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The TeenHelp Project Blog contains a large collection of information about TeenHelp, and provides a place where you can discuss each news item, including TeenHelp's announcements, notices, and Newsletter releases, among other things.
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Newsletter #77 - Swimming pool exercises; how to resolve conflict; piercing aftercare.

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Posted August 25th 2016 at 07:59 PM by TeenHelp

TeenHelp Newsletter

TeenHelp Newsletter #77 - August 25th 2016 - http://www.teenhelp.org

Welcome to the TeenHelp Newsletter! Our Newsletter contains a lot of useful information about our current work, including updates to our site and services, new resources, details of upcoming events, short bits of advice, interesting links and more!


TeenHelp News

TeenHelp regularly makes changes to its site and services. Some of these are large and noticeable, and others are small and much less so, but each one contributes to the positive development of TeenHelp and how our users experience our community. Below are some of the most recent developments.


Latest articles (August 10th 2016)

Delivering a eulogy
A eulogy is an excellent way to honour someone who has recently passed away. This allows that person's loved ones to get closure and celebrate their life. If you are asked to give a eulogy it can feel scary. This article provides you with ways to overcome this fear so that you will be able to deliver a eulogy if you ever need to.

Still Alice by Lisa Genova
Still Alice, written by Lisa Genova, is a novel depicting a woman who has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease. Readers follow her life as the disease progresses and see how it impacts every area of her life. Read the review of this novel written by one of our users and decide if you would like to pick this book up as well.

Self-harm first aid kit
It is important for someone who struggles with self-harm to take care of their injuries but not everyone feels able to do so. This article explains how to create a first aid kit that can be used for some self-harm injuries. However, this kit is not a replacement for medical help and if an injury is severe it is important to seek medical assistance.




TeenHelp works with a range of different organisations and websites in order to help and educate young people. Below is a selection of some of them. For a full list of the organisations we work with, please visit our Resources page.



Crisis Text Line

Launched on 1st August 2013, Crisis Text Line is a hotline based in the USA that aims to help people of any age and background in times of crisis. It is a free 24/7 service if your cell phone provider is AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon. Send a text to the Crisis Text Line short code and a trained crisis counsellor - whose goal is to respond within five minutes - will help you to find a calmer, safer place so that you can create an action plan for yourself in order to continue to feel better. It is not a replacement for counselling or therapy, but is a very useful resource when faced with a crisis.



Tips Of The Month

Each month we share small bits of practical advice that you can implement to improve your life or that of others.


Pool exercises

Swimming is a fun way to cool off, but it can also be great exercise. Exercising in the pool helps people with joint problems, and the water's resistance makes certain exercises a healthy way to challenge yourself. Here are a few exercises to try during your next swim.
  • Move your legs in a bike riding motion. Rest your upper arms on the edge of the pool, or on a pool noodle. Then, move your legs as if you are pedalling on a bike. This exercise will benefit your legs and shoulders. You can also try this exercise by sitting with a pool noodle between your legs so you stay afloat. Using a noodle for this exercises provides the same benefits.
  • Lift your legs. Rest your arms on the edge of the pool, or on a noodle. Let the rest of your body move towards the surface so you are in a horizontal position. Straighten your legs and press them together. Then, raise and lower them as much as you can. The water's resistance makes this exercise good for your legs.
  • Kick your legs while holding onto the side of the pool. Focus on kicking them as fast as you can, and try to keep them under water so you can fight the water resistance. You can do this is you are treading water, but it is better to do it from a horizontal position.
  • Run or jog from one side of the pool to another. While running, raise your knees to your chest or as high as you can. You can swing your arms in the water for additional movement. You can also run with pool weights or other objects to increase water resistance and give yourself more of a challenge.
  • Tuck your knees. Stand up straight, then hug your knees to your chest. While this exercise is usually done from a standing position, you can practise tucking your knees when you're floating or treading water. You do not have to hold your knees to your chest for an extended period of time, as most of the benefit is in the motions that take you from a standing position to the knee tuck itself. This exercise can strengthen your abdomen.


Resolving conflict

If there is tension between you and someone you know, such as a friend or family member, it can be difficult to know how to resolve it. Follow these tips to learn how to deal with conflict in a mature and sensitive way.
  • Choose the right time. If you or the person you want to talk to are stressed, tired, or otherwise not in a good place for the conversation, trying to talk about the issue then can actually make things worse. Pick a time when you are both calm, alert, and not distracted by other tasks or thoughts.
  • Use “I” language. For example, instead of saying “You did this and it hurt me”, say “I felt hurt when you did this”. That way you are making it clear that you are speaking from your perspective and expressing your feelings rather than accusing the other person of anything.
  • Listen to what the other person has to say. If you do not listen to the other person or even given them a chance to speak, they will likely feel that they are being attacked and will therefore be reluctant to engage in calm, mature discussion.
  • Collaborate on ideas to solve the conflict. This way you are making it a group effort rather than giving the other person rules or guidelines to follow. If you are both coming up with suggestions and brainstorming ways forward, it means that you are more likely to come up with a solution that suits both of you – and it also means that you are working together, which can help to heal the relationship.
  • Take small steps. Understand that resolving conflict (whether it is a single issue or multiple concerns) may not happen instantly, and that it can require both time and effort from everyone involved.


Piercing aftercare

Getting a new piercing can be exciting, and it's important to provide aftercare so you can enjoy it for a long time. These are tips to reduce pain and assist in the healing process.
  • Don't touch it. It can be tempting to touch your new jewellery, but the oil and bacteria from your fingers can lead to infection. If you must touch your new piercing such as to clean it, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands first.
  • Clean it regularly. Over-cleaning can irritate your piercing, and not cleaning it enough can lead to infection. For best results, most piercers typically recommend cleaning your piercing once or twice a day; usually in the morning and at night. An inexpensive option is to mix 1/4 of a teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt into one cup (8 ounces) of warm water. If you prefer to purchase a solution at the store for convenience, Bactine is a good option as well as any plain alcohol-free antiseptic solution. Putting some solution on a cotton ball or cotton swab is usually the easiest method of application.
  • Be aware of the healing process. It's normal for new piercings to be slightly swollen and tender for a few days. Additionally, you may experience some itching, discolouration, or a white-yellow fluid that crusts onto the jewellery. These all mean that your piercing is healing. It is also important to ask your piercer about how long to wait before it is safe to change your jewellery. Changing your jewellery too soon can lead to infection, or the piercing may close before you can put the new jewellery in.
  • Contact your piercer. If you believe your piercing may be infected, be sure to contact your piercer immediately. In most cases, infection can be eradicated with proper care. However, if the infection has progressed enough, it may be best to remove the piercing. It is best to consult your piercer rather than the Internet if you are unsure, as they will be able to give you guidance should anything abnormal occur.


Interesting Things (on TeenHelp)

A lot of content is posted to TeenHelp every single day, from threads to articles, social groups to albums. But it is difficult for even the most veteran user to keep on top of it all, so we have selected a few items from among the masses that we thought were interesting to draw your attention to.



Back to school goals
For those of you returning to school soon, what are your goals for the upcoming semester, and how are you going to reach them? Share your goals here.

Polygamy is the practice in having more than one spouse. Do you think it should be legal, and why or why not? Discuss your opinions, and see what others have to say, here.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!
There is a wide fan base for the Harry Potter novels written by J.K Rowling. Nine years after the original series of seven books finished publication, a new play based on the series has been released. Share your feelings on this spin-off here.

Favourite Olympic sports
In the 2016 Rio Olympics, 207 nations participated in 28 different sports. From gymnastics to diving, there's enough for everyone to enjoy! What are your favourite Olympic sports, and do you enjoy those sports yourself? Share your favourites and read other responses here.


Social groups

Pug Club
Do you have a love for pugs? Do you find them cute rather than ugly? Join this group and share your favourite photos or reasons why you love these wrinkly dogs!

Pokémon Go.
Pokémon Go has become a very popular game. If you play Pokémon Go, join this group to share tips and tricks in the game as well as what team you are on.


Picture Of The Month

Each month we feature a picture by one of our users. If you would like to see your picture here please contact us by replying to this Newsletter, emailing us at publications@teenhelp.org, or messaging our Newsletter Officer (Vargulf) on the website.

Picture by coolkid98


Donate to TeenHelp

In order to continue providing free services to young people around the world, TeenHelp requires a constant income of voluntary donations to support our regular costs. If you are able to, we ask that you please donate any money you can to us, even if it's only a few dollars.



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Editorial team

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