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Puncture Repair

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Posted July 15th 2017 at 11:50 AM by LlamaLlamaDuck

I haven't done a lot of TeenHelping for a while. Hands up, I've been awful on the Staffie front. At first it was revision for my exam, then it was celebrating my freedom and watching Netflix without feeling guilty. Crazy, right?

Unfortunately then I went to a physiotherapy appointment. I'm not sure what he did to my back, it really hurt while he was doing it but he said it would help. Ever since that appointment the pain has been way worse. Any longer than about 20 minutes sitting down and I struggle to get up. It sometimes takes me a few tries and once I am up, I'm aware of being extremely tense and walking awkwardly because I need to walk for a bit before the pain wears off.
You'd think the solution would be, hey, try not to get up too much. I thought that so arranged everything I needed to do on my desk within reaching distance. But no, turns out sitting down for too long starts to hurt too, and God help me if I try to shift position. I've been making an effort to get up at a normal speed, for example when there's a delivery and I have to sign for it. But the only way I can describe that is

and honestly I think I must look constipated with my sort of 'I'M OKAY' facial expressions while the delivery guys watch me hobble over to the reception window.

I saw a different physiotherapist this week because the last one finished his rotation and moved on. I told her I was in ridiculous amounts of pain and all she said was that the manual work the last guy did 'didn't agree' with me. No shit, Sherlock! This along with the pain up my right side which has been going on for months and the pain in my left knee which has been flaring up every so often for almost 2 years left me feeling extremely unamused at her blasť reaction. All she did was give me more exercises and sent me on my way until my next appointment in August.

Meanwhile sitting is pain, standing is pain, moving is pain, sleeping is pain. I've been coming in from work and going to bed because I'm so tired from hurting and being busy at work, and then I wake up over and over again because changing position or rolling over hurts and it wakes me up.

I'm seeing the fairly unhelpful doctor next Saturday because I couldn't get an appointment with anyone else. I'm planning to ask for some stronger painkillers to try and take the edge off and at least let me work without dreading movement. I mean chances are he won't because he likes to be in control and tell you what is wrong and what you need. He doesn't seem to like being told things or asked for specific treatment. Still.

Today the plan is to find some different painkillers to see if they help, at least until I see the doctor. Cook myself a nice meal for dinner. Maybe watch the Elbow at Glastonbury recording with my fairy lights on. Self Care Saturday. Back to basics. Other than taking care of myself I genuinely don't know what else to do right now.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the song currently stuck in my head which I absolutely adore:

I leaned on you today
I regularly hurt but never say
I nearly wore the window through

Where was air sea rescue?
The cavalry with tea and sympathy?
You were there, puncture repair

I leaned on you today
I regularly hurt but never say
You patched me up and sent me on my way

I leaned on you today
Puncture Repair - Elbow
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