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  1. Should I just give up and pay for sex?
  2. Torn between two people!
  3. How to keep from falling
  4. Need advice badly and ASAP please
  5. Frustrated
  6. communication
  7. Asked me out two weeks after asking another girl out?
  8. hey i'm not new here
  9. age difference
  10. It keeps getting weirder...(Long, sorry)
  11. girl acting strange around me
  12. I don't know what this is anymore
  13. Afraid of my own emotion
  14. I will never find love
  15. Triggering: Universe Hates Me
  16. "just friends"
  17. New relationship
  18. Long, complicated love story about two stupid kids who don't know how to make up their minds about each other
  19. friends with benefits?
  20. frustrated about her.
  21. How to get on the same terms?
  22. Is this wrong?
  23. Should I go for it?
  24. how could i tell him !!
  25. girlfriend issues
  26. Got caught
  27. whenever your kid says they want you with their daddy..
  28. My marriage is dieing....
  29. I like him but not what he does?
  31. Is it weird for an 18 year old to find 16-17 year olds attractive?
  32. Triggering (Suicide): feeling pathetic (long)
  33. Mixing my feelings up...
  34. im bi and a girl
  35. why is she playing games?
  36. why does it still hurt?
  37. relationship advice- I feel stuck
  38. I need help with my girlfriend. And my mental health
  39. Me and my best friend again
  40. Marriage, wanting it or not...
  41. Rejection
  42. Help. Advice! What should I do?!
  43. was i right to do this?
  44. Female Advice Preferred: Need some text ideas please
  45. One step to far...yet again:(
  46. Date ideas and Xmas
  47. I told her that I like her...but she...
  48. Boyfriend got me an expensive gift for Christmas...help!
  49. How do get over a secret fondness i have for someone.
  50. Continue or stop???
  51. I hate the thought of us parting for uni.
  52. Boyfriend doesn't understand
  53. How to deal with this "all guys are abusers" vibe?
  54. Christmas card for boyfriend? Please answer urgent thoughts!
  55. Female Advice Preferred: What should I do?
  56. I like the guy that my best friend is interested in.
  57. Communication Confusion?:'(
  58. Christmas presents for crushes
  59. There's no guy out there for me :/ {MIGHT BE TRIG, I DONT KNOW HA}
  60. What characterises romantic love for you?
  61. I'm too young
  62. Between a rock and a hard place
  63. Need advice relationship dog collars
  64. I like this girl too much
  65. I crave his presence...
  66. I like a guy but I don't know what to do without annoying him?
  67. Breakup - Help
  68. Boyfriend Christmas Presents?!
  69. Male Advice Preferred: Should I tell him how I feel?
  70. How to stop wanting a relationship?
  71. Unrequitted Love
  72. Male Advice Preferred: Rushed ask out?
  73. Obsessed over girl?
  74. Scared of being too clingy?
  75. Recovery tips/time?
  76. How to stop being shy?
  77. How to stop being so paranoid?
  78. Why do all girls do this to me?
  79. I'm growing to really hate crushes.
  80. First girlfriend... Now what?
  81. Taking a break/seperation
  82. I'm scared he'll get bored of me...?
  83. help with figuring stuff out
  84. Got a boyfriend that i don't like
  85. I need help recovering
  86. Female Advice Preferred: Long hair
  87. i feel like he doesnt care
  88. Texting my ex
  89. Telling my parents about my ldr
  90. Just a question..
  91. i just want somone to love me in a romantic way
  92. Female Advice Preferred: Ideas on whats going on in this situation
  93. Good personality/conversation skills but no social skills... HELP
  94. Having panic attacks when I'm with my bf
  95. I want to be friends with my ex again?
  96. Should I tell him how I feel? If so, how?!
  97. Spoiler: Talking dirty
  98. Non-PG13: Is this a good idea?
  99. Advancements with my crush ;)
  100. Female Advice Preferred: Help!
  101. feeling ignored.
  102. Female Advice Preferred: Relationships
  103. advice( citizenship for fiance)
  104. I feel like I'm not good enough
  105. Fed up
  106. Long distance
  107. Long distance cold shoulder
  108. Netflix and cry?
  109. I guess life finds its way!
  110. Triggering: What's It Like To Fall in Love?
  111. I need help
  112. Meeting his parent and siblings first time?
  113. I'm moving, he's staying
  114. How should I tell her? Should I even tell her?
  115. X and I
  116. Im in love with someone who doesnt know who i am
  117. I'm giving her "time" and I am finding it difficult
  118. Male Advice Preferred: Why?
  119. Triggering: So I been dating this girl....
  120. HELP!?! Should I cut all ties or be with him?
  121. Update! She said yes...now what?
  122. ... dunno what to do
  123. Is my boyfriend's behaviour normal?
  124. boyfriend has a stalker
  125. Sleeping with new Boyfriend... First time?
  126. i don't know if this is bad or should i worry?
  127. Never done it
  128. Hmmm...
  129. Crushes (just venting)
  130. What should I do?
  131. going to cinema with crush!
  132. Is it worth being bestfriends with your ex and waiting?
  133. What should i do ? am i wrong for not trying?
  134. Female Advice Preferred: Someone please give me answers
  135. Triggering (SH): I Kissed My Best Friend's Crush, but I Think He Still Likes Her More???
  136. Non-PG13: My Career or Friendship
  137. I need help with my ex girlfriend im so confused and im having extreme anxiety!
  138. Re: How to (if I even should) resist exbf
  139. does he like me?
  140. Awe...
  141. Not sure what her reaction meant...
  142. hii i'm new and i need to talk
  143. First kisses
  144. How to ask her out? Should I?
  145. How do y'all deal with your exes?
  146. Over protective, too worried and 'f***** annoying'.
  147. I want him, but it's hecka complicated
  148. Should her past effect me so much?
  149. Am I rushing into things?
  150. Yay!!
  151. Why do I have these issues?....
  152. How to (if I even should) resist exbf
  153. Girlfriend's birthday
  154. Should I be mad? Because I am.
  155. He said he loves me....
  156. This breakup is ruining me
  157. Idk what to do help?!
  158. Happy
  159. Staying friends with ex boyfriend that moved?
  160. best friend love rehashed
  161. I love her; but im not physically attracted to her?
  162. How do you tell a girl you love her?
  163. Compromise?
  164. Best friend love
  165. Please respond: I'm totally lost
  166. I'm 14 he's 21
  167. This Girl.. Someone Please Help Me!
  168. attracted to this girl but she has a boyfriend
  169. Male Advice Preferred: complicated and loosing hope on love
  170. Just so alone with this....help?
  171. Sinisterness in the Pursuit of Attraction and Love.
  172. Need Some Help..
  173. How to "Break The Ice"
  174. My boyfriend cheated on me
  175. Frustration... why guys!! Please read? <3
  176. Need your help
  177. cosplaying on events make me talk to more girls
  178. Not sure what to do...
  179. I am completely alone
  180. Feeling strangely alive ^^
  181. Falling Apart
  182. Female Advice Preferred: Should I Ask This Girl to Prom?
  183. Fictional crushes
  184. Going to my ex's tomorrow
  185. I regret not taking the chance.
  186. age difference
  187. Possible signs of interest?
  188. I like this guy... :(
  189. I need some advice 😅
  190. Adding the guy you like on Skype without asking?
  191. Into my EX
  192. He spoke to me?! now what?:)
  193. How do you forgive?
  194. Wants me to get back with him
  195. Girl I like doesn't even speak to me anymore!
  196. Relationship issues
  197. I feel awful, seriously need help
  198. Liking an older girl
  199. what do I do.. 😟
  200. Freshman crushing on a Senior
  201. Can't decide/don't know what to do
  202. Why Do Sexual Things Scare Me?
  203. Triggering: He's gone and done it again...
  204. Help, I like him
  205. Boyfriend... Another guy... his girlfriend
  206. girlfriend not ready for more sexual things
  207. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Complicated-ness
  208. rules for seeing a movie with a girl?
  209. Unsure about telling him a secret
  210. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Breakup stuff.
  211. I need help, what do i do?
  212. Triggering (Suicide): What do I do?
  213. Girl I Like Knows Everything...
  214. Triggering: Love my boyfriend ... attracted to another guy?
  215. Where to start?
  216. I really like this girl...
  217. How Do I Fix Things
  218. Does she like me?
  219. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): yea whatever nevermind..
  220. I'm infatuated with my friend's girlfriend and she's reciprocating.
  221. I like my brother's friend
  222. I think this girl likes me. What should I do?
  223. Moved in
  224. So I really like this girl...
  225. Mixed up Emotions
  226. Triggering (Substances): Boyfriend smoking weed
  227. Advice pls?
  228. BOYS!!!!!!!>:(
  229. Do I Make a Move?
  230. Broke up... And depressed.
  231. I just can't choose. Should I go back to my ex or keep working at things with my current?
  232. Female Advice Preferred: what is wrong with me ?
  233. Post break up
  234. My Boyfriend is getting serious afer 2 days
  235. This Girl
  236. scared and weird feelings
  237. How can I get over the guy I have liked for over a year?
  238. What to get him
  239. I messed uppppp
  240. I really really like him
  241. Great girl with low self esteem
  242. how to break up(confusing situation)
  243. Do I really like her?
  244. Six-packs: yay or nay?
  245. I've fallen for my best friend...now I don't know what to do
  246. Getting over something
  247. Stolen homecoming date
  248. Would it be possible to get her back?
  249. Not ready for a relationship
  250. Another question //clueless