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Articles - Current Events and Debates
Mercicle. February 7th 2014 06:44 AM
Through distorted lenses By Casey (Casey.) Stereotypes. We all hold some form of them in our minds. Everyone stereotypes others, even those who claim they do not. Sometimes these stereotypes influence how we see the world and how we react to things that do not fit these stereotypes. Recently, in the news, there was a child whose parents refuse to tell anyone whether the child was a boy or a girl. They decided to let the child grow without being forced into the molds of gender roles and...
Mercicle. February 7th 2014 06:16 AM
The disaster in Japan By Casey (Casey.) On March 11th 2011 a massive earthquake struck Japan. The 8.9 magnitude was the largest earthquake to hit Japan in over 140 years. It caused multiple aftershocks and tsunami waves that struck several parts of Japan and the tsunami waves hit parts of Hawaii and other pacific islands too. The earthquake caused massive damage and the tsunami destroyed hundreds of homes, taking many lives with them. The disaster in Japan was escalated by unstable...
Mercicle. February 7th 2014 05:58 AM
Know Your World: Iran By Casey (Casey.) Most of us learn about our own nations in school, but usually there is little time or energy placed into knowing the world around us. The world is a magnificent place, with almost two hundred nations. We hear about some of these nations on the news every day, especially right now with the turmoil in the Middle East,but what do we actually know about these countries and the people who live there? The Islamic Republic of Iran, or simply Iran, is a...
Mercicle. February 7th 2014 05:38 AM
Be the Change by Casey (Casey.) Clean water. It's not something we often think about as we brush our teeth and take showers. Often, we don't even consider our luck as we drink a glass or bottle of it. We take these luxuries for granted, and many of us do not realize how blessed we really are. After all, we have food, shelter, and clean, safe drinking water. Unfortunately, many are not so lucky. Over a billion people go without these basics everyday. Even clean drinking water is a commodity...
Mercicle. February 5th 2014 10:17 PM
Copiapó Mining Accident By Casey (Casey.) You're trapped underground with little food or water. The world believes that you are dead. It sounds like a nightmare, but for thirty-three miners in Chile, it was reality when the San José copper-gold mine collapsed on August 5th 2010 near Copiapó in northern Chile. Chile worked for weeks to reach the trapped men below, not knowing for two weeks if they were dead or alive. But on August 22nd the drill, which had reached the men in their...
Mercicle. February 5th 2014 10:01 PM
Terrorism by Casey (Casey.) Terrorism. It's a term we hear often, and many of us associate it with a specific event, such as the London train bombings or the collapse of the Twin Towers. Some associate terrorism with a certain group of people or religion, but terrorism isn't really a religious thing. Recently, it made the news world-wide, when a pastor in Florida declared that he was going to burn the Qur’an, because, besides the fact that he found Islam to be evil and full of lies, to him...
Mercicle. February 2nd 2014 04:42 AM
The argument for vaccinations By Traci (Traci) Vaccinations are considered one of the 20th century’s biggest medical success stories. Childhood illnesses that once were a common reason for mortality, such as polio, small pox, and mumps are seen as problems of the past in developed nations. Recently, skepticism about the effectiveness and safety of vaccinations has become a common concern. Because of this, fewer parents are having their children vaccinated, causing outbreaks of now rare...
Mercicle. September 1st 2013 06:38 AM
Life on Mars By Chess (Syzygy.) When people hear the term ‘Martian,’ they likely picture the type of image put forward in science fiction films and popular culture. They are often seen as ‘little green men,’ humanoid, or something so totally bizarre that their very existence could be questionable even if they were standing right in front of you. However, the idea of life on Mars may not be as far-fetched as it sounds, and it is an area of intense study and debate at the present time. ...
Mercicle. August 7th 2013 10:57 AM
Marriage and civil unions By Casey (Casey.) and Marie (Rie) To many people, marriage is not only a sacred word, but a sacred joining of two people for eternity. To others, marriage is merely a government institution that grants people access to certain, sometimes special, rights. These rights include joint property, custody of the children, visitation rights, and even accepting joint responsibility for debt. A civil union is a legally recognised partnership between two persons, similar...
Mercicle. August 1st 2013 09:55 AM
The life and death of Margaret Thatcher By Adam (Rachael98) On the 8th of April 2013, Margaret Thatcher died from a stroke in her suite at the Ritz. Baroness Thatcher was the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from May 1979 until November 1990. During her long period in power, she made many controversial changes, many of which still incite powerful feelings today. She worked her way through the ranks to get the very top of the political ladder throughout her life. Whatever...

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