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So nice of you to drop by, thank you so much for doing so! In case you don't happen to know who I am, my name is Mark. I'm a 23-year old who's currently building a life that I want to enjoy for the long term. This blog is designed for young adults who seek guidance and clarity on the problems that life often throws at us. What you will gain from reading my blog entries is the wisdom that I've learned along the way that has helped me create and live a better life. You can absolutely do the same. If you happen to read some of my oldest entries, you will notice how I've changed along the way compared to now.

I want to remind you that we all go through challenges and obstacles. We can't go back and change what happened. All we can do is our best at the end of the day and learn from experience so we don't end up repeating the same mistakes.

If you ever want to message me about anything, feel free to PM me and I will answer back as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great day wherever you are in whatever time zone you are in!
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Posted February 2nd 2018 at 09:15 AM by CrusadingAvenger


We all feel it at some point,
Even the great leaders do.

Sometimes in one way,
Sometimes in another.

But what has living in fear
Really done for our life?

Well first of all,
We don't want to get rid of all fear.

It can be a good thing
In that, it can caution us,
Such as not to literally jump off the cliff
Knowing that there are jagged sharp rocks
At the very bottom,
Or even something as simple as
Common sense like not to consume
Alcohol and then getting behind the wheel,
Taking the risk of causing a DUI accident.

However, most of the time,
Fear holds us back
From where we want to be.

We want to ask out the person we like
Out on a date, but we never take the chance.

We want our circumstances to improve,
But we're afraid and resist being changed,
And we stay right where we are.

We want to go after our dreams,
But we fear getting ridiculed
By society and our "advisors," telling us
"Where are you gonna go with that?"
"It ain't realistic."
And we fear we will fail
Because our advisors ask
"What if you fail? What then?
Just do what everyone else is doing
And stop taking these damn risks!"


So that we all end up living a life
That's not really our own,
That's really a culmination
Of what other people
Want us to live like?

We more or less
Become a puppet in life
Being controlled by others?

Take the risks...

So what?

Why don't we stop
Making excuses
About why we can't do something?

Why don't we stop caring
About what other people think of us?

Why don't we quit asking people
On what they think we should do
With our own lives?

Why don't we start stepping out
Of our comfort zone
And start taking risks
Towards reaching our dreams?

Nothing in life is guaranteed.

You're not promised tomorrow,
The next day, the next week,
The next month, the next year.

Do you really want to live in fear
The rest of your life, and then,
At the very end of it,
Become regretful that you didn't do
Any of the things you wanted to do?

That's at the very best
Going to be a bad trip to take,
And the very worst thing
You can ever do to yourself.

This is your life.

Encourage yourself to make change,
And in all your getting,
Get understanding.

And you know what understanding
Will lead to?


Faith-based on understanding
Is the absolute key
To achieving true freedom.

Go after what you want to do,
Take the risks,
Take the leap of faith.

Create the life you want to live.

All the successful people in history
Who have made great breakthroughs
And have lived the way they wanted to,
They went into the unknown,
And the successful people living now
That are making it happen in a big way
Are doing exactly just that.


It's way better than doing nothing.

Besides, fear is nothing more than...





And remember this:

Unsuccessful people let fear stop them.

Successful people ACT IN SPITE of fear.
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  1. Old Comment
    Nice words!!! Encourages!
    Posted April 5th 2018 at 11:24 AM by AndrewRodgers AndrewRodgers is offline
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