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hehe I'll just casually ramble on about ridiculous things and random weirdness... and a few other things too. i'll try to keep thing 100% true, but if i exaggerate a little... I'll pretend my dad was a fisherman :P
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Posted January 19th 2013 at 06:55 AM by Duet With Myself

I know I may NEVER accomplish these, but I hope to.

My Bucket List.
I want to:
1. Travel the world with a friend.
2. To fall in love so that my heart takes over from my head.
3. Act in a movie or T.V show.
4. Have a happy family.
5. Meet Jedward.
6. Have a kid and give it plenty of middle names.
7. Bungee jump and or skydive.
8. Make a snowman and have a snowball fight.
9. Hold a sign in a public place reading ‘Free Hugs.’
10. Make a complete strangers day.
11. Sleep in a tree.
12. Sing a song whilst standing on top of the Sydney harbour bridge.
13. Meet Phil Lester (AmazingPhil)
14. Meet Dan Howell (danisnotonfire)
15. Audition for a televised talent show.
16. Go to America, by an ‘I love New York’ t-shirt, eat a hotdog and or pizza and visit the Statue of Liberty.
17. Complete the Amazon and Kokoda Trails.
18. Go to Disney land and Harry Potter World.
19. Be some sort of model.
20. Dance in the Eiffel tower.
21. Own knee high converse.
22. Write a bestselling story.
23. Write and record my own song.
24. Scuba dive.
25. Talk to a celebrity like an old friend.
26. Learn how to surf.
27. Go skiing and snowboarding.
28. Make a viral YouTube video.
29. Get my driver’s licence.
30. Get a reply from @planetjedward on twitter.
31. Cut my hair shortish.
32. Grow a pineapple plant.
33. Learn how to fly a plane.
34. Sponsor a child.
35. Have a public water-fight.
36. Never act totally grown up.
37. Stick smiley-faces to light-posts.
38. Eat nothing but pineapple for two days straight.
39. Drink nothing but tea (and water) for two days straight.
40. Sing stay calm when you want to harm a llama call a llama farmer to randoms.
41. Make a prank call.
42. (along with Rhiannon) buy a dog and call it Labrinth so I can go ‘Labrinth, come in.’
43. Buy two camels and call one Run-Me-Over and the other Atruck.
44. Climb a mountain.
45. Create ‘The Normal Peoples Collection’ and ‘The Normal Peoples Bible’ with Rhiannon.
46. Have a share house with Rhiannon.
47. Randomly break out dancing in public.
48. Learn French.
49. Get my teeth whitened professionally.
I want to keep in contact with my high-school friends.
50. Age gracefully-no plastic surgery!
51. Do the 40 hour famine.
52. Live on 10 dollars for the week.
53. Go one weekend electricity and battery free- a weekend by candle-light.
54. Always own an animal.
55. attempt to invent the ‘pop rocket’
56. Dance in the rain.
57. Tell a scary story that actually scares people.
58. Go back to Rottnest Island and (with the help of friends) re-live year seven camp.
59. Attempt to walk the tight-rope and swing on the trapeze.
60. Perfect a magic trick.
61. Dress and act as a baby for an entire day.
62. Go trick or treating with friends dressed as a leprechaun.
63. Make a dinner with as many aspects as possible containing potato.
64. Meet Robert Patterson in front of a bunch of Twihards and go ‘OMG it’s the guy who played Cedric Diggory!’
65. Make the world to know the truth about unicorns. They ARE real. They are just fat and grey and we call them Rhinos.
66. Play the Pineapple song at my birthday.
67. To get Dante to like Jedward.
68. To start a trend.
69. Wear my purple shoes to school.
70. Eat an entire toffee apple in one go.
71. To visit Mr. Swann in Albany.
72. To be a complete optimist for an entire day.
73. To receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter.
74. In my lifetime, I want proof to be found that aliens do exist.
75. Fall backwards into a water-source fully clothed.
76. Create our Bad Behaviour parody and YouTube it.
77. Get a pet frog/lizard/snake.
78. Remember to make a wish at 11:11.
79. Paint a rainbow on a wall.
80. Get roses on my doorstep.
81. Perfect an accent.
82. Become a reasonably good cook.
83. Go tap dancing with seals.
84. Wear a bib to school.
85. Witness a volcanic event.
86. Party like I did when I was 5.
87. Find out if Lipton tea employees get coffee breaks.
88. Buy a goldfish and call it Bruce.
89. Never drink alcohol.
90. Learn to yodel.
91. Wear a suit of armour.
92. Watch grass grow.
93. . Take Rhiannon motor-scootering.
94. Buy neon lights and write my name on a hotel balcony with them.
95. Buy a hula skirt.
96. Buy something from a shop and give it to a stranger.
97. Make a friend on the internet.
98. Learn to play pool.
99. I want to just drive. Anywhere.
100. Have a proper iced tea celebration.
101. Bake a pineapple pie.
102. Attempt to stick a table to the ceiling.
103. Try archery
104. Pet a tiger
105. Have the perfect wardrobe
106. Get on well with my siblings (for a day xD)
107. Kiss a stranger
108. Rock climb
109. Learn self defence
110. Be part of a flash mob
111. Date a British boy
112. Surf in Miami
113. Visit the great pyramids of Giza
114. Donate blood
115. Visit Petra
116. Spend a night in an igloo
117. Visit the Big Ben
118. Spend new years in Paris
119. Spend new years at Disney world
120. Take pictures at the beach
121. Swim under the stars
122. Visit Pixar studios
123. Visit the Galapagos islands
124. Sleep in the beach
125. Own cool rings
126. Meet Jack and Finn
127. Learn how to draw
128. Learn Spanish
129. Have a romantic date under the stars
130. Have my new years kiss
131. Jump into the pool fully clothed
132. Go speed dating
133. Jump into a pool naked
134. Play quiddich
135. Swim during the night
136. Hug a puppy
137. Visit the Faroe islands
138. Experience chairlifts
139. Own a lava lamp
140. Watch every saw movie
141. Go to the scripts concert
142. Go to a Beyonce concert
143. go to a coldplay concert
144. become a fashion designer
145. go to the Olympics
146. go to central park zoo
147. live in a pent house
148. tell my crush I like him and for him to feel the same way
149. learn a new language
150. learn to play the guitar
151. meet a celebrity
152. own many cars
153. have a mermaid tail
154. go to an aqua park
155. get good grades
156. learn to skate
157. do a twitcam with one direction
158. have a band
159. sleep in a trampoline
160. make a difference
161. go to a beach party at night
162. be an extra in a major movie
163. be an extra in Pretty Little Liars
164. visit Argentina
165. go a full day without eating anything
166. go skinny dipping
167. get a rainbow rose
168. get fit
169. go on a road trip with my favourite people!
170. Learn to surf
171. Marry my BF
172. Move to an island
173. Sleep under a bridge
174. Eat chinese food at the great wall of china
175. Date one of the one direction boys
176. Get a white ink tattoo
177. Go camping
178. learn how to play the ukulele
179. go on a movie date
180. meet Ed Sheeran
181. make a song with David Guetta
182. go to Norway
183. spend new years in new york
184. sleep under the stars
185. get a text from my crush
186. feel confident in a bikini
187. decorate my shorts
188. jump into a waterfall
189. date a soccer player
190. kiss in the rain
191. read the complete works of Shakespeare
192. own a vineyard
193. have a turtle
194. go to Scotland
195. go to an Irish pub
196. go on a date to the zoo
197. go to a hard rock café
198. feed a giraffe
199. drink wine in Italy
200. date a boy in a band
201. dive in the great barrier reef
202. cuddle by the fire
203. compete in the Olympics
204. bury someone in the sand
205. become a famous youtuber
206. be myself
207. be a dj at an event
208. own cool phone cases
209. buy a car
210. work for a fashion magazine
211. got to a masquerade ball
212. go to a spa resort
213. learn Finnish
214. visit Finland
215. win money in vegas
216. own cute bustier top
217. swim in the Bahamas
218. fly first class
219. learn Italian
220. learn German
221. kiss in a movie theatre
222. kiss in a library
223. hug a koala
224. hold a baby monkey
225. hug a baby panda
226. shop at a mall in America
227. visit all of the unesco world heritage sites
228. wake up at the beach
229. sing on stage
230. spend a summer holiday with my BF
231. take cute pictures in a photobooth
232. stay at a hostel
233. see Christina perry live
234. stay in an ice hole
235. sing stereo hearts with Niall Horan
236. try out for the x factor
237. put 2013 good memories in a jar
238. own lita shoes
239. move to Italy
240. meet my followers
241. hug a baby cat
242. own a fashion store
243. learn how to cook
244. go to dancing classes
245. own an iphone
246. overcome depression and be happy again
247. visit Antarctica
248. own sequin clothes
249. own a candy shop
250. tie dye a tshirt
251. make a crayon melt
252. finish a wreck this journal
253. become healthier
254. visit all 50 American states
255. graduate
256. move to los angeles
257. bake a rainbow cake
258. get front row tickets to a concert
259. move out of my town
260. date any of the janoskians
261. meet black veil brides
262. live my dream
263. express myself
264. kiss my BF
265. adopt a lion cub
266. witness a wedding proposal
267. go to a costume party
268. go on a Disney date
269. buy a homeless person a full meal
270. start enjoying the little things
271. rope swing into water
272. go to a one direction concert
273. marry my crush
274. go to New York City with my friends
275. kiss on a trampoline
276. be pretty
277. love in tomorrowland
278. visit the titanic with a submarine
279. wear a costume and hug random people
280. stop being shy
281. find someone who takes care of me
282. stop being afraid and start living instead
283. meet an amazing guy
284. kiss under a waterfall
285. eat a real krabby patty
286. play laser tag
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  1. Old Comment
    Greenie's Avatar
    I love Jedward, too!!! haha
    Posted January 22nd 2013 at 08:16 AM by Greenie Greenie is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Duet With Myself's Avatar
    Really? thats amazing! Stay Jepic xx
    Posted February 10th 2013 at 12:45 PM by Duet With Myself Duet With Myself is offline
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