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  1. mixed signals leading to nowhere (and sadness)
  2. Why is there always history?
  3. Co-worker
  4. Taking a break
  5. Weíre ďjust friendsĒ, but I donít want to be Ė and I donít think he does either
  6. When is it time to let go?
  7. In love with best friend
  8. Do friends hug and kiss each other?
  9. How to ask a girl out.
  10. How do you get a girl to notice you
  11. Poly relationships
  12. Make a move or wait?
  13. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My first (long-distance) boyfriend, breakup, and aftermath.
  14. Breakup
  15. Obsessive Thoughts
  16. I don't know how I feel...
  17. Boyfriend is struggling with antidepressants
  18. Dating app photos and self-harm scars (TW)
  19. Our relationship is going down the drain
  20. Issues with a guy at work
  21. Sexual tension vs platonic relationships
  22. separated in an abusive relationship
  23. Confusion and Confessing to Crushes
  24. he broke up with me
  25. Confidence when dating the same sex
  26. Non-PG13: So maybe triggering
  27. My Internet Friend blocked me and I think it's my fault.
  28. Trying New Things
  29. Should i let my boyfriend have a girl best friend?
  30. Concerns over new relationship
  31. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Trigger maybe* break up
  32. Bases
  33. Quarantine Dating
  34. Found someone great but timing/distance doesn't seem right (?)
  35. I feel so behind
  36. boyfriends family wants him with someone from their culture
  37. The guy I've been talking to is getting nudes from someone else
  38. I always have to make the plans??
  39. Help
  40. 13 and 16 years old, non sexual relationship?!!
  41. I'm in love with my best friend
  42. From girlfriends to sisters
  43. I'm heartbroken... again. (sorry this has a long backstory)
  44. My boyfriend has a girlfriend
  45. Lied about my age
  46. Romantic Feelings - (advice needed)
  47. Something's changed
  48. complex romantic situation
  49. Giant mess with long distance
  50. Boyfriend acting transphobic. Red flag? warning: long read
  51. Iím confused
  52. Did i do the right thing?
  53. My Crush Rejected Me
  54. My Nonexistent Love Life
  55. history of abuse causing problems
  56. Worried for my friend
  57. Triggering (Abuse): Her other partner is very controlling
  58. Afraid to Date the wrong guy
  59. Non-PG13: He wants sex and Im not ready. How to explain that I'm not ready
  60. Should I end it?
  61. Am I wrong for being selective about who I date?
  62. Female Advice Preferred: How do I approach my mum to talk about me getting contraception?
  63. I have a crush on my Genderfluid friend
  64. Getting over him
  65. I like this girl and she likes me back
  66. I like this girl and i think she likes me back but she has a boyfriend
  67. Am I wrong/clingy for wanting my bf to talk to me?
  68. Stuck in an unhealthy relationship
  69. I really like her....
  70. I met someone.
  71. Long-distance relationship
  72. I think I've caught the feels
  73. Befriending my crush
  74. back with my ex
  75. Twisted inside and need some help
  76. Can anyone help me?
  77. Straight from Hamlet
  78. Confusion
  79. Im 16 and my boyfriend is 18
  80. I don't know what to do.
  81. Would-be engagement/wedding ring
  82. why does nobody ever like me
  83. Falling for my fwb
  84. In A Serious Need Of Human Connection
  85. Rushed Into It
  86. Female Advice Preferred: I see HIM at school next week.
  87. help please
  88. Not sure of what I want
  89. How to not get ahead of myself
  90. I finally left
  91. Struggling - 20 and single
  92. Help!!!!
  93. Should I go for it?
  94. Does this normally happen for an exceptionally attractive guy in high school?
  95. Help! I think I have a crush on my best friend!
  96. Betraying?
  97. Career over a Relationship.
  98. Left crush on open
  99. Fear of dating
  100. I don't know what to do?!
  101. Dating Somebody In a Different Religion
  102. He left
  103. Why is he acting like this?
  104. what do i need to think about this
  105. Triggering (SH): We broke up
  106. Insecurity
  107. Girl saying she doesnít want a relationship
  108. Female Advice Preferred: Please help
  109. Today was the best day ever
  110. So my meet up went amazing
  111. Is this considered a date lol?
  112. Everything is going to crap.
  113. So I like this guy...
  114. My Boyfriend is mad i got high
  115. Help coping with an early relationship
  116. How to open up to boyfriend
  117. Male Advice Preferred: What works better for you hookup apps or hookup sites?
  118. What is going on with my therapist?
  119. Just got him back and I have to leave
  120. do you guys think she did this cause of me?
  121. How to meet in person?
  122. Alone....
  123. Feelings toward gay friend
  124. Virgin or not
  126. Crush on guy I haven't seen in two years
  127. Told him how I felt and now I'm even more confused?
  128. Non-PG13: Not feeling it
  129. lonely
  130. Responsibility
  131. It's complicated...
  132. He saved me
  133. Cheat
  134. Does she want it to end?
  135. Breakup
  136. Complicated :(
  137. Forever Alone
  138. dealing with the break-up
  139. Confused
  140. Get attached too easily
  141. do you guys think she doesnt wanna see me ?
  142. Is he playing games or just really confused??
  143. She is into me, or just being nice??
  144. Attraction towards newly met people
  145. Triggering: Advice
  146. My crush isn't a good person
  147. Going to the club alone
  148. I don't want it happening again
  149. On and off relationship
  150. how to spot people checking you out?
  151. Is it time to break up?
  152. So...
  153. please help me! i need advice on the boy i like!!
  154. Every time something has to go wrong
  155. Long distance relationship
  156. Girlfriend asked me to homecoming (and she is making me feel like crap)
  157. bad habbits?
  158. Jealousy.
  159. Triggering: What does an abusive relationship look like?
  160. I can't handle other peoples' feelings
  161. girls my age only go for goodlooking guys
  162. I'm stuck
  163. Having trouble meeting people.
  164. I don't know what to do!
  165. why am i like this
  166. Meeting.
  167. I don't like my girlfriend's flirty 'jokes'
  168. How Do I Even Know if I like Someone
  169. Everything Got Awkward with my Crush
  170. Kissing a boy with a girlfriend
  171. When is the right time to say "YES"?
  172. Triggering: Had to leave
  173. Problems with understanding what people mean?
  174. Girl threatens to never talk to me again
  175. Engaged ex texting me
  176. Should I break up with her?
  177. being single bothers me now
  178. i guess she doesnt wanna see me?
  179. parents breaking us up
  180. I wanted to express myself here
  181. Kissing
  182. good looking people have it easy
  183. online dating
  184. First kiss did I mess it up
  185. i messed up pretty bad
  186. Scared of the reality?
  187. Matching bracelets, too soon?
  188. online relationship help plz
  189. Our Friendship is Ruined
  190. Female Advice Preferred: What does 'best friend' for a girl mean?
  191. When is the right time?
  192. Non-PG13: friends with benefits
  193. I can't get an impossible girl out of my head.
  194. Middle Name Compliment
  195. Wall of text
  196. I guess this is just a few thoughts....
  197. i might be imaging things.
  198. when is it too much?
  199. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I met Miss Steal Your Girl
  200. Confused
  201. Why can't I do it?
  202. Male Advice Preferred: I will serve, obey and please my Master.
  203. Im in a messy situation
  204. Too big of a crush
  205. I need advice
  206. I miss my ex...
  207. Soooo some update on my relationship...
  208. Need serious advice
  209. confession.
  210. Asking to meet?
  211. I get extremely jealous when my BF sees a topless or fully naked women in movies!
  212. I didn't know where to put this
  213. I like someone.
  214. Talking to someone
  215. Triggering: I feel so lost now.
  216. Still miss him
  217. Kissed someone I didnít like! Idk what to do
  218. Hard time with finding relationship
  219. Feelings still won't go away despite my awareness???
  220. Realization
  221. I need some help on this
  222. Non-PG13: Sexually misaligned
  223. Torn on what to do..
  224. My Boyfriend and me are having problems
  225. Female Advice Preferred: Should I move on and forget her?
  226. Do you think it's wrong?
  227. How to "make the move"?
  228. Help!
  229. Female Advice Preferred: Why would ex girlfriend block everything apart from viber?
  230. Fear of Starting Something New
  231. Male Advice Preferred: Nervous
  232. Seem to be getting attention from the most popular girl in my year! HELP!!
  233. I dont know what my problem is
  234. i genuinely can't handle it
  235. Non-PG13: How do I approach this conversation with her?
  236. How to find a boyfriend and what is considered healthy?
  237. Female Advice Preferred: Will she come back?
  238. Boyfriend wants to sleep with other people
  239. A little confused
  240. Do you think it's weird/wrong to wear an eternity ring if you're not married?
  241. What does he mean?
  242. I still miss him...
  243. Long and complicated.
  244. meeting people
  245. Literally Addicted (plz help ASAP)
  246. I've never heard of something this pathetic
  247. Just want to share a story.
  248. Im nothing but horrible
  249. How to tell if you're just really good friends or if you're romantically interested in someone?
  250. Help! Please?