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  1. Chai.
    July 3rd 2015 06:39 AM - permalink
    I stalked you into chat again, but apparently you had left.
  2. Chai.
    July 3rd 2015 05:10 AM - permalink
    I know right! Thankfully none of the parents I deal with are like that. I am not really good at dealing with pompous jerks who can't speak proper English! Yes true.

    I am too tired to argue. I sat making tests papers since morning. Tomorrow is Saturday. So, that is one History paper, one Math paper and 2 different English papers for the seventh graders to take home, because if I give the same questions they discuss the answers and write. Now my brain is swimming, so you can be cool.

    Hahahhahaha. That gif. Yes right. You could even write a book 'How to tantrum'. It would be a bestseller. You don't even have to look for an editor, I could help there.

    Wait, no! I told you we are the most normal people ever. Whatever makes you think otherwise?

    Well, look how your mind works. But seriously I am glad they were arguing and not doing anything else. Seriously!

    Languages are fun. You should try!

    Holding potty is okay, but the resultant facial expressions are funny.

    It's hot here today. 26 since morning. Gah! Send me some rain. Please?

    The title you took for yourself? Yeah whatever.
  3. Rebec
    July 2nd 2015 06:58 PM - permalink
    Hi I'm Rebecca
  4. Chai.
    July 2nd 2015 03:55 PM - permalink
    And I just had the most annoying person come home. There was this parent who came to ask my mom to tutor his daughter. He spoke to her for a while and then said that since my mom speaks good English, he is sure she can teach English but he doesn't know about Math and science. He actually removed a hand written questionnaire from his pocket and said that my mom has to solve it. Like WTF! My mom is one of the best teachers in the town and every school here has given her a job offer. But she doesn't want to work in a school that's why she tutors. I got so annoyed with that parent, I told him to leave! Like why did you even come here, to test the teacher? What is the world coming to?

    Well if you replace Jack with Kav, it will be so much more cooler.

    Much stalking, much love! Much tantrums, much love! Much weird, much love! Much shit, much love!

    Yes, there is nobody more normal than you and I. You are a 19 year old grown up man and I am a 20 year old kid! Happy?

    My niece does that. She is almost 3 now. She just sits on her bike and keep looking over her back, even when we are all standing in front of her. And my other 3 year old niece, sends voice notes to everyone. Once she clicked on the voice note record option and sent it to us. It was a recording of her parents arguing in the background. Also, I mis-counted my nieces and nephews. I totally forgot to count this one because she is not really related to me, but her mother insists in calling me her sister! We're distantly related.

    Well maybe you should learn a new language. Something new to learn.

    It is potty world and once you enter you can never leave, unless you stop pottying. "dem:

    Why do you always have to argue?
  5. Chai.
    July 2nd 2015 02:50 PM - permalink
    And I was typing this when I was texting you, that's probably why I sounded distracted in my texts.
  6. Chai.
    July 2nd 2015 02:49 PM - permalink
    Basically you just want to call us awesome! Fine, as long as we go equal.

    It's cheating. Jack is a cheater. Jack is a cheater. Cheater cheater pants on fire. Oh wow, that sound so cool. Not.

    Well if anyone reads our Vms they'd be class A stalkers! And tantrums are cool. Cool tantrums.

    Right. You are as 'not weird' as 'not weird I am. And that makes perfect sense to me, so make it make sense to you! And how does age even come into this conversation. Do you miss being called baby?

    Yes yes yes. My nephew sings 'Twinkle twinkle little star' with different lyrics everytime. And my 2 year old niece sometimes sends random letters and emojis from her mother's phone. It's just so cute! And Finley sounds really cute.

    I don't like science. I know enough science to teach the kids. Otherwise I have always been a math person. I have watched Frozen, obviously! And yes, ice is magical. Oh wait, what? I don't work for free. My tuition kids obviously pay me. I volunteer at a charity school for free, but I am not sure if I am doing it this year because it clashes with my exams.

    It's potty world! Let's spread some shit.

    Don't leave me, pllleeeaaassseee! I could never live without you.

    And I figured, so I cancelled corn flakes and I asked mom to cook something.
  7. Chai.
    July 2nd 2015 01:16 PM - permalink
    I want to eat corn flakes for dinner. Will that be weird?
  8. Chai.
    July 2nd 2015 01:14 PM - permalink
    Th cannot handle the combined too much talking.

    Yeah right. I don't know what to reply to that. Like seriously, you shouldn't be playing on my weak points. That's cheating!

    I could arrange tantrum practice classes, so you could tantrum for a perfect tantrum and not a pretty tantrum. Go tantrum!

    Nobody would think you were weird. They'd just find you silly. No weird! Never weird! I have a black Galaxy S4, but its old. I want a new phone before my birthday (in April )

    Nieces and nephews are awesome. I have 3 nieces and 2 nephews. (My cousins kids, obviously) My oldest niece is in 10th grade And my youngest nephew is 2. He lives in England and I have met him only once, but my cousin keeps sending me whatsapp videos of him. He is the cutest thing ever!

    Ice is magic because I don't really like or understand science. (Finance student speaking. ) Yes, that is exactly what you are to do and if someone asks you say you are doing magic. When the ice melts you can shout, "MAGIC, I made the ice smaller!" Nobody will think you are weird. I promise. I went around telling people I joined ice cubes, I did magic. So yes! I don't have a full time job. I just work for 2-2.5 hours everyday, plus another hours two days a week when seventh graders come to learn grammar! Its not a big deal! My friend who is doing the same courses as me, teaches for almost 5 hours a day.

    It is my world. I don't know how and why. Just accept it.

    Oh, go away.
  9. Chai.
    July 2nd 2015 12:42 PM - permalink
    You have told me this before. Its so weird to be having conversations in so many places.

    I told you that in the afternoon, not in the morning. Stop confusing me, you man of ancient times! I am the queen of the future. Figure that out.

    You should tantrum while you can tantrum because you might loose touch with tantruming?

    See, practice! Practice makes sad eye perfect. Well well well, what phone do you have anyway?

    I am like that, too so I know what you mean. But I almost always have cousins over. So, I think I know!

    It was horrible! Well you hold a few ice cubes in your hand and then in a few seconds they join, like magic! But you can melt it a bit so you won't choke on it. Yeah, I guess. Its stressful, though.

    But, you are living in my world now. You go by my rules, okay?

    I don't know why I had thought of something else to type, but I forgot about it. I will just message you when I remember.
  10. Chai.
    July 2nd 2015 09:41 AM - permalink
    I typed this thrice, but for some reason had to exit before I sent it.

    Wait, that's not weird. It makes proper sense! And I am happy today because I got the exact shade of eye liner I was looking for! Oh wait, I already told you that.

    But you should tantrum when asked to tantrum, because tantrum.

    Why can't you sad eye, anymore? My aunt's white phone is no more white. It looks so weird now, I don't even know what colour it is.

    I know. You don't have to defend what you just said. I just told you I do housework because it is the truth. I know what you mean, my aunt has a big family and sometimes is almost always in the kitchen! And I don't have siblings but I have cousins who live nearby, whom I grew up with...they're nightmare enough for me to understand what you are saying. But they are fun too.

    We had thunderstorms whole of last week. Such bad ones that there were fallen trees, fallen electric poles and power cuts! I like hail, but the last hailstorm we had was in May. Its fun to eat the ice. Well, I am not smart. I just am weird and love to study. I don't know if I had a plan always, but I have had this one since eight grade.

    Wait, you either take the pizza or the book. You can't take both.


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