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  1. Gender Therapy
  2. How to tell... and when
  3. Mom denies it
  4. Body Image
  5. Asexuality
  6. Confused...
  7. Help
  8. discrimination
  9. Please don't judge me.
  10. Parents don't understand me
  11. Transgender conversion therapy
  12. I'm so happy
  13. Finding My Label
  14. Should I even bother?
  15. Questioning Myself
  16. ugh..
  17. So this is probably really stupid but...
  18. Need Help: Am I trans?? (Desperate!!)
  19. am i demigirl
  20. Trans-curious?
  21. Im a questioning mess
  22. Non-PG13: Help Me: I am not sure about who i am sexually attracted to
  23. NEED gay crush advice
  24. Triggering (Bullying): I think my dad is a homophobe
  25. People knowing that I'm gay with out me telling them
  26. Why can't people understand
  27. Going through some self discovery.
  28. Looking for lesbian/bi media
  29. Fed up with being gay
  30. I've never cared about gender??? McNon-Binary or just uncaring?
  31. I have a couple of questions.
  32. New Social Group for LBGTQIA
  33. Female Advice Preferred: I don't know please help
  34. I just want a friend like me
  35. Advice needed greatly
  36. People at work found out that i'm gay now I want to cry
  37. Do any other asexuals or aromantics worry that hormones are to blame?
  38. Labels.
  39. Sexuality problems
  40. My parents found out...
  41. Questioning if I'm demigirl??
  42. finding a girlfriend
  43. My friend
  44. Grey-romantic?
  45. Coming out. Again. Maybe.
  46. Coming out Bisexual
  47. How to get over it
  48. Coming out
  49. Bi curious
  50. Coming out....
  51. I'm afraid of being bullied for being bisexual.
  52. Triggering (SH): I kind of hate myself...
  53. How do I come out to my friends as trans?
  54. Drag shows?
  55. After 6-8yrs no change for a friends transition, it remains the same...
  56. I've thought about it before but usually briefly
  57. I don't know what to title this.
  58. Differences between being Bi and Pansexual?
  59. coming out as asexual - mom upset
  60. So I have a question about wigs
  61. Do you ever wish you were normal?
  62. Gay Heartbreak, need advice on where to go
  63. Gender is a Social Construct.
  64. Dont know what to title this
  65. Not Sure....
  66. I dont know where else to put this so yeah
  67. are you offended by...
  68. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): So I'm slightly offended
  69. On a scale of one to ten...
  70. "In a Heartbeat"
  71. Does this mean anything?
  72. The right time
  73. Am I genderqueer?
  74. Coming out
  75. just sent the email :)
  76. questioning your gender is exhausting.
  77. My story
  78. Hurting so much
  79. Growing out of it
  80. I lied
  81. Best friend is bisexual!!!
  82. Questioning After Years
  83. Is it safe to come out????
  84. Dreams about a friend?
  85. I like this girl.
  86. How do I tell my boyfriend that I'm a lesbian?
  87. Who Sounds Gay?
  88. Can I still get a girl pregnant?
  89. Hated on for being Panromantic Demisexual?
  90. Demisexual and Lesbian?
  91. Coming out
  92. I'm confused
  93. Names
  94. Triggering (SH): I don't know what's happening :/
  95. What am I if I am straight and like trans guys?
  96. Triggering (Abuse): Scared to be asexual/pan or bi
  97. Little brother's (almost certainly) gay
  98. IDK.... sexuality/gender identity?!
  99. First Sex Toy for Trans Men!
  100. How do I get out there?
  101. How to get over her?
  102. Am I bisexual?
  103. How do I pass for a Ftm
  104. Confused
  105. Triggering: going in circles
  106. Change in sexuality??
  107. Am I lesbian or bisexual?
  108. Huge crush
  109. scared shitless.
  110. Am I lesbian?
  111. should I break up with my partner if I can't support their gender identity?
  112. How do I get over the crush?
  113. How do I know if I'm really bi?
  114. Bi, dating, and preferences
  115. Need help picking a new name (Trans, FTM)
  116. Is Pansexual within the LGBT range?
  117. trying to recover from breakup but progressively gets worse
  118. Aromantic Asexual and kinda lonely
  119. How do I ask her out?
  120. What am I?
  121. My friend just asked me out
  122. Came out to my brothers (bi)
  123. wish i could be happy
  125. Am I Bisexual?
  126. umm heart break
  127. I don't believe myself :/
  128. I think I could be a lesbian?
  129. Can sexuality change?
  130. Coming Out Advice?
  131. Confused about my sexuality
  132. I think I'm genderluid... but idk
  133. Important News
  134. Having some gender identity issues
  135. I cant decide
  136. I am really confused
  137. Confused
  138. my sexuality being called a phase
  139. Why am I shamed for being proud of my "straightness" by the LGBT community?
  140. coming out as trans at work?
  141. just something i've been thinking about
  142. just found this. haha
  143. Male Advice Preferred: yet all appreciated. I'm confused about my sexuality (I'm 15)
  144. confused about myself and how can i deal with it
  145. What is wrong with me????
  146. Forced to come out
  147. Seeing a specialist?
  148. Can you be a demisexual and lesbian
  149. I am gay but I don't really think about it?
  150. Girl questioning sexuality
  151. Asexuality
  152. Bisexual? Bi-Curious? Or just straight?
  153. I'm confused as to what I identify as here...
  154. questioning sexuality
  155. Yet another question for bisexuals/biromantics!
  156. Muslim and genderfluid/Bi/ Idk
  157. Non-PG13: Just gave a blowjob :/
  158. Spoiler: I might be in love with someone that I shouldn't be..
  159. Presenting as female
  160. Am I considered gender fluid or transgender?
  161. Its long but I hope you have time to read it ..... :(
  162. Being a lesbian and BPD
  163. why is there so much stigma about being asexual even eithin the LGBTQ community?
  164. using two sets of pronouns?
  165. A New Friend: Questions
  166. Unsure of how I identify
  167. I've never felt certain of my sexual orientation?
  168. Am I gay?
  169. Talking to this girl
  170. Hope you can help me... i dont know it anymore
  171. NSFW? Questioning, I guess. Kinda just rant.
  172. I feel so uncomfortable about dating
  173. This is me.
  174. confused???
  175. Male Advice Preferred: I think I might be gay how do I find out if I am or not
  176. No control
  177. Should I talk to her, or nah?
  178. How the hell do you deal with this?
  179. ):
  180. Hai my names "Rachel"...
  181. Triggering (Abuse): Not sure of what or who I am
  182. Triggering (Abuse): Am I? Am I really?
  183. Male Advice Preferred: I know I'm not the only one but still
  184. is it just a phase?
  185. Tried asking a girl out..also need help
  186. Not sure..
  187. I'm still scared...
  188. coming out help (ftm)
  189. My family don't understand
  190. romantic orientation versus sexual orientation, and being romantically (but asexually) attracted to girls.
  191. I need help :( who am I?
  192. Just need some info
  193. I Hate The Fact That I'm Gay
  194. What age is a good age to tell your parents about your sexuality
  195. What do I do?
  196. Asexual/sexuall relationship
  197. Partially Closeted
  198. Asexuality
  199. Do I have gender issues?
  200. secretly in love with my best friend
  201. What have I done?
  202. Some straight allies really get on my nerves.
  203. Questioning. Help!
  204. "gay stare"
  205. Female hetro-romantic asexual, will I be alone forever?
  206. Coming out
  207. Help...?
  208. Expectations
  209. Confused about Sexuality!
  210. I need help with my sexuality
  211. School Bathrooms? Public ones?
  212. Need Help Coping
  213. New to site; trans issues
  214. Question... Advice???
  215. Asking out a guy for 4/20
  216. What do you call your partner?
  217. I am pretty sure I am gay or bi...
  218. Brother out as transgender
  219. coming out as gay instead of bi
  220. Anxiety/OCD or just bisexual?
  221. social awkwardness
  222. I don't want to ever come out of the closet. Is that a bad thing?
  223. How does virginity work for bisexuals?
  224. My Mom Keeps Putting Me Down Because I'm Bisexual?
  225. I don't feel like I belong with lgbt people though?
  226. exaggerating someone's "gayness"
  227. help
  228. Questioning sexuality and LGBTQ+ event
  229. I like lesbian porn but I like to have sex with guys? What does this make me?
  230. Am I gay or just OCD?
  231. Label and help for a friend.
  232. Forever Alone?
  233. Triggering: Being trans is awful.
  234. Straight people coming out?
  235. Agender
  236. Heres something you didnt know about me...
  237. So my friends a girl, she needs your help.. please..
  238. Mixed feelings
  239. Gender Fluidity
  240. I just have a question.
  241. Self-doubt Advice?
  242. First real gay crush
  243. Bisexual? Bicurious? Or just losing faith in guys???
  244. What am I?
  245. I'm bi and bullied for it
  246. I never thought I'd fall in love #heartbreak #wtfdoido
  247. no one likes me because im bi
  248. gender neutral but want to use she pronoun? is this possible?
  249. Feeling more like a female than male?
  250. How old do you have to be to get a sex change?