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  1. Triggering (Abuse): Abusive Father (Part one of my story)
  2. Sexual harassment
  3. Angry and stricken
  4. Was this abuse ?
  5. I miss them
  6. Leaving an abusive situation
  7. Was this sexual assault?
  8. Dissociated during trauma narrative
  9. Is coerced/forced consent considered rape?
  10. I'm not sure what I feel
  11. Triggering: What exactly happened to me?
  12. Triggering (Abuse): Re-triggered by abuse years later
  13. Emotional Abuse
  14. Triggering: National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women
  15. Triggering (Abuse): Flashbacks
  16. Triggering (Abuse): Does this count?
  17. Triggering: Rape, hurt, and scared.
  18. Should I tell my boyfriend
  19. Triggering: What the heck do I do?
  20. Female Advice Preferred: I was almost raped
  21. Sperm donor drama
  22. Triggering: My Story
  23. Triggering (Abuse): PTSD from previous assaults
  24. Need your opinion asap re- my friend
  25. Triggering (Abuse): Discipline or abuse?
  26. Triggering: Was I molested as a child?
  27. Idk why they do this
  28. Triggering: What actually is consent?
  29. Why doing this to innocent childrens??
  30. Triggering (Abuse): Where is that girl?
  31. Trauma class trouble
  32. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): He makes me uncomfortable.
  33. Triggering: idk if it was assault
  34. Triggering (Abuse): Wanting to remember
  35. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Am I aloud to feel this way?
  36. I can't do this
  37. Triggering (Abuse): It was my partner...
  38. Triggering (Abuse): Just an update on home...
  39. Was I even raped?
  40. My stepdad keeps belittling us
  41. Triggering (Abuse): Victim/Survivor Hating?
  42. Triggering (Abuse): My mother makes my skin crawl.
  43. Article Revival: Disproving The Myths of Sexual Assault
  44. Triggering: Next step?
  45. Triggering: It hurts
  46. Triggering (Abuse): I thought I had processed everything
  47. Triggering (Abuse): Bad night
  48. Emotional abuse
  49. Triggering (Abuse): Am I being dramatic?
  50. Helping my Boyfriend
  51. So... what would this be called? Punishment or Abuse?
  52. Gas lighting
  53. Abuse or Punishment
  54. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): my friend knew i was going to be raped
  55. Triggering (Abuse): Inability to feel or identify love?
  56. Non-PG13: Is this assault
  57. Triggering (Abuse): It is driving me crazy
  58. Triggering (Abuse): I'm not really sure how to help my friend
  59. Triggering (Abuse): This is on my mind so much
  60. I feel guilty for saying no
  61. Triggering (Abuse): I'm done
  62. Triggering (Abuse): Childhood abuse
  63. Triggering (Abuse): The whole truth
  64. Triggering: Was this sexual assault?
  65. Triggering (Abuse): Is my mom molesting me or teaching me?
  66. is this physical abuse
  67. Possibly Emotional Abuse
  68. Triggering (Abuse): I saved someone from him
  69. Triggering (Abuse): He goes to my college now Part 2
  70. Triggering (Abuse): I think my friend is lying about it (long rant)
  71. Triggering (Abuse): Abusive Mom
  72. Triggering (Abuse): Getting therapy for past abuse/rape
  73. Don't know how to feel
  74. How do I tell people?
  75. Triggering (Abuse): He goes to my college now
  76. Triggering: Hospital Kidnapped Me
  77. Triggering: Seeing my abuser in court tomorrow (+my never ending life story)
  78. How do you really know?
  79. Triggering (Abuse): Not sure what to do about this.
  80. My uncle
  81. Triggering (Abuse): Living With My Abuser
  82. Need my social security card
  83. Triggering (Abuse): Dealing with my past abuse
  84. it's one of the hard days
  85. Triggering (Abuse): How to overcome gaslighting
  86. Pain and PTSD?
  87. Am I being emotionally abused?
  88. Triggering (Abuse): Raw wounds: preparing for group tomorrow
  89. Is emotional abuse a real type of abuse?
  90. What should I do?
  91. Forgiveness
  92. Triggering (Abuse): Back in Russia
  93. Stuck
  94. Triggering (Abuse): Should I tell my bf about my ex sexually abusing me? (stories about your experiences would help)
  95. Was It Sexual Assault?
  96. Triggering (Abuse): Bad Thoughts
  97. i don't think i'll ever forgive myself
  98. Boyfriend Abuse
  99. Triggering (Abuse): advice on reporting...
  100. Triggering (Abuse): Child Abusers and where to find them.
  101. Triggering (Abuse): I took my abuse public and don't know how I feel
  102. Triggering (Abuse): I have no control
  103. Triggering (Abuse): Part 2 about guys approaching me
  104. Police case worries
  105. Idk if this belongs here..
  106. Triggering (Abuse): How long does it take?
  107. Triggering (Abuse): He owns my body
  108. emotional abuse?
  109. nowing abusers side of family? And Remembering
  110. Processing trauma
  111. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Messed up
  112. Triggering: I get triggered when guys approach me
  113. Triggering: help what do i do now
  114. Triggering (Suicide): He reaccurs
  115. Is my mom abusive?
  116. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): boyfriend hit me
  117. harassed ,raped , abuse need help
  118. Not exactly rape or abuse but-
  119. Need help
  120. Mentally&Verbally abusive Grandpa.
  121. Guilt..
  122. Triggering (Abuse): Harassment and rape.
  123. Triggering (Abuse): Abused by someone I used to know
  124. Triggering (Abuse): Feeling invalidated
  125. Triggering (Abuse): Happened awhile ago.
  126. Triggering (Abuse): Does this qualify?
  127. Triggering (Abuse): it'll be a year...
  128. Triggering (Abuse): My Past Abuse.
  129. Need URGENT help! Abuse case!
  130. Triggering: help
  131. Triggering (Abuse): Struggling in the wake of an assault
  132. Triggering: I just don't know any more.
  133. Triggering (Abuse): questions about male rape victims
  134. I if I wasn't really raped what happened to me?
  135. Triggering (Abuse): A guy is blackmailing me I NEED HELP!!!
  136. Triggering (Abuse): nightmares?
  137. Triggering (Abuse): Was it sexual assault?... [M]
  138. Is it weird I never told anyone?
  139. Female Advice Preferred: Confused
  140. Boyfriend's drunken stepdad wanted sex, wife in denial, I feel so alone
  141. is this control
  142. Triggering (Abuse): trying to find a certain song about rape
  143. Triggering (Abuse): Friend May Get Sexually Abused
  144. Triggering (Abuse): I can't take this much longer
  145. Triggering (Abuse): Sometimes... it feels like it didn't happen
  146. Processing trauma?
  147. Triggering (Abuse): Sexual Assaul is the question...
  148. Triggering (Abuse): Abusive boyfriends and leaving a mark
  149. Triggering (Abuse): My abuse and punishments
  150. Triggering: violence against women
  151. She is trapping me !!
  152. Am I a slut for looking it by abuse?
  153. Peace of Mind
  154. Abusive to my Girlfriend
  155. extremely embarrassed..
  156. Assaulted last night
  157. Triggering: i don't know where to turn
  158. i think i tell too many people
  159. Triggering (Abuse): I don't know what to do anymore...
  160. Triggering (Abuse): My friend is being abused by both parents and I dont know what to do.
  161. Talking didn't work
  162. Triggering (Abuse): Just something I don't really talk about....
  163. Moving back a past trauma.
  164. Now i know the true
  165. Triggering (Abuse): My dad
  166. Psych wants to see me.
  167. Triggering (Abuse): Struggling.
  168. Triggering (Abuse): My mom got reped
  169. Triggering (Abuse): Abuse won't stop.
  170. Triggering (Abuse): Need help ASAP what should I do
  171. Non-PG13: my father
  172. Triggering: Is this abuse?
  173. Triggering: why do such small things trigger me
  174. Triggering (Suicide): that trapped feeling
  175. Triggering (Abuse): Sexual assault again and again
  176. nervous about reporting.
  177. Triggering: I Can't Talk About It
  178. Past rape
  179. Triggering (Abuse): I'm so over this entire family.
  180. Triggering (Abuse): Did something stupid with my cousin when we were kids, guilt is eating away at me now
  181. Triggering: Police Refusing to Investigate Rape
  182. Emotional abuse
  183. Triggering (Abuse): Past Assault
  184. Boyfriend molest in sleep
  185. Triggering: Was it Rape?
  186. Triggering: Bullying After Rape Made Public
  187. Triggering (Abuse): I-Is this sexist?
  188. Triggering: Sex, intoxication, and consent
  189. Triggering: cant decide to report it?
  190. Triggering (Abuse): gang raped
  191. Triggering (Abuse): What do I do?
  192. EMDR
  193. Triggering (Abuse): Unstable Thoughts
  194. Non-PG13: Sexual Harassment
  195. Triggering (Abuse): My Best Friend
  196. How can I help?
  197. Triggering (Abuse): Should I Tell?
  198. Triggering: I am the victim: Random attack
  199. Male Advice Preferred: constant abuse I can't take it
  200. Triggering: I need advice now.
  201. Triggering: Was it Rape?
  202. Triggering (Abuse): ----
  203. Triggering: this has to end, but how?
  204. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): talking to my abuser
  205. Triggering (Abuse): Degrading sex?
  206. Court - Minimum and Maximum Punishments?
  207. Outlets
  208. Seeing stalker
  209. Why do I do this to myself?
  210. Got told they we're just as abused as me
  211. maybe it is my fault
  212. Confused and Blaming Myself - Nightmares
  213. A lot to take in
  214. Triggering (Abuse): Is this really rape?
  215. Why am I being punished for what he did?
  216. Best Friend In Abusive Household
  217. Digging into myself.
  218. Should I have told someone that my cousin was raped?
  219. i don't even know what just happened
  220. Triggering (Abuse): Panic attacks and flashbacks - what's wrong with me?
  221. Almost a Year.
  222. Triggering (Abuse): I think I'm going to go crazy if my dad doesn't stop
  223. I'm sad and angry
  224. Triggering (Abuse): Ran Into My Rapist 😭
  225. Violent boyfriends
  226. Triggering: Indecent exposure
  227. Could this be emotional abuse????? DESPERATELY NEED HELP AND SUPPORT.
  228. Triggering (Abuse): Behaviours & Therapy: Is It Possible
  229. Triggering (Abuse): Is it worth reporting?
  230. I hate when people say this
  231. Supporting boyfriend who experienced extreme childhood abuse?
  232. Triggering (Abuse): acceptance ?
  233. Triggering: Confused
  234. Triggering (Abuse): Am I evil
  235. Triggering: abuse as a child?
  236. Family lying about abuse
  237. Need help supporting friend
  238. Update for "scared to be in my home"
  239. ?
  240. I deserve it?
  241. My emotional abuser says I abused them
  242. Triggering: Picture exposed... is it worth reporting?
  243. my fried was raped by her brother
  244. what should he do
  245. Triggering (Abuse): Scared to be in my home
  246. Triggering (Abuse): Tired of Being Looked At Different
  247. Triggering (Abuse): My friend needs help.
  248. My friend's dad is/was abusive?
  249. Parents
  250. Sleeping on a school trip