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  1. Why am I afraid to see him go to jail?
  2. She thought it was a date
  3. Stressed, hurt, and confused
  4. He cheated WITH me?
  5. Bodily functions in front of significant other
  6. Is She Interested in Me???? HELP PLZ!!!
  7. How Do I Get Him To Get it?
  8. Struggling with dating and parents
  9. Should I accept this friend request?
  10. Is having no experience a turn off?
  11. Trouble from the girl next door
  12. Triggering: Still
  13. IAmA: Polyamory
  14. I'm not sure if he's being serious
  15. Some serious thoughts! Opinions wanted!
  16. Triggering: Is his Dad/Parents in the way of our relationship or no?
  17. Confusing love/hate friendship
  18. I need advice ASAP!:(
  19. 14 and not had first kiss
  20. What can I do?
  21. Age and height differences?
  22. What do I do, I'm lost
  23. Attraction.
  24. Crush or what?
  25. Female Advice Preferred: How to goal always and fastest way possible?
  26. What should I do?
  27. turning 18 but girlfriend is 15
  28. Boyfriend's request makes me feel uncomfortable
  29. I'm gonna do it!
  30. He's my second cousin but yet I like him
  31. Split up
  32. My best friend suddenly likes me again?
  33. I've become selfish in my relationship
  34. Unsure if it's the situations or if he's controlling?
  35. Why do I care so much about being engaged?
  36. Hot Bad boy or good boy?
  37. Cheating? or Not?
  38. i really need advice
  39. Relationship problem x
  40. Triggering: He doesn't understand
  41. I don't know if this is normal or not?
  42. Social experiment?
  43. I don't know what to do.
  44. My friends crush likes me!???!!
  45. Cliché relationship situation... Please help :(
  46. Female Advice Preferred: Light Hearted but I Need Your Advice.
  47. I love her but I can't take care of her
  48. Does he like me or am I trippin?
  49. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): cue the self hatred
  50. When is the right to move out?
  51. Do I like him?
  52. Is it just me, or does nobody want someone like me?
  53. I've given up on him :(
  54. How to stop hating your ex?
  55. Is it easier to just not date in High School?
  56. random kik guy
  57. How Do You Get Over A Crush
  58. do you get mad when your boyfriend stop listening to you?
  59. Triggering (Suicide): Im Really Confused About This Girl:Need Help
  60. Too Strong?
  61. is my friend wrong for raging at her boyfriend?
  62. You're a great guy but..
  63. Boyfriend think family first?
  64. Triggering (Abuse): Ex arrested
  65. Online dating app time wasters
  66. What do I do about my best friends??!!
  67. Does he like me?
  68. How can I stop feeling worth less than my boyfriend?
  69. Does this taken girl like me?
  70. Triggering (SH): My ex
  71. i dont know
  72. This girl
  73. He broke up with me. How long do I have to wait to contact him again?
  74. idk anymore
  75. What should I do?
  76. How can I get him back 😣
  77. what shall I do
  78. So theres this girl..
  79. This is crazy
  80. someone backstabbed me after an offer just before the end of a school year, and may not know that I'm a person they actually know
  81. My friend's crush likes her! But there are some causes for concern...
  82. Abusive relationship breakup
  83. talking in game to girls like a boss and in real life like a noob
  84. Called cute by girl in school. Wondering if this should be a confidence booster.
  85. Can you be friends with an ex?
  86. Am I being selfish here?
  87. I could use some help :/ [WARNING: EXTREMELY LONG]
  88. Dealing with an ex?
  89. What are your deal breakers?
  90. We broke up but. . .
  91. Is time the only remedy?
  92. Getting stupidly paranoid...
  93. Gender neutral terms for someone you are dating?
  94. I want to be on better terms with my ex-girlfriend.
  95. Loving someone who's taken.
  96. Boyfriend said he feels like a therapist or caregiver sometimes?
  97. my parents are unfair
  98. What should I do?
  99. Feeling like I give too much and she gives too less.
  100. kissing
  101. So he's kinda cheated.
  102. Miles away
  103. He'll go to college, I'll be a HS Senior.
  104. How?
  105. I have no clue
  106. i miss my daddy
  107. Non-PG13: hurricane in my heart
  108. What should I do?
  109. I really need some help about a boy x
  110. eraser
  111. I don't know what to do
  112. Can you love two people?
  113. I'm really questioning my best friend's sanity.
  114. Military spouses-help for a n00b
  115. Female Advice Preferred: Girlfriend karma.
  116. Telling parents about an online relationship
  117. So... What do I do?
  118. Socially awkward, anxious, self-conscious.
  119. i dont know what to do
  120. Gender roles?
  121. Should we break up?
  122. She's going to take over again
  123. Hey y'all. Been a while. Need advice.
  124. I kissed a guy who has a girlfriend...
  125. i like this guy but he is being confusing
  126. I feel sick around guys who I like or guys who like me..why?
  127. how to get close to my crush
  128. Mother hates him
  129. So confused (kinda long)
  130. Confused*Long post*
  131. i just don't know what's going on with me
  132. Needing some advice
  133. rant
  134. What are realistic relationship expectations?
  135. Oh no. I have a crush
  136. It's over...
  137. Taking a break
  138. this is so mest up
  139. long distance relationship
  140. going insane
  141. What to do when you have a crush
  142. Soooo, there's this girl
  143. Friends?
  144. is it healthy to promise a future to someone as a teenager?
  145. ex telling lies, and believes they are true
  146. Male Advice Preferred: Would you have a relationship with someone who used to be a man?
  147. Hopelessly in love with my best friend
  148. I don't feel good enough for my boyfriend
  149. how to forget
  150. Thinking
  151. Long time Long distance
  152. How to deal with heartbreak and loss
  153. Met someone I like
  154. How do you deal with a break up?
  155. Dont know what to do.
  156. Triggering (ED): I don't know how to talk to my boyfriend
  157. Parents and my relationship
  158. Male Advice Preferred: Does he like me?
  159. this is good right?
  160. Female Advice Preferred: Confused
  161. Triggering: I was accused of cheating and everyone hates me now
  162. day two and houston we have a problem
  163. Should I be worried?
  164. Long distance relationship/ trust issues
  165. Triggering (SH): My ex
  166. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): REALLY WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON
  167. I wonder why everyone is in a relationship
  168. Female Advice Preferred: Advice please
  169. I think he might like me??
  170. Am I moving too fast?!?
  171. what happens now??
  172. Relationships 101?
  173. My BFFs boyfriend
  174. I'm feeling awful right now
  175. Advice with Parent's relationship?
  176. what is going on
  177. I've never been in a relationship and I'm getting depressed again.
  178. Which Path Should I Take?
  179. His parents don't speak English
  180. My bf has a porn addiction
  181. Don't Know What To Do
  182. Tear Down the Wall
  183. How long does one wait to start looking at dating other pople?
  184. rant about my best friends relationship
  185. He's making my life hell...
  186. Boyfriend never wants to do what I want to do
  187. Its Complicated
  188. He's being cold and distant. What can I do to make things better?
  189. I don't know how to be close to people
  190. Ex still loves me
  191. How did you meet?
  192. What's wrong with me, that I'm so incapable of feeling affection
  193. Female Advice Preferred: What's really necessary in a guy?
  194. Girls, am I undateable? Or should I give it more time
  195. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Fuck it: Love's burning me away.
  196. Friends and boyfriend all hate me
  197. I'm so confused, I jut don't know what to do.
  198. i problem i cant find an answer to
  199. Am I doing the right thing ?
  200. I don't know what to do?
  201. Forbidden Love
  202. I just don't know where to go from here
  203. We need time to ourselves! Any ideas?
  204. Girls do you find it attractive when a young guy shaved his head? Assuming he has a decent head shape and can pull it off okay?
  205. Got set up with a girl, but shy to take it up a notch.
  206. Can't forget him and so confused
  207. She is only 16, but I love her
  208. how I feel
  209. How to stop liking a girl
  210. How to establish good boundaries?
  211. Female Advice Preferred: Relationship help
  212. I want to get back with my ex
  213. Non-PG13: My boyfriend is sexually irresponsible.
  214. Long Distance Confusion
  215. Advice
  216. Non-PG13: It's based on sex not a relationship
  217. What Am I Suppose To Do Now?
  218. Hurt by my male friend; I don't know what to do?
  219. I Like Asian Girls...Can Anybody Relate With Me?
  220. URGENT.. secret crush not so secret
  221. Sometimes i feel like I'm losing interest
  222. Non-PG13: Vent/rant/ general WTF?
  223. Girls would you date a shorter guy?
  224. Girls. How much does a guys hair matter when it comes to attraction?
  225. Remember me?
  226. Imp. Decision huh?
  227. Female Advice Preferred: I Need Serious Relationship Help
  228. we're no good for each other
  229. Long Distance Relationship
  230. Non-PG13: Vaguely polyamorous???? & jealousy in trying times
  231. been involved with this man for a few months now
  232. I feel like I'm dating his mom sometimes
  233. I dont know what to doooo._.
  234. Feeling pretty awkward.
  235. How to kiss
  236. What am i doing wrong?
  237. Dealing with a bad breakup
  238. Does he like me as more than a friend? (need thorough advice please)
  239. First Heart Break, hurting like hell
  240. Triggering (Abuse): Life is bringing me down, anxiety after anxiety... What do I do?
  241. Am I being used?
  242. Does he sound interested in me? :/
  243. Need an excuse
  244. long distance
  245. Ex sending mixed signals?!?
  246. what should i do
  247. Frustrated with my girlfriend
  248. Parents
  249. sometimes i miss my ex and i hate it
  250. Falling In Love With Your BFF