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  1. Approaching?
  2. Is he about to break up with me?
  3. LTR/Adulthood
  4. Loneliness
  5. Am I just way too jeleous?
  6. A difficult predicament
  7. URGENT - feel like I need to end things with this guy
  8. I have feelings for someone else...
  9. I think I like someone else...
  10. is he playing with me?
  11. 7 emails too many???
  12. Triggering: Confused and Lost I guess for a title
  13. I think now more then ever nice guys finish last
  14. How to stop feeling desperate?
  15. I'm tired of it
  16. Is this too weird?
  17. Female Advice Preferred: I've been dating for a month....should i tell my parents?
  18. Wow... my ex is doing so much better than I am.
  19. I'm sooo nervous
  20. Triggering: Couples' counseling?
  21. I have a crush on a girl that does not like me
  22. Female Advice Preferred: How do i convince my Girlfriend that i didn't cheat?
  23. Would I be a bitch if I didn't go to my boyfriend's Graduation?
  24. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Making Cis Straight Guys Leave Me Alone
  25. just broke up with my abusive bf..
  26. Iím searching
  27. Feelings for another guy
  28. Unintentionally screwed myself (maybe)
  29. Help?
  30. How can I forget the first kiss
  31. mental illness+dating?
  32. How soon is too soon?
  33. insecure and constantly worrying
  34. Help with a guy I know
  35. This girl in the night club
  36. Not good enough for anyone
  37. Iím not sure...
  38. I have a crush on someone! what now?!?
  39. When is it ok to introduce my boyfriend to my daughter?
  40. Long-time Crush
  41. New girl
  42. Kind of need advice on a crush ASAP
  43. Need help
  44. Should I end it?
  45. Complicated
  46. Is it me?
  47. crush advice for a friend
  48. Triggering (SH): What do I do now?
  49. Talking to girls
  50. Triggering (Abuse): My boyfriend physically hurt me
  51. Not interesting, smart, or handsome enough
  52. How to get a gf if you know no girls?
  53. Single for too long
  54. NEED HELP FAST! Need to help my friend get the girl he likes!
  55. Asking a girl out
  56. Um,
  57. Don't know what to do next
  58. need advice/help please
  59. Friend date vs. "date" date
  60. Feeling stupid
  61. I feel awful
  62. I broke someones heart?
  63. She didn't text me back?
  64. How to start a relationship with an atheist girl from a muslim family
  65. why do people go into relationships just to have relationship?
  66. First Date!
  67. How to tell my parents?
  68. Need a push
  69. little follow up
  70. Rushing things
  71. I made a mistake & now everyone hates me
  72. This isn't really the right forum, but I have a few questions about homecoming/prom
  73. I don't have the guts
  74. Lost.
  75. discussing everything I'm most afraid of discussing. help :(
  76. Birthday gift for girl
  77. Crush on a friend (but she has a boyfriend!)
  78. I've fallen in love with another girl
  79. How do I get closure?
  80. confused.
  81. I actually want this one to go well
  82. I like two guys at the same time...
  83. How to have a good first date?
  84. Does taking her sweatshirt off in front me while no one is around me anything
  85. Wrong to ask a co worker for her number even though she has a boyfriend?
  86. confronting him about not answering messages...
  87. How to finally move on?
  88. I like this boy..
  89. Planning my friends wedding
  90. Girl a met on the train
  91. Triggering (Suicide): How?
  92. same cycle
  93. Confusing first heartbrake
  94. How do I get over a crush?
  95. What's Going On?
  96. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Think it's over
  97. Bit of a weird situation
  98. How do I know who to trust?
  99. Non-PG13: This isn't working for me
  100. I need love
  101. Confused
  102. I cheated on my girlfriend and she cheated on my should we end it it or forgive
  103. Comitted relationship vs marriage
  104. I don't know how to feel about this?
  105. Just Confused
  106. Recurring dreams about love
  107. Need advice
  108. A 12 year old dating a 15 year old online?
  109. No title name
  110. Female Advice Preferred: Strange behaviour of my boyfriend
  111. im finally happy! i need help.
  112. aftermath
  113. just found out i was being used..
  114. Bad love dream
  115. An older guy asked me out
  116. Do I tell him?
  117. Maturity Differences ?
  118. Triggering (Grieving): Afraid of losing her
  119. Commitment
  120. Female Advice Preferred: If A Girl Likes you?
  121. i think i'm in love with my best friend
  122. 15 and 12 year old???
  123. Trying to talk to crush
  124. I like this girl..
  125. Nowhere else to put this...
  126. I've made my decision
  127. Non-PG13: How fast is too fast?
  128. What to do
  129. Is it okay for a girl to text first?
  130. I hate myself and I think my girlfriend is going to fall in love with another girl.
  131. Friends act like they know how I feel
  132. How do you talk to a girl the best way
  133. Any point trying when you're ugly?
  134. Theres a girl i like
  135. Nervous
  136. I need help...
  137. should i?
  138. the boy countries away...
  139. three guys falling for me?
  140. life update
  141. I'm So Pathetic
  142. Please help! Don't know what to do or think
  143. Female Advice Preferred: Hanging out witb your boyfriend for the first time😌
  144. I think he likes me but he won't admit it
  145. Female Advice Preferred: Worried I'm not attractive
  146. What do I do
  147. Male Advice Preferred: my boyfriend is moving away...
  148. Awkward moment with my crush
  149. I got her number, now what?
  150. Dreaming about love
  151. What the meaning of this?
  152. taking conversation breaks?
  153. Getting Back With An Ex
  154. what do i do now ????!
  155. Is continuing a relationship from HS while in college odd?
  156. Triggering: Boyfriend broke up with me
  157. Tears of love?
  158. ( update ) Girl problems
  159. I want to have a crush?
  160. Falling for my best friend? What do I do?
  161. Everyone else went to prom
  162. Should I ask her out?
  163. Is it wrong?
  164. Some help please.
  165. Rant but any advice is highly apperciated
  166. Triggering: I pissed my ex off
  167. My ex keeps pressuring me to get back togerher
  168. Torn between two guys
  169. Triggering (Abuse): A year without you-- a rant
  170. I still like him, but he's dating her
  171. Racial preferences?
  172. I think I have a crush on my best friend.
  173. He has dumped me :(
  174. Super Awkward
  175. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I want her back...
  176. dating opp- quick advice
  177. Six Pack?
  178. Why did things have to change?
  179. Confessing my feelings?
  180. Female Advice Preferred: Freshman, Seniors and the future.
  181. Sex crazy boyfriend
  182. Triggering: It's okay to cheat as long as it's with someone who has cancer??
  183. Triggering (ED): Told my boyfriend
  184. he's the only one i want
  185. I just want to be together
  186. Boys
  187. How do I become more outgoing?
  188. Beginning again
  189. How important are looks in getting a date?
  190. Triggering: Should it be a deal breaker?
  191. The Right to Say, 'Good-Bye'!
  192. I dont know.....
  193. a girl likes me
  194. Emotional vs. Physical Cheating
  195. Given him a second chance
  196. Don't want to ruin their relationship
  197. Polyamorous relationships?
  198. His parents don't accept me.
  199. Missing Someone
  200. Triggering: Boyfriend(ish) Is Moving Away.......
  201. My online girlfriend is acting weird; what should I do?
  202. im scared
  203. Do you guys know what this means
  204. Do you think that this guy is a player...?
  205. Lost
  206. My Girlfriend's Negativity Has Worn Me Out
  207. Am I just being Irrational?
  208. Do YOU know people like this?
  209. Triggering: A Load Off My Chest... (tw: depression, self harm, suicide mention)
  210. Signs of leading someone on
  211. I still love him.
  212. help
  213. unsure?
  214. We both have depression.
  215. losing my love
  216. Confused....Please help.
  217. Should I push myself go out with him even though I fear relationships and intimacy?
  218. Jealousy in an unofficial relationship
  219. another case of overthinking minor details... (defining our relationship? how to act in school?)
  220. I am interested in an insanely attractive guy at my school, what should I do?
  221. Trusting someone
  222. Relationship advice... any thoughts/help??
  223. How do I get over him???
  224. Coffee Date
  225. I like a guy at my work
  226. All I ever think about is girls
  227. Triggering (Suicide): Boy troubles???
  228. I don't know if I should do it...
  229. Don't Know What To Do
  230. Impossible to trust..
  231. What do I do?
  232. I've been lying to him
  233. I don't know what to do anymore...
  234. Not feeling confident in relationship
  235. I wish we could last....
  236. During the no contact challenge
  237. Do I make a move or.....??
  238. I'm in love with my bestfriend
  239. Is he just a friend or more than that?
  240. Facebook interaction
  241. Sleeping over and stuff
  242. Dming someone you have never met?
  243. Feeling abandoned in a relationship
  244. How do I get over him?
  245. Improving Communication
  246. Where is he?
  247. You guys think this doesn't mean anything?
  248. Advice?
  249. Crush!! Relationship
  250. Do you guys know what this means