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  1. Keeping friends updated, Carebridge? Blog?
  2. Triggering (ED): purging help asap.
  3. Psychiatric meds in residential?
  4. Veg/Vegan and lactose intolerant in treatment?
  5. Not diagnosed but want to recover somehow(Male)
  6. Never been diagnosed with an ED but this is what im struggling with.
  7. Should I go to residential?
  8. Residential? No.
  9. Went through long periods of starvation now notice strange sound when eating?
  10. Triggering (ED): I can't stop
  11. haven't eaten in almost 5 hours
  12. Triggering (Suicide): Im way too obsessed
  13. I need help
  14. Improving my eating plan
  15. Easy foods to stomach?
  16. Keetones in urine?
  17. Hospitalization?
  18. What is an eating distorter?
  19. School bags
  20. Help.
  21. Female Advice Preferred: Missing period but weight restored?
  22. Health Risks?
  23. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Treatment center help
  24. Exhausted
  25. Triggering (ED): I'm a liar
  26. Triggering (ED): How to handle comments on my weight?
  27. How to Deal
  28. my routine for exercise and eating. is it excessive?
  29. Triggering: After Anorexia?
  30. Triggering (ED): Is this Restricting or not?
  31. So fat and disgusting
  32. Afraid of gaining weight
  33. Is fitspo ok?
  34. I'm a monster
  35. Purging pains
  36. Diagnosed?
  37. Eating Disorder of some sort?
  38. Triggering (ED): Do I actually have a problem?
  39. weird eating feeling: advise anyone???
  40. Insensetive grandpa
  41. Triggering (ED): Struggling
  42. Freaking out
  43. How to support my friend?
  44. Triggering (ED): Weight
  45. Triggering (ED): Why?
  46. I don't know if this is an eating disorder or stress or depression or all 3
  47. Ashamed
  48. Does this qualify as an eating disorder?
  49. Triggering (ED): Smoothie instead of food
  50. Triggering (Substances): Obsessing.
  51. Triggering (ED): Purging Question.
  52. dieting
  53. Triggering (ED): I want to purge until I faint
  54. I can't work out how to be healthy
  55. Triggering: Help?
  56. How far do you have to go?
  57. Triggering (ED): Struggling.
  58. Triggering (ED): embty but need help.
  59. Triggering (ED): weight gain with ED / experience with dietitian
  60. Food issues
  61. Help
  62. want to eat but purge after ( help soon please)
  63. How do I know if I have an eating disorder?
  64. Triggering: Could I have an eating disorder?
  65. Achievment
  66. Triggering (ED): Purging
  67. Triggering (ED): No more food for me, EVER.
  68. Do I have an eating disorder?
  69. Triggering (ED): Back to my old habits :/
  70. Binge Eating
  71. Hallucinations?
  72. Triggering: Coinciding disorders / ed
  73. Weight + depression.
  74. Starving myself.
  75. anorexic friend
  76. Not eating much
  77. Thanksgiving
  78. I feel like the odd one
  79. Triggering: Do I have an eating disorder??
  80. Triggering: Weight Loss and Parents finding out
  81. Nobody's listening
  82. Triggering (ED): Eating disorder and overweight??
  83. Triggering (ED): 2 eating disorders?!?
  84. Pictures are sooo triggering
  85. Triggering (ED): It's back
  86. Combatting negative body image
  87. Triggering: gained weight and freaking out
  88. Counting calories
  89. Triggering (ED): Obsessive Calorie Checker
  90. I had Anorexia now i cant stop eating...is it normal to eat loads after recovery
  91. Triggering (ED): ED and social media.
  92. Triggering (SH): I am Fed up.
  93. DEXA Scan
  94. can't eat normally
  95. My friend
  96. Triggering (SH): Out of control
  97. Triggering (ED): Went from one ED to another?
  98. Triggering (ED): Jealous of my dogs.(ed trigger)
  99. Things aren't going well
  100. YOUR reasons for recovery?
  101. Pressured Weight Loss Surgery
  102. Triggering (ED): Is this an eating disorder?
  103. Triggering (ED): UGH problem and TRIGGERED!!!!
  104. Triggering (ED): How can I forgive myself?
  105. Is this helping?
  106. Starving myself?
  107. Not sure how to tell them..
  108. Having trouble
  109. It's back
  110. "you don't look bulimic"
  111. Hi apparently I'm human too.
  112. This has gone on way too long :/
  113. I told someone
  114. biological hunger or emotional hunger?
  115. The anorexia part has come back.
  116. Do I need a dietition?
  117. Triggering (ED): Do I have an eating disorder?
  118. Should I tell him?
  119. Slightly Confused
  120. Distorted images explantion?
  121. Triggering (ED): I just don't know what to do. Maybe triggering
  122. Triggering: When I eat bad..
  123. Triggering: Interview (Rob gave me permission)
  124. Losing weight after recovering from anorexia.
  125. Triggering (ED): Purging
  126. Triggering (ED): SO FAT
  127. Help
  128. Help
  129. Re-referral again
  130. Triggering (ED): Eating disorder or just skipping a few meals?
  131. Triggering (ED): Food tasted weird now I gotta purge...
  132. Binge eating
  133. Triggering (ED): Do I have eating disorder tendencies?
  134. Struggling
  135. Starting ED?
  136. Triggering: Weight restored and struggling.
  137. distorted image and ED thoughts
  138. Triggering (ED): Uhm...
  139. I don't want to throw up...
  140. Scared to eat, disgusted with myself.
  141. Triggering (ED): Chewing food then spitting it back out
  142. I don't know if I have it
  143. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Pills and Eating disorder
  144. Triggering (ED): Eating Disorder?
  145. Anorexic?
  146. Triggering: Bingeing after adderall come down
  147. The sickness
  148. Triggering (ED): It isn't helping.
  149. Not sure if I have a disorder or not?
  150. Triggering: Mum wants me to diet
  151. Dizziness
  152. Binge eating
  153. Triggering (ED): My girlfriend Lucy
  154. Is it possible to lose weight the healthy way, with an Eating Disorder past?
  155. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Fuck recovery and three months purge free
  156. Full yet so hungry
  157. zombie
  158. Triggering (ED): Help...
  159. Do I have an Eating Disorder?
  160. Just a rant
  161. Thanksgiving and Recovery.
  162. Recovery setback
  163. This is probably one of the hardest things for me to type
  164. Dietician.
  165. Triggering (ED): Trying on winter coats
  166. bulimia nervosa and self harm
  167. Facebook
  168. Triggering (ED): Pizza
  169. How come eating disorder are portrayed as a quick and easy death?
  170. Triggering (SH): Disgustingly Fat
  171. Triggering (ED): food
  172. Triggering (ED): Can I be bulimic if I'm obese?
  173. Hallween+Candy=binge=Purging=restricting
  174. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Fuck this shit
  175. Triggering (ED): I can't take these thoughts anymore
  176. It's getting harder
  177. Do you ever feel like your ED isn't "real"
  178. Not sure if this is the right section..
  179. Do I have and ED?
  180. Teeth Problems Caused By ED?
  181. Triggering (ED): Well, hello there, eating disorder.
  182. SO UPSET!!! :(
  183. Trigger food
  184. Letter to Ed
  186. Having trouble eating?
  187. Nosebleeds while purging (vomiting)?
  188. Triggering (ED): I'm too fat to have an ED
  189. I am the stupidest person in the world
  190. Triggering (ED): Food Insecurity + Relapse
  191. Binging
  192. Should I seek professional help?
  193. I think I have an eating disorder, what do I do?
  194. wanna throw up when i wanna eat
  195. i want to eat but im not hungry sometimes why
  196. hungry
  197. Triggering (ED): Binge-Purge
  198. Recovery
  199. help me
  200. I AM BACK After FIVE Years! Some GREAT News! AN Recovery Win!
  201. Forgetting to eat
  202. Triggering: Update :/ (tw ed, SH, suicide)
  203. Seeing a dietician... Am I making the correct choice?
  204. Triggering (ED): blergh
  205. What to look for in a good therapist
  206. Help with about 3 things all tied together.
  207. idk mom and food?
  208. Now how do i handle this before its out of hand?
  209. Triggering (ED): Seven Wasted Months
  210. Did was win the battle? or lying to me?
  211. Confused
  212. want to purge but can't
  213. Does it every really go away?
  214. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): (trigger-ED) don't even read this.
  215. Eating Disorder or Stomach Problem?
  216. Ana is my best friend.
  217. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Disgusted. fuck it all
  218. Please HELP ME & Stomach pains?
  219. Triggering: Relapsing
  220. Help questions
  221. help
  222. Starvation + Vomiting
  223. Triggering: Very little Food
  224. Anxiety and eating disorders?
  225. Triggering (ED): I just need to type this all out, I think
  226. Going back
  227. I think I have an ED but I'm afraid to tell my parents...
  228. I think I have an ED buuuuuuut.....
  229. Unsure how to help friend who suffers with anorexia
  230. Do I have a eating disorder?
  231. this may be annoying to you
  232. binge
  233. Triggering (ED): Pro-Ana Websites
  234. How to support a close family member with an ED
  235. Starvation + purging
  236. Is starving yourself an Eating Disorder?
  237. please help asap
  238. The Girl Disease
  239. not sure what to do
  240. I don't know
  241. I don't get taken seriously
  242. Triggering (ED): Worried about her
  243. Shared & Stuck
  244. Confused -but not in a bad way
  245. How the hell do you make them stop?
  246. My friend has anorexia
  247. Triggering (ED): Is this serious?
  248. I want to get rid of it :(
  249. winning
  250. Relapse control.