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Articles - Mental Health
TeenHelp November 8th 2023 03:22 PM
Stick to the same sleep schedule. If you woke up at 7 am during the summer months, try not to sleep in for longer in winter; this includes weekends. Place your alarm clock further away so that you are not tempted to hit the snooze button. Stay connected with friends and family, and plan get togethers. Consider joining a support group, as sharing your experiences and learning about what others find helpful can be very beneficial. Spend time out of the house, and make use of the natural...
hocus pocus March 22nd 2023 12:54 AM
Bic Body Mark Temporary Tattoo Markers: A review By Cassie (hocus pocus) Many people choose to draw on their skin, for fun, artistic expression or as a self-harm alternative. In my teens, I did not frequently draw on my skin, but I gained more interest in doing so as an adult. I was pleased to find these markers in stores in the US, and they're also available online in other countries. Try looking into online retailers that service your area to see if you can find these or other similar...
TeenHelp August 8th 2023 08:09 PM

TeenHelp September 1st 2022 06:22 AM
Understanding and overcoming fear By Emmie (Golfing girl) and Holly (Celyn) What is fear? Who can get this? Why does this happen to us? Fear is something that anyone can get, no matter who you are or at any age. This comes from your brain, you can be afraid of the dark or you feel that you have monsters in your closet or under your bed, some may fear heights, needles, flying, animals or be claustrophobic. Something can happen to you and we keep it with us our whole lives or we see something...
TeenHelp December 31st 1969 11:00 PM

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Infographic: Loneliness
TeenHelp May 15th 2022 04:03 PM

TeenHelp April 13th 2022 02:00 AM
Are you a young carer? The impact of caring on young carers By Holly (Celyn) What is a young carer? Put simply, young carers are young people (under the age of 18) who provide care or support for someone else, often a family member (regardless of whether they live in the same house or not). This might be for someone older such as a parent or grandparent, or for someone younger such as a younger sibling. The care provided depends on the person, their disability (mental illness or physical...
TeenHelp August 9th 2021 10:57 PM
Colouring for mindfulness By Lydia (WhisperingSilence) Over the past few years, colouring has become a more popular pastime or a hobby for many adults around the world. Colouring is usually an activity associated with young children, and there are benefits such as children finding it calming and relaxing and teaches youngsters about colouring and improving hand-eye coordination while also allowing a freedom of expression and building on their imagination. These benefits are also the same...
TeenHelp June 23rd 2021 04:51 PM
What is Harm Reduction? by Stacey Trigger Warning: Substance use, Addiction, Overdose. A popular topic in recent years, harm reduction aims to reduce the negative impacts (health, social and economic) of substance use and substance use disorders through policy, programs and practices. Harm reduction looks at the issues surrounding substance use and substance use disorders. It works to improve on the current system which is often rooted in discrimination, coercion, and judgement. Harm...
TeenHelp June 23rd 2021 04:47 PM
Jealousy and how to deal with it By Holly (Celyn) We often think of certain emotions, such as happiness, as being socially acceptable and other emotions, such as jealousy, as being socially unacceptable. We may then feel ashamed for feeling jealous and feel that we have to hide this emotion. We may not know how to handle jealousy and end up unintentionally worsening the situation for ourselves and others. But like all other emotions, jealousy is an emotional state- not necessarily ‘right’...
TeenHelp December 19th 2020 06:53 PM
Common Mental Health Problems in Teens Whether you’re a teen yourself, have teen family members, or you’re the parent of a teen, it’s important to know the most common mental health problems that teens may face, in order to gain a better understanding and see the right recovery. Here are some of the most common mental health issues teens may face: General Anxiety There are many things teens may be worrying about in their lives during such an important time for development...
TeenHelp October 11th 2020 07:44 AM
Interventions for Eating Disorders for Teens Teen years are not the easiest part of life by any stretch of the imagination. It can be exhausting. Not only is there the intense pressure to perform your best on academic work, there are also love interests, puberty, and the brain is still developing while all this is happening! One of the most difficult things for teens to deal with is possibly the intense social pressure that almost seems to come out of nowhere. All of a sudden,...
TeenHelp September 30th 2020 08:07 PM
Surviving trauma and anxiety: how to feel safe at night By Cassie (cynefin) The darkness of nighttime brings a sense of uncertainty and anxiety with it. The world seems like a completely different place under the little bit of moonlight. Experiencing a trauma or having anxiety can sometimes make nighttime a little more challenging. Struggles at night can be prominent or frightening for anyone, regardless of whether they've experienced a trauma. Here are a few things to incorporate into your...
TeenHelp May 31st 2020 09:48 PM
10 quiet activities to do when your surroundings seem too loud By Cassie (cynefin) On any given day, the world, the people around you, or your own thoughts can seem too loud and overwhelming. When everything overpowers your own thoughts, it might help to choose a quiet activity to slow down and block out the negativity. Get outside when you can. Take a walk around your neighborhood, or find a local trail to hike at. Pay attention to all the little things: the trees blowing in the wind,...
TeenHelp March 29th 2020 06:44 AM
Ways to cope with heightened anxiety during the Coronavirus By Cassie (cynefin) From being unable to find items you need, to being worried about friends and family, the Cornavirus is currently a major source of stress around the world. Looking after yourself and those you care about during this time is especially important. Here are some ways to ease stress during this time. Limit your exposure to the news and social media. It can be helpful to know what's going on worldwide, or locally,...

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