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  1. Paganism.
  2. Church
  3. Paganism?
  4. Buddhism
  5. Wanting to Explore Religion
  6. For Christians.... speaking in tongues??
  7. What does this verse mean?
  8. Is anyone else religious?
  9. Please help Questioning my religon
  10. How did you choose?
  11. Will Praying to move work?
  12. Two questions about Christianity
  13. Triggering (Suicide): Please pray for me?
  14. Why does Jesus contradict the old testament so often?
  15. Triggering (Suicide): please pray if you are a christain
  16. Salvation is it by faith alone or + works
  17. Is this a thing?
  18. Pentacle
  20. FAITH
  21. Deciding something isn't you.
  22. Are there bad mothers in the Bible?
  23. Triggering (ED): Religious fasting
  24. christiananity struggles
  25. Hypnosis?
  26. Triggering: My sister is friends with a satanist.
  27. The train question
  28. How do I avoid conflict while standing my ground? Also, is it disrespectful to not pray?
  29. "Keeping Christ in Christmas"
  30. Religious Persons Stalking Me?
  31. Feeling a change
  32. Buddhism
  33. Is it any different being addicted to drugs or gay? Really a sin is a sin right?
  34. Christianity just gone
  35. Atheism
  36. Any Christains? i need prayers please.
  37. Michiu Kaku on Multi-verses
  38. Prayer vs Spell
  39. I think I learned telekinesis
  40. Are we living in a (video game) simulation?
  41. Is God real...
  42. Spirituality and nature
  43. Agnostics?
  44. Questions for LGBTQ Christians.
  45. I Believe in God but not the Bible...?
  46. Possible Religious Breakup With Parents
  47. afraid to talk about, and express my beliefs
  48. Interstellar travel- possible someday?
  49. Christians: Is being gay a sin?
  50. How you were raised vs. what you believe now.
  51. Do you trust no one?
  52. How to understand Christianity as a non-christian?
  53. A weird dream
  54. Trouble finding the confidence to live my faith.
  55. Triggering: Religion Problem
  56. Guy from dreams keeps reappearing.
  57. Religion being forced upon me?
  58. Holiday Season is Upon Us
  59. Am I the only one who thinks this?
  60. Is it wrong that I am mad at God?
  61. Happy Diwali Friends
  62. Medium/Physic
  63. talk about jesus
  64. "Studies Show...."
  65. What is your favorite field of science, and why?
  66. Science <3
  67. What kind of church should I go to?
  68. What do you think the field of medicine will make possible in the future
  69. A Panromantic, almost heterosexual Christian
  70. Christian family but I want to learn Paganism
  71. Can/Should Husbands Respect Their Wives?
  72. why do you people believe in god?
  73. Do animals have souls?
  74. Jesus Christ.
  75. The War Prayer
  76. "Silly old woman!"
  77. What prevents you from believing?/Why do you believe?
  78. Are you afraid?
  79. Amplified was epic!
  80. Is she right???
  81. Why?
  82. Spiritual, forced religion? Awakening? indigo child?
  83. Non-Literal Interpretation of Genesis, how do you explain genealogies?
  84. Paranoid about this:(
  85. Questions about Mohammed
  86. Buddhism?
  87. Is is true?:(
  88. Guilty:(
  89. Are fundamentalists killing Christianity?
  90. wow. just... wow.
  91. Religious teacher?
  92. Aliens?
  93. So confused with my spiritual beliefs...
  94. Stephen Fry on God
  95. Being comfortable with the Unknown
  96. Lenten Resolutions
  97. Vision Quest
  98. A fundamentalist/extremist Christian website officially hates me... YES!
  99. What makes a person shine in your eyes??
  100. "Fake Science" in self help/spiritual products
  101. Creationism vs Evolution?
  102. Will I go to hell if i kill myself?
  103. Hypocrisy in Christianity
  104. How to decide between two religions?
  105. wiccan stone charm (advice?)
  106. Is he real
  107. What exactly is Wicca all about?
  108. What is real?
  109. Reincarnation ?
  110. Disney Movies
  111. Is the devil real?
  112. My Testimony
  113. Need Christian advice please?
  114. Gateway philosophy
  115. would it be bad if we literally couldnt be bad
  116. How do I tell my mom I want to convert to Wicca?
  117. autism as an evolutionary advancement.
  118. my testimony
  119. Explain Heaven and Hell...
  120. Pagan/Wiccan question. Witchcraft.
  121. Domino's and Baptism.
  122. space entrepreneurship
  123. Ouija Boards
  124. vampires
  125. Religious Music.
  126. Coming out of the atheist closet?
  127. Do you believe in enlightenment?
  128. Multi-Faith Services.
  129. Commercial Publicity of Religions.
  130. Goddess Day
  131. My Beliefs
  132. vampires and mafia
  133. Reasonable Belief
  134. astral projection
  135. Awfully Befuddled
  136. Triggering: Religious Indoctrination/Therapy
  137. From religious to non-religious
  138. Wicca question: Ground herbs?
  139. Whats my religion?
  140. Is Religion Dying?
  141. Wicca~!
  142. Few questions about religion.
  143. Do you go?
  144. Going to church if you aren't religious?
  145. National Religions.
  146. Any agnostic here?
  147. More About Satanism
  148. Empathic help?
  149. My birth story
  150. Aphateism
  151. Why Are So Many Teenagers Atheist?
  152. Whats going to happen?
  153. Coming out to my family as an atheist?
  154. Is there something wrong with me?
  155. Losing faith
  156. Triggering (Abuse): Question..
  157. Wondering...
  158. "Morally Superior"
  159. Religion Interview?
  160. Converting To Wicca
  161. Satanism?
  162. Faith, Trust, and Atheist
  163. 1+2+3+4+5+...(infinity) = -1/12?
  164. alternative festivals?
  165. If God was disproved would you be willing to admit you were wrong?
  166. How can people not believe in God?
  167. Non-PG13: Is it Wrong?
  168. When was Jesus born?
  169. Dream Theory
  170. Do you agree?
  171. Is it a sin if it's not in the 10 commandments?
  172. Why should being LGBT a sin?
  173. Injustice In The Christian Faith
  174. some spiritual insight of mine
  175. Minutes ago, my parents discovered I'm agnostic/atheist
  176. I'm this religion but...
  177. Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.
  178. Problems With Atheism
  179. Philosophy?
  180. Am I going to Hell?
  181. How would you respond...
  182. Behaviour of Atheists.
  183. Have you ever been with someone who has converted?
  184. Confusion about my faith
  185. Jehovah's witness issue?
  186. Jehovah's Witness Anyone??
  187. HELP!!!PLZ
  188. Companies, CEOs, Politics/Religion
  189. Haunted Houses and Horror Movie Opinions?
  190. Science question: Just saw a weird light "fall" from the sky?
  191. Conversion to Buddhism
  192. Any Pentecostal's Here?
  193. How do I say this?
  194. Progressive Creationists
  195. Triggering: Faith Healing
  196. Atheism: A Blind Religious Trend?
  197. What do you think happens to you when you die
  198. Atheist support
  199. Is Call of Duty a sin
  200. Triggering: homosexuality and a question :)
  201. Girlfriend has "accepted God fully and completely"
  202. Religion Controls?
  203. Being Open-minded is a lie.
  204. Blaming other peoples religious values
  205. god bless you and everyone else says f*** you
  206. Is it a sin
  207. Who here has read the bible? Anyone can answer, but Christians especially.
  208. Female Advice Preferred: I'm not living up to my expectations!!!
  209. People giving your religion a bad name
  210. Why are people so disrespectful to christians in the religious section?
  211. Fellow Atheists, I have a question. (Any other religions are free to answer)
  212. What would jesus do?
  213. Afterlife
  214. Judgement Day....
  215. Baptism :)
  216. Not sure whether or not I actually believe.
  217. Organised religion?
  218. Here's a fun hypothetical situation...
  219. Scientology and Homosexuals
  220. Belief in God, but not Christ.
  221. Are you there God? It's me, Colby
  222. Triggering: 1984 Food for Thought
  223. Why do you believe in god?
  224. Do all suicides really get sent to Hell?
  225. what do you think of tarot card readings??
  226. Telling my Parents
  227. Ramadan.
  228. The concept of "free gift" in Christianity
  229. How do you view the Bible?
  230. The link between religion and conflict.
  231. dose any one know about forms of divination and/or pendulum boards?
  232. just had to get this off my chest
  233. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Whats the point?
  234. Religion and Circumcision
  235. What the bible says about Tattoos
  236. Wicca/Pagan - Stones and Gems
  237. non-religious praying
  238. poor people and crime
  239. Really confused! Help!
  240. Purity Rings?
  241. Finding legitimate sources about religion
  242. Jesus Questions: Part 2
  243. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Do you believe this? "No Such Thing as a Gay Christian"
  244. Zodiac City
  245. Favorite book, chapter, verse, etc? Just curious!
  246. When did you start questioning?
  247. Proof?
  248. Crumbling
  249. How do I have the courage?
  250. Annoyed when people assume things.