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  1. Beginning again
  2. How important are looks in getting a date?
  3. Triggering: Should it be a deal breaker?
  4. The Right to Say, 'Good-Bye'!
  5. I dont know.....
  6. a girl likes me
  7. Emotional vs. Physical Cheating
  8. Given him a second chance
  9. Don't want to ruin their relationship
  10. Polyamorous relationships?
  11. His parents don't accept me.
  12. Missing Someone
  13. Triggering: Boyfriend(ish) Is Moving Away.......
  14. My online girlfriend is acting weird; what should I do?
  15. im scared
  16. Do you guys know what this means
  17. Do you think that this guy is a player...?
  18. Lost
  19. My Girlfriend's Negativity Has Worn Me Out
  20. Am I just being Irrational?
  21. Do YOU know people like this?
  22. Triggering: A Load Off My Chest... (tw: depression, self harm, suicide mention)
  23. Signs of leading someone on
  24. I still love him.
  25. help
  26. unsure?
  27. We both have depression.
  28. losing my love
  29. Confused....Please help.
  30. Should I push myself go out with him even though I fear relationships and intimacy?
  31. Jealousy in an unofficial relationship
  32. another case of overthinking minor details... (defining our relationship? how to act in school?)
  33. I am interested in an insanely attractive guy at my school, what should I do?
  34. Trusting someone
  35. Relationship advice... any thoughts/help??
  36. How do I get over him???
  37. Coffee Date
  38. I like a guy at my work
  39. All I ever think about is girls
  40. Triggering (Suicide): Boy troubles???
  41. I don't know if I should do it...
  42. Don't Know What To Do
  43. Impossible to trust..
  44. What do I do?
  45. I've been lying to him
  46. I don't know what to do anymore...
  47. Not feeling confident in relationship
  48. I wish we could last....
  49. During the no contact challenge
  50. Do I make a move or.....??
  51. I'm in love with my bestfriend
  52. Is he just a friend or more than that?
  53. Facebook interaction
  54. Sleeping over and stuff
  55. Dming someone you have never met?
  56. Feeling abandoned in a relationship
  57. How do I get over him?
  58. Improving Communication
  59. Where is he?
  60. You guys think this doesn't mean anything?
  61. Advice?
  62. Crush!! Relationship
  63. Do you guys know what this means
  64. I'm 2 Years Older
  65. I'm in trouble.
  66. how to get to know him?
  67. Is this relationship ok?
  68. My ex keeps texting me
  69. Is senior/sophomore dating weird?
  70. Extreme pre date anxiety
  71. Starting to get feelings
  72. being in love is hard sometimes
  73. Wait for her or try seeing her?
  74. father-daughter relationship and therapy
  75. Should I tell him how I feel? I really need help.
  76. He likes me... but I don't like him
  77. not sure what to do..
  78. For some reason i fell bad..
  79. I broke up with my boyfriend, now everyone hates me.
  80. Non-PG13: I really like an online friend but unsure of how/when to ask her to be my girlfriend
  81. Can't get over it
  82. Non-PG13: Can't figure this out
  83. What do you guys think?
  84. Crush
  85. Seeing a old crush
  86. i am so jealous of my boyfriends friends!
  87. I cant make a descion
  88. Hanging out with my crush next week..... yikes!
  89. He's not entirely over his ex?
  90. I feel hurt
  91. Why did he delete his comment on my social media?
  92. Im really hurt
  93. He was cheating
  94. Made my dog a Tinder
  95. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I Feel So HeartBroken
  96. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Talk about a sticky situation
  97. the decision...
  98. What is considered to be socially acceptable age range dating for teens?
  99. Non-PG13: Juggling 4.....
  100. I feel guilty
  101. Does he like me?
  102. didn't know where else to put this...
  103. Should I stay friends?
  104. Coping with a break up and still in love
  105. Embarrasing Truth
  107. Male Advice Preferred: help
  108. I'm falling in love and I'm scared
  109. oh my gosh
  110. Non-PG13: I am falling for my bestfriend/ ex girlfriend
  111. boys boys boys...
  112. Triggering (SH): last night
  113. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): The feels are difficult for me.
  114. Im so counfused
  115. How do I handle this?
  116. Should I give him time?
  117. I'm so confused somebody please help me.
  118. Mixed signals can anyone help me understand
  119. Triggering (Abuse): My boyfriend is abusive
  120. I hate/Love my ex girlfriend
  121. I don't like my boyfriend's best friend but I don't want to be controlling
  122. Triggering (SH): Love hurts
  123. Just some thoughts
  124. I think I've lost hope in finding love.
  125. Him
  126. Confused
  127. straight tinder (as opposed to gay tinder)
  128. I still like her but I also like him
  129. Ex is dating someone I have always disliked
  130. Triggering (SH): How do I stop freaking out?
  131. Why is she doing this to me ? Psychotic?
  132. Overly Possessive?
  133. Finally got the girl i loved and now shes changing her mind
  134. How to move on from my crush??
  135. Do I stay or leave?
  136. Gf drinks and drive
  137. Psychopathic 'Friend'
  138. Drunk kiss with stranger
  139. Relationship n00b
  140. Normal or not normal?
  141. everything hurts...
  142. Is it unhealthy?
  143. how to tell her?
  144. Opinions on homecoming asks?
  145. 16, Never had a boyfriend
  146. What's the best way to approach a girl
  147. Long Distance Relationships...?
  148. Spoiler: Les Miserables Readers Welcomed: Books and Love.
  149. Difficult love triangle
  150. Am I being insecure or being smart?
  151. I don't know if I should give up on her or not.
  152. crying because of love
  153. Should I make a move?
  154. Platonic vs Romantic?
  155. Girl not understanding me
  156. Advice for a Jewish male dating a Christian?
  157. How do I befriend a guy that I don't know?
  158. How do i deal with her ?!
  159. Non-PG13: should I ask for an open relationship? (kinda tmi)
  160. Dont know how to iniciate
  161. Am I too old?
  162. waiting for a lovwe story?
  163. Why did this girl walk up to me then leave?
  164. guy friend want to have sex
  165. Is it weird/creepy for a 19 year old to date a 17 year old?
  166. Long distance
  167. I'm a high school senior but have never had a boyfriend
  168. Can someone give me advice or share past experiences?
  169. Her friends possibly not liking me?
  170. Jealous of friends relationship
  172. What does it mean...
  173. Long Distance Relationships... ?
  174. Does he like me?
  175. Can't keep a conversation going
  176. He broke up with me
  177. How badly have I screwed this up?
  178. How do i tell her i dont live home
  179. Do they like me (girls liking boys)
  180. Meeting his parents....
  181. commitment issues?
  182. Does he like me??
  183. For some reason I get weak in the knees by guys who are much taller than myself
  184. I need help: I can't understand my girlfriend's life
  185. New relationship vs. old relationship
  186. weird question but.. am i a pedo?
  187. please help i miss him
  188. Perfect age to date
  189. Need advice? Very weird complicated mess.
  190. She loves me, i love him
  191. Is there something wrong with me?
  192. new to tinder
  193. Faithful or not , worth it or not
  194. Relationship advice #2
  195. Should I take a break from my husband?
  196. online relationship has started going backwards...
  197. I need relationship advice
  198. What should you do if you like your best friend
  199. Decided to give him another chance :)
  200. Constant need to be in a relationship
  201. Overcoming my asinine perceptions on relationships?
  202. Another question on older men
  203. Female Advice Preferred: Signs if a gurls in to you
  204. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My friend is suffering of a broken heart;How can I help?
  205. Should I ask her?
  206. Should I, or should I not?
  207. I think I have feelings for my (sorta) step brother
  208. Triggering: a misunderstood girl and the boy who sees the light behind her eyes
  209. dating and other stuff
  210. Breaking up?
  211. A girl.
  212. Interested in this guy, what to do?
  213. Theres a girl my friend likes but me 2
  214. Female Advice Preferred: That cheater!
  215. Used Again And Again
  216. my fiance
  217. Please help me I'm panicking
  218. The Ex
  219. I'm a bit confussed >3<
  220. Triggering: Is it bad that ... ?
  221. Will he ever like me?
  222. Insecure about what to do Yes or No
  223. I had sex with my step brother what should I do
  224. Male Advice Preferred: I'm female but I like guys who are Gay is that weird?
  225. Obsessive gf
  226. More Memory Loss Revelations
  227. Triggering (Grieving): Fiancee is wanting to leave (UPDATE)
  228. Getting a girlfriend
  229. How to cut contact with him...?
  230. Does he like me back or am I just imagining things?
  231. Why do girlslike bad guys
  232. What to do?!
  233. Letting someone down easy.
  234. Should I try talking to my crush again?
  235. Want to move on but feel horribly guilty for ex
  236. I am Catholic and bisexual
  237. Is it wrong to be interested in your last crush's sister?
  238. A girl flirted with me?
  239. Is this love?
  240. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): No Idea What to Think.
  241. Do girls like a six pack
  242. I get jealous of my boyfriend. How can I get over this?
  243. Unsure
  244. 3 Year Relationship is Becoming Boring
  245. Breakup advice?
  246. Please Help: His Parents Hate Me
  247. Attraction
  248. Meeting people in the park... creeps?
  249. Tinder
  250. Never had a Girlfriend