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  1. his mixed signals are polar opposites
  2. learning tagalog for my boyfriend...and a passport/fiancÚ visa
  3. Casual Dating -- is it okay?
  4. Female Advice Preferred: should I stay or go?
  5. not allowing myself to hurt
  6. Need Advice -asking a girl out.
  7. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Male Advice Preferred. Is my bf gay?
  8. Should I bend to my future mother-in-law's wish?
  9. What caused this break up?
  10. Should I?
  11. just my rant on myself
  12. Relationship/sex
  13. Am I in the wrong?
  14. Feeling a little clueless
  15. I'm afraid I love him...
  16. I said no to a second date....but he asked again...? Awkward..
  17. Lonely Forever?
  18. No idea what To do
  19. Is my GF serious?? Or was it really a joke?
  20. struggle
  21. Dating A Straight Boy
  22. To break up or not to break up?
  23. May be a seteotypical question but...
  24. I love him but when we act on it. I push him away
  25. Rushing into things but it feels right?
  26. These long 2 years
  27. I suck at titles but please help
  28. My girlfriend is upset with me for not wanting sex.
  29. My relationship makes me want to die
  30. Triggering: I wish I knew how to let go.
  31. Where am I going wrong
  32. He's in the Philippines. I'm in France. What do I do?!
  33. dealing with a "breakup"
  34. Am I being played?
  35. Ex-girlfriend wants to be alone?
  36. What do I do?...
  37. Helping with girlfriends depression
  38. How to tell if he likes me??!
  39. Advice for Long Distance Relationship.
  40. She's acting odd...
  41. Dreaming about this Girl?
  42. at home
  43. Chasing love
  44. How to deal with a bad breakup?
  45. What do I do?
  46. Is he playing me?
  47. I'm tired of depending on him
  48. Very awkward....or I don't know I'm so confused
  49. Awkward situation
  50. I had a dream about him
  51. How can I help?
  52. Would this be appropriate?
  53. It's been over six months but I haven't gotten better
  54. Male Advice Preferred: How do I let him know he can trust me?
  55. So I think this girl likes me
  56. Female Advice Preferred: help me
  57. Male Advice Preferred: Why ?
  58. I really do love her.
  59. Harmless date...??
  60. Female Advice Preferred: formal dance advise
  61. DISCUSSION: The different views on love
  62. Best Friend or Boyfriend
  63. Too much expected of us.
  64. Handling defeat and uncertainty.
  65. Need Help! Now!
  66. Getting past general unattractiveness
  67. Falling for guys really quickly?
  68. Triggering: ug best friend or girl
  69. I need to stop thinking about this girl
  70. Feeling pretty bad about this
  71. dating one guy but in love with my bestfriend!!
  72. How can i forget him?
  73. Is she interested?
  74. Dammit, not again
  75. Can't put myself out there?
  76. What is the logic behind this?
  77. What is your opinion about this?
  78. Long Distance Relationships
  79. FWB wants to go on a date...
  80. given up
  81. Ex just stopped contact after 6 months?
  82. Can a kiss ruin friendship?
  83. Am I being lead on? Help!
  84. kissed female friend but realised I'm gay, don't want to hurt her
  85. I just need someone before I die
  86. The Art of Presentation
  87. Not telling your significant other about things that happen in your life...
  88. Is there someone else other than your partner?
  89. Non-PG13: stay or leave
  90. getting closer
  91. School...
  92. Google/Shared Ads
  93. I messed up bad...
  94. Should I let him down or give it a try?
  95. Not Meant to Be? Confused and Hurt.
  96. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): A Little Confused and Very Hopeful
  97. Confused
  98. Question about age gaps in young teens?
  99. im 16 and my boyfried is 19 is that legal in California
  100. Ideas on how to help my girlfriend mature?
  101. I'm so hurt; Feelings for this boy, I know it's long but I need help..
  102. Coping with sort-of unrequited feelings.
  103. oh my frickin romeo
  104. Triggering (Suicide): No One Cares
  105. Triggering (Grieving): Irrational Guilt
  106. Girl from my hometown
  107. Do you think he's interested?
  108. Should I stay with him?
  109. Spontaneous Attraction Issue?
  110. the first kiss
  111. Doubt
  112. Open Relationship Problem
  113. Should I be the first to give up? +torn between two girls
  114. Dating your best friend
  115. moving in with my significant other
  116. Is it weird to be interested in older women?
  117. Lost the most important thing in the world to me
  118. Female Advice Preferred: How do I
  119. Female Advice Preferred: So there's this girl named rebecca...
  120. I don't understand dating around
  121. Triggering (SH): she loves him
  122. Is it wrong to flirt with someone you have no interest in?
  123. Triggering (SH): Old relationship holding me back (part venting)
  124. I don't know how I feel about him!
  125. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Getting over something
  126. Not sure how I feel about her
  127. Would you date someone that has the same name as one of your parents?
  128. Male Advice Preferred: I miss him
  129. Guy drama._.
  130. My boyfriend's friends upset me?
  131. Can you guys give me your opinion? Relationship problem
  132. My feelings
  133. Tension with the boyfriend
  134. The past 2 guys I liked want the same girl. What does she have that I don't & how do I get over this?
  135. How to get a girl to like me?
  136. Complicated Long Distance Relationship?
  137. never dated before
  138. Does he still care?
  139. Found Ex on a Dating Site...
  140. I hate myself for loving.
  141. University and boyfriend?
  142. Triggering (SH): I think I love her, but I'm confused
  143. Who Am I?
  144. mixed signals..
  145. How to flirt in high school?
  146. Triggering (SH): Umm... YIKES!
  147. i need input...
  148. Age difference?
  149. Confusion
  150. Asking her out
  151. Do you talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend everyday?
  152. How soon have you said "I love you" in a relatioship
  153. Does she like me?
  154. Sheltered and feeling alone
  155. How do I deal with these feelings?
  156. office romance with a girl.
  157. Hard to move past the last one
  158. Suicidal Girlfriend
  159. Blocking Him On Social Media?
  160. Struggling to get over ex
  161. I don't know what else can I do..:/
  162. Relationship Questions. What is too far?
  163. I always seem to fuck shit up
  164. She loves me; I'm not sure I'm there yet
  165. need some help please read
  166. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I Cheated on my GF of 16 months...
  167. is it ok if i keep my gf a secret forever? or what do i do?
  168. A second fall out with my best friend
  169. How do you react when you see somebody from your past in a public place?
  170. I like a girl, but I don't think she likes me
  171. Female Advice Preferred: "I Need Space" what does it mean girls?
  172. Ex on good terms, but no contact?
  173. confused
  174. Female Advice Preferred: I like this girl so much. How much cuddling can be considered friendly???
  175. Relationships are ridiculously hard at 16
  176. Best friend vs boyfriend
  177. girls all of a sudden notice me.when i started to work out.
  178. he does or doesn't want me to leave
  179. How can I fall out of love with someone.
  180. can't stop thinking about this girl
  181. Is this normal or am I being ridiculous?
  182. I Had this Friend
  183. He doesn't know if he wants a relationship?
  184. Broke up with GF w/ depression, she can't get over it, and other stuff.
  185. What are some signs a guy likes you?
  186. Confused about my feelings...
  187. Triggering (SH): How to regain broken trust?
  188. Female Advice Preferred: Taking pictures together.
  189. long distance :/
  190. Female Advice Preferred: Relationship Help
  191. How to have the sex talk with my gf
  192. What to say
  193. Is a 15 year old guy dating a 13 year old girl okay?
  194. There is this girl, which is clubbing tomorrow night with me...
  195. i wish i was over him
  196. Confused?
  197. After 3 years, I am so confused and upset.
  198. Triggering: Please please help me..
  199. There's a guy at my school...
  200. Homecoming and I have nobody...
  201. Crushing but have a boyfriend..?
  202. Um...
  203. I don't know what to do
  204. How to get over a crush?
  205. friends with benefits while in a relationship
  206. My girlfriend's mom doesn't want me around her anymore?
  207. Trying to break up
  208. Destroyed
  209. Polygamous/Open Relationships
  210. So I really like this girl...
  211. Not happy with current relationship how do I break up? Please:(
  212. Long Term Relationship turning into Long-Distance: Help :(
  213. He thinks I like him...
  214. Triggering (SH): confusedd & frustrated
  215. Best Friends and Crushes
  216. Cutting off old ties
  217. It can't happen, but I can't stop thinking about her
  218. Missing my long distance ex.. I don't know what to do
  219. LDR Boyfriend in Hospital-please help.
  220. Male Advice Preferred: does he like me..?
  221. gf's parents indirectly made us break, made her see someone else
  222. I love a girl that moved
  223. I am deeply heartbroken
  224. Getting emotional over silly things, insecurities are ruining me.
  225. How to ask parents for permission !!! ;(
  226. I broke up because I had to, not because I wanted to
  227. Triggering (Suicide): A Difficult Break-up
  228. I am the "forever alone" meme
  229. Finding an excuse to talk to someone
  230. How to not think about this girl all the time?
  232. i really like this boy but he bullied me
  233. Do I have a chance?
  234. Is it wrong?
  235. I want to pull him back to me...
  236. My boyfriend's family
  237. Advice on Abuse and Breaking Up?
  238. Girl best friend was told she was mistake and now she is telling my to get out of her life.
  239. Breaking up.
  240. This is getting awkward
  241. What you look for.
  242. Triggering (Abuse): Leaving my partner has left me vulnerable
  243. Kinda complex?
  244. feeling confused, upset and a little worthless
  245. How do you say you don't like someone?
  246. Female Advice Preferred: This girl is driving me crazyy!!
  247. I'm starting to like my ex again, but...
  248. Cutting Him Off!
  249. Crush on a popular guy who doesn't know I exist
  250. akwardness with my boyfriend