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  1. I have a crush on this girl but...
  2. Female Advice Preferred: Dont know if she likes me
  3. Not sure how to tell her I like her
  4. ugh, this girl..
  5. Am I going right with this relationship?
  6. Triggering (Abuse): I'm not really sure what's wrong with me..
  7. I love somebody, but I need some help.
  8. bad habit
  9. I really need some advice
  10. Jealousy
  11. Dreams
  12. Why do people change their last name when they get married?
  13. Female Advice Preferred: My Best Friend is Confusing Me!
  14. Advice needed: break up
  15. I Have a crush on my best friends ex
  16. My crush
  17. Crushes at Work
  18. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): WHAT THE *****
  19. Love, a different kind. (Bare with me)
  20. Attraction
  21. My boyfriend won't stand up for me
  22. He's a jerk
  23. Jealousy + Anger in a Relationship...
  24. Should I just go to his house?
  25. Fiancée is wanting to leave
  26. Heartbroken
  27. Is this a date
  28. a question for bisexual people!
  29. Did I screw up?
  30. Anxiety destroys relationships.
  31. Non-PG13: Long distance relationship with a twist
  32. Hes 26, has a girlfriend and we work together but we kissed and i really like him
  33. Jealousy
  34. What might this mean? And I should I continue this or move on?
  35. Which one of us is in the wrong?
  36. I could use some help...
  37. opinions/advice please?!?!?
  38. Should I continue this relationship?
  39. I screwed up and need advice
  40. How do I stop being mean to those i love?
  41. I need someone in my life.
  42. Need advice asap
  43. Does this girl love me?
  44. Is this a warning sign?
  45. New here.. in desperate need of help w/breakup
  46. relationships struggles?
  47. Was this girl trying to tell me something?
  48. What's the difference between catcalling and bad flirting?
  49. Internet relationships
  50. What do i do about my boyfriend??
  51. I've been crying for the past 5 months
  52. Girls and I dont mix
  53. What is going on?
  54. How to quit being anxious
  55. Scared...
  56. so we broke up
  57. Male Advice Preferred: Help me....
  58. Help Needed about a Girl from spring break
  59. Long Distance Relationship Ideas?
  60. committment
  61. I just couldn't do it
  62. I want to ask a girl out but it is awkward
  63. Female Advice Preferred: What do you girls like?
  64. Not sure if I should tell him
  65. he's too old for me, but i love him.
  66. I want to feel more of an intellectual and emotional connection with him
  67. I need some advice...
  68. Help Me I'm Comfused
  69. Girl problems
  70. Is This Normal?
  71. Shy Girl vs. Shy Boy
  72. Help
  73. What should i do???
  74. 😁😄YES!!!!!!
  75. Hobbies Question ??
  76. boyfriend moving
  77. I'm 15 in May but I want to live with my 16 year old boyfriend
  78. Arguing against my friends engagement
  79. parents view on my relationship
  80. He asked me out I don't know what to say?
  81. Female Advice Preferred: I really really like this girl...
  82. Is this inappropriate?
  83. We both like each other but it's complicated
  84. How do you know?
  85. I like her
  86. Suggestions on how I should go about life?
  87. playing hard to get
  88. Ex help
  89. Triggering (SH): Emotionally attached to soon...
  90. i don't understand his actions
  91. I'm not sure what to do...
  92. Good Pickup Lines/First Imprerssions?
  93. Why are girls in high school so shallow?
  94. Help me this has to do with cheating
  95. Should I write him off?
  96. Female Advice Preferred: help me ask out someone>>>>>
  97. Girl I like is now in a relationship.
  98. Showing My Scars
  99. I just can't stand anymore his behavior
  100. Could you be in a relationship if you knew it had to end soon?
  101. Crush and friend problem
  102. The Problem With Some people....
  103. To date or not to date..? That is the question
  104. I'm not sure if this is OK or not.
  105. not sure if this is the right thing for me, but I'm stuck in it
  106. So there's this girl... (kinda long story)
  107. What to say to a girl you are interested in?
  108. Valentine confusion
  109. Help! Needing both male and female perspectives!
  110. How do I contact this girl I like?
  111. Getting jealous even in class
  112. Should I just give up and pay for sex?
  113. Torn between two people!
  114. How to keep from falling
  115. Need advice badly and ASAP please
  116. Frustrated
  117. communication
  118. Asked me out two weeks after asking another girl out?
  119. hey i'm not new here
  120. age difference
  121. It keeps getting weirder...(Long, sorry)
  122. girl acting strange around me
  123. I don't know what this is anymore
  124. Afraid of my own emotion
  125. I will never find love
  126. Triggering: Universe Hates Me
  127. "just friends"
  128. New relationship
  129. Long, complicated love story about two stupid kids who don't know how to make up their minds about each other
  130. friends with benefits?
  131. frustrated about her.
  132. How to get on the same terms?
  133. Is this wrong?
  134. Should I go for it?
  135. how could i tell him !!
  136. girlfriend issues
  137. Got caught
  138. whenever your kid says they want you with their daddy..
  139. My marriage is dieing....
  140. I like him but not what he does?
  142. Is it weird for an 18 year old to find 16-17 year olds attractive?
  143. Triggering (Suicide): feeling pathetic (long)
  144. Mixing my feelings up...
  145. im bi and a girl
  146. why is she playing games?
  147. why does it still hurt?
  148. relationship advice- I feel stuck
  149. I need help with my girlfriend. And my mental health
  150. Me and my best friend again
  151. Marriage, wanting it or not...
  152. Rejection
  153. Help. Advice! What should I do?!
  154. was i right to do this?
  155. Female Advice Preferred: Need some text ideas please
  156. One step to far...yet again:(
  157. Date ideas and Xmas
  158. I told her that I like her...but she...
  159. Boyfriend got me an expensive gift for Christmas...help!
  160. How do get over a secret fondness i have for someone.
  161. Continue or stop???
  162. I hate the thought of us parting for uni.
  163. Boyfriend doesn't understand
  164. How to deal with this "all guys are abusers" vibe?
  165. Christmas card for boyfriend? Please answer urgent thoughts!
  166. Female Advice Preferred: What should I do?
  167. I like the guy that my best friend is interested in.
  168. Communication Confusion?:'(
  169. Christmas presents for crushes
  170. There's no guy out there for me :/ {MIGHT BE TRIG, I DONT KNOW HA}
  171. What characterises romantic love for you?
  172. I'm too young
  173. Between a rock and a hard place
  174. Need advice relationship dog collars
  175. I like this girl too much
  176. I crave his presence...
  177. I like a guy but I don't know what to do without annoying him?
  178. Breakup - Help
  179. Boyfriend Christmas Presents?!
  180. Male Advice Preferred: Should I tell him how I feel?
  181. How to stop wanting a relationship?
  182. Unrequitted Love
  183. Male Advice Preferred: Rushed ask out?
  184. Obsessed over girl?
  185. Scared of being too clingy?
  186. Recovery tips/time?
  187. How to stop being shy?
  188. How to stop being so paranoid?
  189. Why do all girls do this to me?
  190. I'm growing to really hate crushes.
  191. First girlfriend... Now what?
  192. Taking a break/seperation
  193. I'm scared he'll get bored of me...?
  194. help with figuring stuff out
  195. Got a boyfriend that i don't like
  196. I need help recovering
  197. Female Advice Preferred: Long hair
  198. i feel like he doesnt care
  199. Texting my ex
  200. Telling my parents about my ldr
  201. Just a question..
  202. i just want somone to love me in a romantic way
  203. Female Advice Preferred: Ideas on whats going on in this situation
  204. Good personality/conversation skills but no social skills... HELP
  205. Having panic attacks when I'm with my bf
  206. I want to be friends with my ex again?
  207. Should I tell him how I feel? If so, how?!
  208. Spoiler: Talking dirty
  209. Non-PG13: Is this a good idea?
  210. Advancements with my crush ;)
  211. Female Advice Preferred: Help!
  212. feeling ignored.
  213. Female Advice Preferred: Relationships
  214. advice( citizenship for fiance)
  215. I feel like I'm not good enough
  216. Fed up
  217. Long distance
  218. Long distance cold shoulder
  219. Netflix and cry?
  220. I guess life finds its way!
  221. Triggering: What's It Like To Fall in Love?
  222. I need help
  223. Meeting his parent and siblings first time?
  224. I'm moving, he's staying
  225. How should I tell her? Should I even tell her?
  226. X and I
  227. Im in love with someone who doesnt know who i am
  228. I'm giving her "time" and I am finding it difficult
  229. Male Advice Preferred: Why?
  230. Triggering: So I been dating this girl....
  231. HELP!?! Should I cut all ties or be with him?
  232. Update! She said yes...now what?
  233. ... dunno what to do
  234. Is my boyfriend's behaviour normal?
  235. boyfriend has a stalker
  236. Sleeping with new Boyfriend... First time?
  237. i don't know if this is bad or should i worry?
  238. Never done it
  239. Hmmm...
  240. Crushes (just venting)
  241. What should I do?
  242. going to cinema with crush!
  243. Is it worth being bestfriends with your ex and waiting?
  244. What should i do ? am i wrong for not trying?
  245. Female Advice Preferred: Someone please give me answers
  246. Triggering (SH): I Kissed My Best Friend's Crush, but I Think He Still Likes Her More???
  247. Non-PG13: My Career or Friendship
  248. I need help with my ex girlfriend im so confused and im having extreme anxiety!
  249. Re: How to (if I even should) resist exbf
  250. does he like me?