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Posted September 16th 2017 at 09:03 PM by LlamaLlamaDuck

The past few weeks have been a nightmare. Not completely, there have been good points and it's not like I'm miserable or anything. But dear spaghetti they've been stressful. I worry about everything anyway, that's just me. But this time it was things I couldn't talk myself down from because they WERE worth worrying over.

Work got stupidly stressful when I was landed with a task that was started so badly by the other person that it took me two days to fix. It was a simple mailout to 150 or so people, but it was a total nightmare.
On the upside, I'm currently about 2/3 through a huge task that involves going through all of our staff files individually. I'm grateful we only have about 500!
I also got some good news from my manager this week which I'm pleased about.

I contacted the Open University in July and asked if I could do the compulsory 'core' module this year, and the optional choice one next year. It took them over six weeks to finally say no, I have to do the compulsory one last. I accepted that and posted off my paperwork for my optional module the next day. Then I get an email telling me that they've paused registration for the one I chose because there are too many people who want to do it, so they have to try and recruit more tutors. That was nearly two weeks ago and I still haven't heard whether I can do it or not.
There's nothing I can do. Last I heard, they were prepared for 1000 students to do the module, but 1500 signed up. No one knows the criteria for who will be allowed to study this year, but frankly I'm angry. I would have registered months ago if it hadn't taken them so long to get back to me on whether I could do the other one first. That's what held me up and that's why I'm in this mess. Gargh.

I'm letting myself get so worked up that my Psoriasis is getting a lot worse. I'm itchy in uncomfortable places, my scalp is entirely covered, my hair comes out with the flakes so is stupidly thin now, and it's spreading in my nails. Currently at 3 fingernails and 4 toenails. It's the worst in my toes. It pushes your nail away from the bed, so my toenails are sticking up and it hurts like a bitch if you stub your toe on something.
Thankfully I have a rheumatology appointment in for next month so I'm hopeful of getting a diagnosis then, which will definitely be a relief. The rheumatologist can't do anything about my Psoriasis, but being able to say 'this is what is wrong, and this is how we will deal with it' will be a massive relief and hopefully reduce the stress a bit so the flare up stabilises. One can but hope!

Yes, I'm stressing myself too much so I'm coming home each night and just going to bed because I'm permanently tired. BUT I have good news from work, I have a rheumatology appointment, I'm going away with my family for a few days in, I think, three weeks, and after that I have other things to look forward to.
Focus on the positive, try not to stress over things that can't be changed.
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