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  1. Tools to help
  2. Nervous to open to psychiatrist
  3. Driving in the Dark
  4. Anxiety? Need help!
  5. Social Anxiety vs Selective mutism
  6. Anxiety making me ashamed of myself
  7. First anxious episodes
  8. Help!
  9. Relapsing?
  10. I'm 19 years old and the thought of turning 20 kind of scares me.
  11. super pariond
  12. Leaving school
  13. Absolutely terrified (but kind of excited?)
  14. Not really sure where to go from here.
  15. Anxiety getting worse
  16. Fear of driving
  17. Triggering: TB Test Incident, Aftermath, and Recovery(?)
  18. Struggling with constant feelings of jealousy
  19. .
  20. It makes me depressed
  21. Social anxiety affecting me
  22. My Classes is Giving Me Social Anxiety.
  23. Needle Phobia
  24. Anxious before schooltrip
  25. School.
  26. Triggering (SH): Hurting myself because of Anxiety
  27. Anxiety with people
  28. Anxiety question.
  29. Unsure what this is - any advice?
  30. Karate SENSI GIVING feeding students bad anxiety
  31. Scared to go back
  32. How do I move on?
  33. I Might Have Generalised Anxiety???
  34. Male Advice Preferred: OCD - Spermotophobia
  35. Triggering: Help me....I'm falling apart
  36. Scared
  37. Aniexity to go outside because of recent news
  38. Female Advice Preferred: Scared to live in the city now
  39. My Friend
  40. Underwater gaming 'phobia'?
  41. Fear of Public Transportation
  42. Getting to much
  43. Anxiety medications?
  44. Trying to get a hold of myself.
  45. Anxiety about being connected.
  46. Anxiety came back
  47. Gym changed, freaked
  48. e-mail anxiety?
  49. Triggering: Anxiety Support
  50. Watching Football = Anxiety?
  51. Triggering (SH): How do I stop?
  52. I Just Need To Vent
  53. How do I cope?
  54. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Confused
  55. Sleeping off anxiety
  56. coping mechanism?
  57. Anxiety is getting the best of me
  58. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Dancing- extreme anxiety
  59. Indigestion gives me panic attacks while sleeping
  60. No idea why this is happening; Again.
  61. Not so strong..
  62. therapy
  63. Triggering (SH): always anxious
  64. how do I tell my mom I think I have anxiety?
  65. Anyone got any advice on how to stop worrying in life and looking at things from a more logical point of view?
  66. Anxiety
  67. Severe anxiety while driving
  68. Scared of being Hurt
  69. Dancing-anxiety
  70. Anger
  71. Triggering (SH): trying to heal my lips
  72. Panic attacks and the Dentist......
  73. Triggering (SH): Rumors?!? (Anxiety and other stuff) I just...confused
  74. Anxiety and Weighted Blankets
  75. Outside help
  76. How will i Manage this Job interview with extreme anxiety?
  77. Think I might have anxiety, not sure how to proceed
  78. Anxiety about the past/nostalgia?
  79. Triggering: Idk what to do anymore.....
  80. Natural supplements for anxiety
  81. Loud Noises
  82. Need advice about a trigger
  83. I feel like I'm trapped in my head?
  84. Triggering (Suicide): I can't do it
  85. Dehydration due to phobia
  86. Fear of large empty rooms
  87. I don't know what to title it..
  88. Public Speaking Anxiety and don't know what to do
  89. Can't socialize
  90. Turning 18 and feel like my youth/teen years are over?
  91. Getting a diagnosis
  92. husband and my panic attacks
  93. Panic attacks while sleeping.
  94. Going outside at night
  95. How to cope with anxiety
  96. did i have an anxiety attack? what was it?
  97. I'm getting worse
  98. I'm scared to go to school
  99. Im having the worst anxiety i dont know what to do
  100. Is Zoloft the best medicine for Anxiety?
  101. "demonical anxiety"?
  102. Overcoming fear of swallowing tablets
  103. Is it Anxiety ?
  104. Male Advice Preferred: Telling my mum.
  105. Emotional detachment
  106. Atelophobia and small mistakes
  107. How do I talk to my doctor.
  108. Anxiety taking over my social life
  109. Triggering: Is this anxiety? I guess I need help.
  110. No longer a possibility.
  111. Triggering (SH): Anxious all day 24/7
  112. anxiety
  113. anxiety
  114. Triggering: UGH!
  115. I can't cope anymore
  116. Slowly Worsening Social Anxiety
  117. Anxiety and School
  118. Stress and worrying Anxiety related what methods do you use cope? (Managing Anxiety)
  119. How to describe anxiety to someone who doesn't have it?
  120. Ways to manage anxiety
  121. Sick from anxiety
  122. Anxiety
  123. my anxiety causes pain?
  124. i cant take this anxiety
  125. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
  126. Rant: I dont know what to do about my anxiety(possibly panic attacks)
  127. Award Ceremony...
  128. The birthday party.
  129. scared of the fire alarm at my school
  130. Really bad today...
  131. Odd Panic Attacks
  132. How do I make myself better?
  133. Constantly worrying about people dying
  134. Triggering: Just me.
  135. I feel incapable of facing my fears
  136. Finally have a diagnosis but... what's next
  137. Fear, and PTSD.
  138. Dealing With Flashbacks
  139. Anxiety :(
  140. Struggling with anxiety
  141. Triggering (Suicide): I feel so guilty but I can't stop being scared
  142. Dealing with social anxiety
  143. Triggering: My Brothers
  144. I can't keep living like this.
  145. Panic Attack
  147. Children Anxiety?
  148. Separation anxiety? (Need Advice)
  149. Help for anxiety. Finally getting it.
  150. Anxiety ?
  151. public speaking!!!!???
  152. Spacing Out
  153. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Not today, please?
  154. Concerned about possible anxiety
  155. Jobs
  156. Night anxiety
  157. Anxiety is ruining my life
  158. Possible social anxiety and parents won't believe me?
  159. The struggle
  160. trying to cheat on jinxes-related to anxiety?
  161. General Anxiety Concerns
  162. Worried about starting Sertraline
  163. Social Anxiety
  164. Triggering (Substances): Anxiety and Drug Usage
  165. panicking. please help
  166. anxiety at uni
  167. Severe Emetophobia
  168. I hate how this is affecting me.
  169. Socially Afraid.
  170. May have been fired for self-care
  171. Just kinda worried.
  172. Accepting it.
  173. Really bad panic attacks
  174. Do I have social anxiety? Or is this just me being afraid of growing up?
  175. School and anxiety
  176. Anxiety over beds
  177. Is there a light at the end of this? :(
  178. Social Anxiety and Working...?
  179. Going to the doctor
  180. Dealing with nerves?
  181. Every time....
  182. I have no social life
  183. Feeling lost and lonely.
  184. am i trying to kill myself?
  185. Growing up
  186. I just don't feel well.
  187. anxiety help
  188. anxiety problems
  189. Can't make friends due to anxiety
  190. Anxious Abigail
  191. Don't want to get better
  192. I jsut need a word of reassuarance
  193. Can someone please help
  194. Can't get a job because of Anxiety
  195. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): not looking for a diagnosing just advice
  196. I Can't Cope!
  197. anxiety sucks
  198. please help me!
  199. controlling anxiety???
  200. Eating in public?
  201. Anxiety caused by my job
  202. house 'arrest' (long read about my life)
  203. Long Post - Do I have anxiety, or am I making it up?
  204. How can I know I have anxiety??
  205. Anxiety Attack.
  206. Coping with anxiety
  207. Embarrassed
  208. I don't know what to do
  209. What do i do?
  210. Question about anxiety medication
  211. Confronting necessary social obligations
  212. Shakey hands and headaches
  213. Social Anxiety ruining my life.
  214. Overcoming my PTSD
  215. Thanatophobia, fear of death
  216. Omegle
  217. I'm always worried that I'm going to hurt others...?
  218. Just need some advice
  219. Is this normal?!
  220. Anxiety that takes over
  221. Needing to let the steam out
  222. I'm desperate
  223. Anxiety when excited about something?
  224. Anxiety before work
  225. Fear of entering classrooms
  226. Phone anxiety help?
  227. my panicking is affecting my whole life now :(
  228. Anxiety or extremely shy?
  229. How are you coping with anxiety?
  230. Should I see a doctor...?
  231. Constant obsessive worries pop into my head and won't go away
  232. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): does anyone else never do good on any meds ever
  233. Triggering: Social anxiety - struggling to cope.
  234. Should medication become a consideration?
  235. crying a lot?
  236. Anxiety or just stressed?
  237. does any body have any advice?
  238. is it time to call the doctor?
  239. Triggering (Suicide): I'm really worried for my best friend
  240. Is this a normal reaction?
  241. Anxiety At School
  242. Anxiety Attack? :/
  243. Whats wrong with me?
  244. what should i do
  245. Terrible social anxiety and having panic attacks over school
  246. Dealing with panic attacks?
  247. Don't know where else to turn :(
  248. Triggering: Social Anxiety?
  249. Something weird happened
  250. How to reduce anxiety while driving?