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  1. Blurred vision
  2. Nausea
  3. Eyesight improving
  4. Debate: Acessibility
  5. Female Advice Preferred: Period
  6. Insomnia
  7. Female Advice Preferred: weird uti symptoms causing severe anxiety
  8. Acute Pancreatitis
  9. Autumn/winter immunity tips
  10. Metformin
  11. Thrush down there.
  12. Period
  13. Raising awareness about health conditions.
  14. Orangeish coloured poop
  15. Hydration
  16. I still sleep under the covers
  17. European Breast Cancer Day - October 15
  18. Headaches
  19. How did you guys handle falling and hurting your knee(s)?
  20. Athletes foot keeps coming back.
  21. Numbness on my left thigh?
  22. I wet myself.
  23. Exercise balls for back pain or just in general
  24. Napping Day & tips for a good nap
  25. Triggering (ED): Food and gut functioning
  26. How do you help yourself sleep?
  27. Triggering: Pre period vomiting?
  28. How much sleep?
  29. Ovarian Cyst
  30. Anyone advise me to get rid of hair loss
  31. I have answers to what's medically wrong with me!!
  32. Tonsillectomy as an adult
  33. Covid vaccination
  34. ACL injury
  35. The ENT keeps rescheduling on me
  36. Anyone ever have a sleep study?
  37. Vaccination reactions
  38. Embarrassing Problem ?
  39. Face, scalp/hair, and neck sweat?
  40. Allergy testing
  41. Had a seizure at work
  42. Cheap Covid testing United Kingdom
  43. Gaining weight
  44. Julie's Long Covid returned
  45. My sister's condition
  46. Fitness injury opinions - rant
  47. A question about Vitamin D
  48. Will the Covid 19 ever end
  49. Julie has chest infection
  50. Covid Vaccines for UK Patients
  51. Migraines post-concussion
  52. Julie's previous Covid
  53. Feeling empty, achy
  54. Medication opinions.
  55. How to be "healthy"
  56. Medication
  57. Pain after IM shot (buttock area)
  58. Triggering (Weight Figures): How to lose weight
  59. Sick of sleeping poorly
  60. I'm like allergic to the sun or something, can somebody please try to help me?
  61. On medication again :(
  62. Braces!
  63. Triggering (ED): Keto diet
  64. Grey Hairs.
  65. Dark Circles.
  66. ADHD medication
  67. Herniated Disc... advice would help.
  68. Do you wear glasses?
  69. Acne problems
  70. My doctor is convinced I have trauma?
  71. What to do when doctors contradict each other?
  72. Natural pain relief?
  73. Teeth/Cavities
  74. Testosterone and thyriods
  75. Medication and ED
  76. Triggering (Substances): Medication for pain.
  77. How do I tell my doctor?
  78. anyone uses NAC for medication?
  79. Sceard to ring the NHS counselling phone number which my doctor gave me
  80. The Good Doctor
  81. How hard is it to wean off your medication?
  82. Triggering (Suicide): My medication is making it worse
  83. How to stop apathy? / Medication
  84. Telling my doctor?
  85. Medication question(Want your experiences too :)
  86. Spoiler: 13th Doctor
  87. Teeth whitening won't work
  88. Need help removing scars and hiding them from the doctor
  89. Seeing a doctor without a parent?
  90. Triggering: Trouble taking medication
  91. Can I drive if I'm taking medication?
  92. Medication compliance
  93. How do I talk to my Doctor?
  94. Medication causes excessive tiredness.
  95. How to explain to family that medication isn't a cure?
  96. Doctor says I'm a little underweight but I can take advantage of this and build muscle how do I build muscle like what do i eat etc
  97. Male Advice Preferred: Question About Seeing an Adult Doctor
  98. Medication, sex, orgasms?
  99. Triggering: More news from the Doctor.
  100. People who suffer with ADHD do you take medication how does it work has it helped you?
  101. How to find the right doctor?
  102. havent been to the doctor in years. scared but seems important.
  103. Doctor Who Series 9
  104. How do I talk to my doctor.
  105. I lied to my doctor
  106. Medication to treat mental health.
  107. Talking to my doctor?
  108. Doctor Who series 9 confirmed for Autumn
  109. Triggering: Doctor-assisted suicide
  110. What happens when you tell your doctor you're suicidal?
  111. Doctor Who
  112. Forging a Doctor's Note
  113. New Doctor, Getting Weighed
  114. How does your doctor/ you check your dog's temperature?
  115. Medication
  116. Doctor Who Poem
  117. Doctor Who Series 8
  118. Doctor Who Fanfic
  119. Title for my Doctor Who story?
  120. Vagina doctor
  121. Going to the doctor
  122. doctor saw my scars
  123. Doctor Saw My SH Cuts/Scars..
  124. Started again and doctor
  125. Triggering (ED): Doctor's Scales Wrong?
  126. Should I see a doctor...?
  127. Should medication become a consideration?
  128. is it time to call the doctor?
  129. Doctor visits
  130. The Medication Decision
  131. Triggering (SH): Doctor
  132. Do I need a new doctor?
  133. Effective medication
  134. Afraid that adding another medication will throw me off....
  135. OD'ing on over the counter medication
  136. Talking to my doctor about ADD/ADHD
  137. Doctor's Appointment.
  138. My anti-anxiety medication.
  139. Medication.
  140. Medication side effects, or something else?
  141. Telling my Doctor?
  142. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Diabetes Rant Thread
  143. New Medication
  144. Triggering (ED): Can this cause diabetes?
  145. Medication amounts
  146. goodbye poem to my doctor(comments appreciated)
  147. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): my mom laughed when my doctor said I may suffer from anxiety
  148. Spoiler: Doctor Who
  149. New diagnosis and new medication?
  150. Triggering: Is my medication the reason behind all of this?
  151. Going to the doctor's with scars and cuts...
  152. Goin to the doctor with scars
  153. Medication help
  154. ADD and A's without medication?
  155. Medication
  156. Going to the doctor...pretty much terrified.
  157. Not sure how to talk to my doctor about this...
  158. About Medication...?
  159. After you have seen your therapist, counselor, doctor etc
  160. Can a doctor diagnose me?
  161. Doctor says I'm fine...
  162. Confused with a choice of medication
  163. medication
  164. 2 months medication
  165. Going On To Medication?
  166. New medication help
  167. Is it me or the doctor..
  168. Help with my new medication Azathioprine
  169. Doctor lying bill
  170. Medication inquiry
  171. Medication question
  172. hearing voices- telling doctor HELP
  173. Do I need another Doctor's Note?
  174. B3 diabetes coursework
  175. Friend's Medication concerns
  176. Couple sues doctor over disabled son's birth
  177. Doctor playing Eugenics
  178. Male Advice Preferred: Guys opinion of stretch marks?
  179. Age of consent/going to the doctor?
  180. Paula Deen hides her type 2 diabetes
  181. Amount of medication?
  182. i think i am schizophrenic but i don't know how to tell a doctor
  183. What can my doctor tell my parents?
  184. medication??
  185. Weird reaction from medication?
  186. Medication.
  187. Disorder diabetes or neither? Advice?
  188. Does the doctor have to do something?
  189. Asking Parents To Leave Doctor's Office
  190. Caffeine doesn't work??
  191. The doctor was wrong
  192. Doctor won't help ...
  193. Going to the Doctor
  194. Saw the doctor today...
  195. There's a Doctor in the house!
  196. Female Advice Preferred: The doctor says it's CYRIASIS, but I'm not sure;;
  197. Do i have Diabetes?
  198. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Stupid war on drugs makes medication hard to get for me
  199. Webmd vs. Doctor
  200. Problems Swallowing Medication
  201. Doctor Suggest Vegetarian diet
  202. Pre-diabetes
  203. will diabetes prevent me from being in a government affiliated job?
  204. medication question
  205. T1 diabetes
  206. ED + Diabetes = Not good
  207. Doctor Who
  208. Ways to Relieve Period Pains
  209. when do i need to go to the doctor to sew?
  210. should i be on medication?
  211. Spoiler: Doctor who!
  212. Mental Health/Depression Medication?
  213. Will the doctor tell my mom I am sexually active?
  214. Triggering: should i be on medication?
  215. how do i get to a doctor??
  216. PTSD and medication
  217. Medication or Counselling?
  218. The doctor won't give me birth control???
  219. Depression Pills for teens? [and how to ask your doctor?]
  220. Triggering: Philadelphia doctor accused of murdering patient, newborns
  221. How much is a doctor
  222. Triggering (SH): Do I really need to see a doctor?
  223. Telling doctor about suicidal thoughts?
  224. could be a doctor
  225. Female Advice Preferred: The Lady Doctor
  226. Doctor or no doctor?
  227. My doctor has reffered me to CAMHS?
  228. Medication?
  229. How can you convince a person to go to the doctor?
  230. driving for the first time with diabetes
  231. Do any of you take a friend to the doctor's for support?
  232. Triggering: Is there medication?
  233. My family doctor makes me want to cut myself instead of restraing from self harm
  234. Medication
  235. Triggering (Suicide): You do understand what my medication is FOR, right?
  236. Advice on Medication, would like some advice
  237. Maternity doctor or midwife?
  238. diabetes
  239. do i go back on the medication or what?
  240. High Vs. Low (Doctor?)
  241. I may stop taking my medication :|
  242. Doctor steel!
  243. So I get medication now.
  244. Doctor
  245. The Doctor's. (Help!!!)
  246. More medication woes.
  247. New Doctor? Thoughts?
  248. Medication Issues?
  249. Diabetes testing?
  250. I'm going to be a doctor!