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  1. Hitting & punching myself
  2. Stress/anxiety relief
  3. Triggering (Grieving): (Suicide)As you all know, I'm dealing with a lost dear friend.
  4. please answer
  5. C-PTSD Question
  6. My disability is it worth trying in life
  7. Hallucinations and Anxiety
  8. Just got diagnosed with OCD
  9. I really do not know what to do anymore?
  10. A plethora of random issues
  11. How to fight hallucinations?
  12. feeling empty
  13. Anyone got any advice on OCD face washing?
  14. Triggering (SH): I'm A Mess
  15. Triggering: Falling apart
  16. derealization
  17. Help
  18. Theraphy
  19. Triggering: Violent thoughts
  20. Non-PG13: Everything feels slightly off.
  21. I'm so tired.
  22. Possible PTSD?
  23. stressful situation
  24. I'm sick of my life. I just want to give up.
  25. Why is it possible for others but me?
  26. anyone talk in their sleep?
  27. anyone uses NAC for medication?
  28. running a peer based social group at my day treatment program
  29. Just feel like my life has no meaning or energy...
  30. Triggering: Will I be okay?
  31. I can't stop myself.
  32. Can't make it STOP
  33. sleep.
  34. Triggering (SH): Urges won’t go away
  35. Am I right to blame my mental issues
  36. Counseling?
  37. Triggering: Anyone else do this?!
  38. Advice
  39. hallucinations?
  40. Did my angry outbursts ruin our family vacation to Orlando.
  41. getting betterish
  42. Basically
  43. Triggering: Family members dead, I feel nothing.
  44. instability
  45. Triggering: I dont know how this works.
  46. i don't know what's bothering me
  47. Is social media affecting my mental health?
  48. Triggering (ED): i hate the body i was given
  49. Triggering: All the above...not sure where to put this...
  50. I'm 19 years old and the thought of turning 20 kind of scares me. What can I do to deal with this?
  51. Why am I so...
  52. Empty feeling
  53. borderline
  54. how i have been feeling
  55. Overwhelmed
  56. Why are the holidays so hard?
  57. refocusing, remembering, recalling tips?
  58. I feel trapped here
  59. Sceard to ring the NHS counselling phone number which my doctor gave me
  60. don't like myself.
  61. Everything has become worse
  62. Triggering (Suicide): Angry and disghusted.
  63. Another Mental Breakdown
  64. Triggering (Suicide): Psychological breakdown
  65. Triggering: how open can i be before being hospitalized?
  66. Triggering: BETRAYAL! One After Another!
  67. Flaws in others vs. me
  68. life sucks-
  69. Had A mental breakdown
  70. Can The School Conselor Tell My Parents About Social Anxiety
  71. I'm just not good.
  72. Boyfriend with Schizophrenia
  73. Triggering: Breaking Down
  74. Triggering: Homicidal
  75. OCD and stigma
  76. Triggering: I don't know what to title this...
  77. realllly nervous about school starting
  78. i need to help my girlfriend
  79. Fear of failure
  80. DBT
  81. Triggering: Misophonia, OCD and of course depression
  82. Getting weKer
  83. not fitting in
  84. scared of loud noises
  85. mental health acting up
  86. No friends }:
  87. legal - mental health
  88. OCD
  89. Insecure about my illness?
  90. My mood swings are controlling
  91. Triggering: Amtriptyline ?
  92. I've lied about everything
  93. Paranoid. Please help!
  94. Feel like an impostor?
  95. How hard is it to wean off your medication?
  96. School starting soon.
  97. Advice needed!
  98. Happy to help those who also have anxiety <3
  99. Antidepressant weight gain
  100. Satisfaction is a difficult task
  101. Attention seeking behavior
  102. ADHD is driving me nuts
  103. Triggering: Hearing voices
  104. Emptiness
  105. I have no idea...
  106. Triggering: Sad
  107. I am suffering emotionally...?
  108. What are mental illnesses?
  109. Non-PG13: Is this normal?
  110. I don't have a hobby.
  111. Triggering: Residential or PHP?
  112. New revelation (ish... Not really)
  113. Quick question
  114. Update
  115. what to do?
  116. mental illness..?
  117. Triggering: A leading staff approached me today
  118. Voice in my head had them all my life getting fed up
  119. What is your nighttime routine?
  120. CBT and Family Issues
  121. EMDR giving me side effects?
  122. voices?
  123. Contradictory diagnosis
  124. Didn't know where else to put this
  125. Please Help
  126. Triggering: I don't know what to do
  127. Therapy apps???
  128. turns out it IS socil anxiety !!
  129. Working with ADHD
  130. Don't know how to help my friend.
  131. What's wrong with me???
  132. I need some help
  133. Triggering: New diagnosis
  134. No one understands what it's like
  135. Well, that was pointless
  136. Anybody ever have trouble speaking?
  137. Triggering: I don't even know anymore...
  138. Think they've given up
  139. Fed up
  140. No more help for me.
  141. I don't know what to do
  142. i dont know who i am
  143. Was it real?
  144. Upwards and forwards.
  145. Teacher giving everyone bad anxiety
  146. Customers at work make me feel worse
  147. Can I drive if I'm taking medication?
  148. Therapist leaving in 2 weeks but i hate him
  149. Triggering: Sad
  150. Tips for starting with a new therapist?
  151. Triggering: School Support ugh!
  152. Do you ever feel
  153. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Still want to be worse?
  154. Not a good weekend
  155. Therapist isnt listening
  156. Mind tricking me, hallucinations?
  157. I don't know what's wrong with me... Possibly everything? Freaking novel.
  158. Weird mental conflict?
  159. different personalities while remembering?
  160. Triggering: New psychiatrist
  161. Switching my Effexor to primary care provider
  162. Abilify injection Vs. Risprodol injection
  163. Triggering: Friend's mental health got me triggered
  164. Triggering (Suicide): hopelessness
  165. i don't know who i am
  166. BPD reverting back to a child
  167. Triggering: Advice on therapy/counselling? (Self-harm, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts)
  168. I'm incapable of making friends
  169. Prozac?
  170. Triggering: PTSD after car accident?
  171. scared and avoiding life?
  172. School Support ??
  173. Worse before better vs. need a new therapist
  174. How do I deal with my stress?
  175. Expressing Gratitude to School Counsellor
  176. Is this psychosis or something else?
  177. Persistent Depressive disorder?
  178. I haven't been doing well, any advice?
  179. --
  180. I am too mature for my age.
  181. How do I talk to my Doctor?
  182. Anxious
  183. How do I control extreme anger?
  184. personality disorders are weird
  185. Sleep?
  186. Please help. I'm worried about my brother
  187. Triggering: How to help my mentally ill girlfriend?
  188. Schizophrenia?
  189. EMDR therapy?
  190. Trauma-focused CBT for adults?
  191. Has anyone got any experience of taking Sertaline for anxiety
  192. Thinking about changing therapists
  193. Need an escape
  194. I don't know what to do .
  195. Social anxiety,feel depressed,exhausted
  196. What's going on with my eating patterns..?
  197. Triggering (ED): Dissociation? ED? Nightmares? sleep depervation?
  198. Triggering: I dont know what to do....???
  199. Female Advice Preferred: Too Much Guilt? (I don't know if this belongs in this thread?)
  200. Counselling
  201. Speaking up.
  202. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): It's taking over my life...
  203. Triggering: Terrifying Voices and "Hallucinations"
  204. Triggering: Need some help lifting my head.
  205. Fresh start.
  206. I don't know what to do about therapy
  207. Advice for helping my friend
  208. Triggering: Too ugly
  209. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Stress is killing me
  210. Triggering: Mental hospital
  211. Quitting Dance..
  212. Triggering (Abuse): Act to mature? Can't "act my age"
  213. Triggering: Don't know what to title this...
  214. Triggering (Grieving): he is adding to the guilt
  215. ASAP HELP- Birth Control and EXTREME mood swings hi
  216. Triggering (Suicide): Thankful to be here - 6 years later.
  217. Drug Like Behavior When Sick
  218. New therapist
  219. Issues
  220. It's consuming me
  221. An issue thats been affecting me for years
  222. Electro Convulsive Therapy
  223. Restless and not eating
  224. I may have Borderline personality disorder and afraid of going to a therapist or getting treatment...
  225. seeing a psychiatrist Thursday
  226. Triggering: OCD, derma/trichotillomania, serious anxiety issues?
  227. Could I have bi polar
  228. Releasing emotional tension?
  229. I'm really in a bad place at the moment rant
  230. Perfectionism or OCD. . . ?
  231. Triggering: Body Dysphormia
  232. I don't want to be angry...
  233. Triggering: Completely hate myself
  234. Can I get an Emergency Counseling Appointment
  235. Kind of scared to go off my meds.
  236. I hate my adhd
  237. Work Stress
  238. Triggering (Abuse): Suffering mentally after abuse
  239. Triggering (SH): where can i turn?
  240. Triggering: A Broken Person...
  241. Handicap Placard
  242. So nervous
  243. Disability.
  244. Can someone say it's going to be ok please?
  245. Alone at the top
  246. Triggering: With broken wings (Mentions of PTSD, and Cops)
  247. Triggering (Abuse): Haunted...
  248. Triggering (Suicide): I split myself and now it threatens to kill me.
  249. Idk anymore......
  250. Triggering (Abuse): Should I ask for help?