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Articles - Pets
TeenHelp August 9th 2021 11:06 PM
Caring for guinea pigs By Dez (Wheek!) Guinea pigs make great furry friends. However, many people believe that these animals are “starter pets” that do not need a lot of work. Guinea pigs actually do require daily care, and meeting their basic needs is sometimes costly. Here are some tips for caring for guinea pigs. Environment Guinea pigs need a comfortable place to call their home. Many of the enclosures found in a pet store are much too small to accommodate these animals and can...
Infographic: How to choose a pet
TeenHelp November 8th 2022 05:51 AM

TeenHelp July 16th 2023 05:35 AM
Reasons that rats make great pets By Hollie (Everglow.) When people think about animals to keep as pets, the obvious often comes to mind. Happy puppies with their wagging tails, or cats who sleep on your lap and play with balls of string. It makes complete sense of course - who doesn’t love a furry friend to snuggle with on a bad day? While a bit more unconventional though, rats can also make amazing pets. They sometimes get given a bit of a hard time, but domesticated rats can be smart,...
TeenHelp September 11th 2021 02:44 PM
How to tell when your pet is unwell By Charlie (Horsefeathers.) Whether your pet has fur, feathers, or scales, you probably only want the best for them. That’s why it’s important to know not only how to take care of them but how to gauge whether they’re in good health. Most health and behavioural problems can be dealt with more easily and effectively if they’re noticed sooner, so being aware of what’s normal for your pet and what’s abnormal can be vital in ensuring they live a long and...
TeenHelp August 31st 2020 07:30 PM
How to keep your pets hydrated By Cassie (cynefin) Keeping your pet hydrated is very important, no matter what the weather is. It can help to maintain your pet's health and prevent possible conditions, or treat ones they already have. Despite this, sometimes pets are finicky: it can be hard to get them to drink! Here are a few ways to encourage your pet to stay hydrated. Many pets enjoy moving water because of the sound, appearance, and the freshness of it. Try looking into a pet...
TeenHelp August 31st 2020 07:29 PM
Dobermans By Emma (Golfing girl) When people hear the word 'Doberman', many think that this is a killer dog, because they have used them in movies for so long; that is what people have seen and it scares them. The movies started in the 1970s and some of them are called, Doberman, They Only Kill Their Masters and The Daring Dobermans. In these movies they make them mean and hurt others but that is not what doberman dogs do. The truth is, dobermans are one of the kindest animals around,...
TeenHelp January 6th 2016 05:49 PM
Helpful hints for training your dog By Chess (Static Wolfie.) Whether you want to go into obedience trials, are looking to have a better-behaved furry member of the household, or just want to do something fun, training your dog can be a very rewarding experience. With all of the information out there, some of which can be difficult to understand or even contradictory to other advice, it can be hard to know where to start. This article will discuss a few things to keep in mind when training...
hocus pocus September 4th 2019 01:34 PM
Inexpensive décor for fish and reptiles By Cassie (cynefin) source] Accessories and decorating a habitat is part of the fun when you have fishor other reptiles. Items specifically marketed for pets are expensive, however, and are often limited with selection and style. Before taking a trip to the pet store, check out a few ways to spruce up an animal's habitat.
TeenHelp December 4th 2017 12:57 AM
Baked holiday treats for your pets By Chantal (WretatsyRemedial) Holidays are about sharing delicious treats and spending time with one another including our pets. Our pets might enjoy receiving special homemade treats during this time. These treats can also be a great gift for those who have pets. This article will go over how to make healthy, homemade treats for your pets and for loved ones who have a pet they'd like to spoil. Baked bird treats This is a special treat for...
hocus pocus April 2nd 2019 06:19 PM
The benefits of sponge filters for fish tanks By Cassie (cynefin) source] Sponge filters are filters that clean by pulling water through a sponge. Sponge filters are typically known for being very cost efficient, but there are many other benefits to them as well. Read on to learn how sponge filters can help keep you and your fish happy.
hocus pocus November 3rd 2018 01:47 PM
Thinking outside the litter box: cat urine 101 By Cassie (cynefin) Cats, like humans and many other creatures, are complex. Sometimes, things they do and why they do them can puzzle us humans. Your cat may occasionally (or frequently) urinate outside of the litter box, which can be frustrating for you and your cat. Read on to learn more about why cats urinate outside of the box and how to effectively clean and remedy it. Why is my cat peeing outside of the litter box? Your...
TeenHelp May 4th 2018 12:57 PM
Hermit crabs as commercialized creatures By Cassie (cynefin) Land hermit crabs are creatures that spend most of their lives on land in comparison to other crabs such as saltwater hermit crabs. They have become a popular pet in recent years, as they can be unique and fascinating to watch and care for. Hermit crabs have a variety of different needs that need to be met, however, and many hermit crabs within the pet trade die due to improper care. Read on to learn more about their...
TeenHelp November 7th 2015 06:46 AM
Caring for your hermit crab By Cassie (Calico.) Keeping hermit crabs as pets has grown in popularity in recent years. Hermit crabs are often sold at pet stores as well as stores in touristy areas. One of the largest myths about hermit crabs is that they’re easy to care for. Hermit crabs are hardy creatures and they can live a long life if they’re well taken care of. Choosing your hermit crabs Hermit crabs are nocturnal creatures and they might not be awake or active if you choose...
TeenHelp October 9th 2015 05:02 PM
The myths and superstitions about cats By Cassie (Calico.) Although many people think of cats as lovable, beautiful creatures, there are some who may dislike them for reasons that may not be immediately obvious. These reasons go back to a few hundred years ago, to a time when cats were frowned upon due to superstitions. Today, some people believe black cats in particular are bad luck, and that leaves black cats at a disadvantage. They are the least likely to be adopted and the most...
Storyteller. March 3rd 2014 10:59 PM
The role of dogs in society By Chess (Syzygy.) Since their domestication, dogs have proven to be invaluable to human society, from hunting to guarding to providing companionship. They have definitely earned their name as 'man's best friend’, as they are great companions, and they can also be trained to assist people in many different ways. Although the concept of guide dogs is not new, there has been a recent branching out as people have come to understand more about how useful dogs can be....

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