friend list?
  3. Amandaapandaa
    July 4th 2015 02:56 PM - permalink
    Oh haha alright! xD thank you! I will have fun yay for nerdy days! I love lazy weekends and when they involve video games and pizza its an even better weekend

    Well, the annual fair arrived in town the beginning of the month so I'm going to go with a bunch of people on Wednesday so that should be a bit of fun. I'm crazy about big rollercoaster and other rides so I'm excited about that. I'm also trying to finish up some schooling. I'm a bit behind this year but I plan on graduating once I finish with my school (the sucky part about being homeschooled )
  4. Chai.
    July 4th 2015 02:39 PM - permalink

    Well I am so glad to hear from you. Your last message was kinds...oops... and then you just did not message for such a long time.

    Haha, I know a lot of people who say that. Math isn't that bad, though. It's fun. I know right. London is probably the best place ever. My cousin who studied there said he saw a couple of footballers walking on the streets! Like asdfgh, that's the best thing that could happen to a football fan! I think he lives in a 48 hour day, because if I worked that much, I swear I'd sleep for like 20 hours.

    Food is not to be shared! But you can share food with me, since I am nice and stuff. Well, working with kids is fun, okay. Don't complain. But seriously, the test paper I was handed in today... urgh. Especially the seventh graders, I think they go upto no end to annoy me. 20 is not a woman, so ssuusshhhh!

    Yes talent. Now share some talent and tell me how to do it. I hardly know anything computer. You should have seen the proud look on my face when I first customized my profile. I sat there like I had just climbed the Everest.

    Well, the main squad is all girls. We have been together since we were three. The guy joined when we were 15-16, so they took a while to get used to us. I either moderate what I write and write stuff in white text. Except creeps like me, nobody would try to read white text.

    I have a holiday tomorrow! Sunday is the best day ever made. Haha, my holidays are paid for too. But apparently this could be the last year of tutoring for me. If I manage to do well in my exams, I'll have to join an internship next year. But my internship will be a well paying one.

    I just agreed with what you said.

    You are nice. Okay, I will give you that.
  5. Amandaapandaa
    July 4th 2015 02:32 PM - permalink
    Thank you and if I start to feel bad again I might just shoot you a PM if that's okay? I'm sorry about your sleeping patterns and I hope you get it resolved! I'm a total night owl and I try to fight sleep as best I can, haha! ^^ Well, its independence day here in America today so I'm probably going to go see fireworks with my family later this evening. Since its the weekend, I'll probably just bum around and not do much xD

    What about you?
  6. Amandaapandaa
    July 4th 2015 03:07 AM - permalink
    Hey Jack

    Thanks for stopping by to say hi to me. That was very kind of you! I've been alright. Having a tough couple of days but right now I'm feeling much better.

    How are you doing?
  7. Chai.
    July 3rd 2015 02:28 PM - permalink
    I bet your mother was a very nice lady. And I am sure she is proud of you. <3
    I totally agree you shouldn't drink. I need company in being good.

    Well, accountants are the best paid people here as well. And I would totally come work in England....London to be more specific. I had Business studies in 11-12th grade and I think I have it next year or in the third year, I am not sure but it's there! It's called Business, though. Well it is tiring. My law teacher teaches from 6-9:30 am in one coaching class, has office from 10-6 and then teaches again from 6:30 to 10:00 in another coaching class. Plus he has written law books, he also exercises and goes for a walk everyday. I don't know where he finds the time. Even though he works so much he is always happy. And students can call him anytime between 10:00 pm to 6:00 am if they have doubts and stuff. I remember calling him at 2:00 am because I panicked day before the exam. He is just awesome.

    Eat. Food. Share! Nope, I am a girl! Don't fall. I don't want you hurt. Oh, you better take care of yourself. I understand, but if you want to talk I am just a text away...oh wait, a call away. Just send me a text if you ever decide to call. But beware of a horrible voice and a stupid accent!

    Well I could get you a certificate of king of literacy? If you tell me how to make a certificate.

    I have a few inappropriate. Most of my school friends are like that. We went to a girl's school so we could actually talk about anything and everything without really being embarrassed and I think the habit stuck. Now when we meet other friends, we just talk about anything and sometimes the boys get embarrassed. That's funny though. Well, I can be destructive too sometimes, but I know to hold it on here. And if I can't what are the screaming threads for? em:

    I got like a two weeks off because my students did not start coming until the beginning of this month. It's alright though. I will get a few days off in November and December, during festival time.

    See, I told you I am smart.

    You are mean Jack!
  8. Chai.
    July 3rd 2015 12:49 PM - permalink
    Exactly. That's why my dad doesn't stop her even though sometimes she over works herself. One year she had to take a break due to health reasons and every minute of the day she'd complain about how bored she was. I think that got onto dad nerves. Wait, isn't that unfair? Well if your girlfriend is drinking with friends then it is even more unfair! Also, don't feel alone. You can always text me, tomorrow. Except for the hour of the test, I can text for a major part of the day, or talk here.

    I am studying to work in the finance sector. I am doing my graduation in accounting and finance, one course in corporate law and one in accounting and auditing. I might take up teaching in this field, but I am not sure. I'd rather work. But apparently, many people who work in this sector take up part time teaching, because it is highly paying, since classes are early morning, they don't coincide with office hours. I still haven't thought of it, but the option is always open.

    Oh, you could write the book. jk! Well, I am sure to be bored during the get together since its a ladies thing, so you could text me. It's fun to be clumsy, especially if it gets you out of doing work. I really am sorry for your mother's loss. Maybe its your dad's way of staying connected to her. My dad complains when my mom watches all the drama series, calls it annoying, boring and fake, but everytime there is an emotional scene, you should see the look on his face. He almost always has to leave the room to hide his emotions and when we tease him about it, he says something went in his eye.

    I told you I am helping you. I think you will do a better job at it, since you are the king of tantrums.

    Well I am highly inappropriate in real life. Sometimes my best friend and I randomly find something inappropriate and burst out laughing while the rest look on, confused. It's fun, actually. Well I zig zag between being extremely vain or being in self hate mode. I don't know, I am just very weird! And true, I am bad at small talk, too!

    Wait, your summer vacations are beginning now? Lucky you. Schools here had summer vacations from April to June 15. But I had uni exams in May and corporate law exams in June. My vacations started on June 6th, but schools started by then, so technically I don't have vacations. But it helps to have a mother who is a teacher. I might be going off to my friends place for a couple of days, my mom has promised to teach my kids or atleast look into their studies!

    Well don't let anyone ask. Just start shouting, "I want to pee. I want to pee." People won't bother to ask what's wrong. I know I am smart.

    But that is mean.
  9. Chai.
    July 3rd 2015 10:14 AM - permalink
    I know right. She loves to teach, I think I got a bit of it in my genes. Well I used to drink a lot too, so I know how you feel. Now I prefer to hang around with people who don't drink, or with people who are not drinking on that particular day. Hahaha, I doubt I am going to be teaching that long.

    Well, I doubt its as busy as you make it sound. I hardly work for an hour tomorrow. And I am not even helping in the preparation for the get together. My mom and aunt said my sister in law and I are supposed to get ourselves out of the way. We both are dead clumsy. We don't have netflix, but I watch tv on the weekends. One because I love the judge on the show, two because its like a family ritual. My aunt's family also joins us most weekends, or we go to their place.

    Chapter 1: Basics of tantrum-ing. Chapter 2: How to begin a tantrum. Chapter 3: How to get people to respond to tantrums. Chapter 4: How to end a tantrum. Chapter 5: How to behave after you have tantrum-ed. Chapter 6: What to avoid when tantrum-ing. Chapter 7: What makes a tantrum obviously fake. Chapter 8: My personal experience with tantrums.

    Well, but you are not that appropriate either. I agree though, a few bad jokes are good for health! Self love, is the best. I can be really vain sometimes. Atleast you are not vain. Well that's what makes you interesting.

    Oh come on, Jack! Fine laze around and whatever. I won't force you.

    Hahahaha, I would totally say,"I want to pee." What's so embarrassing about wanting to pee?

    Well, I didn't send it to keep you awake. Don't blame the poor thing.
  10. Chai.
    July 3rd 2015 09:24 AM - permalink
    My mom has more students. 40 to my paltry 5, but she does nothing but teach and I need to study,plus teach while holding on to my social life, because I am not giving that up. Coming back to point, my mom has a bunch of over interfering parents. But she can handle them, you don't have 35 years of teaching experience without learning that.

    I don't really have a busy weekend. Tests tomorrow afternoon. Actually tests days are shorter than other days, so I should be free earlier. We also have a small get together tomorrow. Our old neighbors, where we used to live on rent before we got our own house here, are coming over in the evening. My aunt and sister in law are coming too and my sister in law is like my best friend. Sunday I don't really have plans, but I know for a fact I am watching a dance reality show and an awards show this weekend. Tv time.

    Start writing soon. There is nothing weird about writing that book, I promise. Just doo ittttt!

    Yes, I have started to realize that. Apart from the weird, wonderful, there is too much of inappropriate plus, self love! jk. But it definitely fun talking to you. I wish I were as interesting as you were.

    Well you could learn a new subject! Since you sleep 6-7 hours after me daily, anyways. Use that time productively. And like I always said, I am just a message away if you want to talk/rant.

    Hahahahhaa, that expression is the most obvious of all.

    Well, I don't want a massive storm. Maybe just a pleasant drizzle.

    I totally want to see the certificate now.


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