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  1. Non-PG13: Is this a good idea?
  2. Advancements with my crush ;)
  3. Female Advice Preferred: Help!
  4. feeling ignored.
  5. Female Advice Preferred: Relationships
  6. advice( citizenship for fiance)
  7. I feel like I'm not good enough
  8. Fed up
  9. Long distance
  10. Long distance cold shoulder
  11. Netflix and cry?
  12. I guess life finds its way!
  13. Triggering: What's It Like To Fall in Love?
  14. I need help
  15. Meeting his parent and siblings first time?
  16. I'm moving, he's staying
  17. How should I tell her? Should I even tell her?
  18. X and I
  19. Im in love with someone who doesnt know who i am
  20. I'm giving her "time" and I am finding it difficult
  21. Male Advice Preferred: Why?
  22. Triggering: So I been dating this girl....
  23. HELP!?! Should I cut all ties or be with him?
  24. Update! She said yes...now what?
  25. ... dunno what to do
  26. Is my boyfriend's behaviour normal?
  27. boyfriend has a stalker
  28. Sleeping with new Boyfriend... First time?
  29. i don't know if this is bad or should i worry?
  30. Never done it
  31. Hmmm...
  32. Crushes (just venting)
  33. What should I do?
  34. going to cinema with crush!
  35. Is it worth being bestfriends with your ex and waiting?
  36. What should i do ? am i wrong for not trying?
  37. Female Advice Preferred: Someone please give me answers
  38. Triggering (SH): I Kissed My Best Friend's Crush, but I Think He Still Likes Her More???
  39. Non-PG13: My Career or Friendship
  40. I need help with my ex girlfriend im so confused and im having extreme anxiety!
  41. Re: How to (if I even should) resist exbf
  42. does he like me?
  43. Awe...
  44. Not sure what her reaction meant...
  45. hii i'm new and i need to talk
  46. First kisses
  47. How to ask her out? Should I?
  48. How do y'all deal with your exes?
  49. Over protective, too worried and 'f***** annoying'.
  50. I want him, but it's hecka complicated
  51. Should her past effect me so much?
  52. Am I rushing into things?
  53. Yay!!
  54. Why do I have these issues?....
  55. How to (if I even should) resist exbf
  56. Girlfriend's birthday
  57. Should I be mad? Because I am.
  58. He said he loves me....
  59. This breakup is ruining me
  60. Idk what to do help?!
  61. Happy
  62. Staying friends with ex boyfriend that moved?
  63. best friend love rehashed
  64. I love her; but im not physically attracted to her?
  65. How do you tell a girl you love her?
  66. Compromise?
  67. Best friend love
  68. Please respond: I'm totally lost
  69. I'm 14 he's 21
  70. This Girl.. Someone Please Help Me!
  71. attracted to this girl but she has a boyfriend
  72. Male Advice Preferred: complicated and loosing hope on love
  73. Just so alone with this....help?
  74. Sinisterness in the Pursuit of Attraction and Love.
  75. Need Some Help..
  76. How to "Break The Ice"
  77. My boyfriend cheated on me
  78. Frustration... why guys!! Please read? <3
  79. Need your help
  80. cosplaying on events make me talk to more girls
  81. Not sure what to do...
  82. I am completely alone
  83. Feeling strangely alive ^^
  84. Falling Apart
  85. Female Advice Preferred: Should I Ask This Girl to Prom?
  86. Fictional crushes
  87. Going to my ex's tomorrow
  88. I regret not taking the chance.
  89. age difference
  90. Possible signs of interest?
  91. I like this guy... :(
  92. I need some advice 😅
  93. Adding the guy you like on Skype without asking?
  94. Into my EX
  95. He spoke to me?! now what?:)
  96. How do you forgive?
  97. Wants me to get back with him
  98. Girl I like doesn't even speak to me anymore!
  99. Relationship issues
  100. I feel awful, seriously need help
  101. Liking an older girl
  102. what do I do.. 😟
  103. Freshman crushing on a Senior
  104. Can't decide/don't know what to do
  105. Why Do Sexual Things Scare Me?
  106. Triggering: He's gone and done it again...
  107. Help, I like him
  108. Boyfriend... Another guy... his girlfriend
  109. girlfriend not ready for more sexual things
  110. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Complicated-ness
  111. rules for seeing a movie with a girl?
  112. Unsure about telling him a secret
  113. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Breakup stuff.
  114. I need help, what do i do?
  115. Triggering (Suicide): What do I do?
  116. Girl I Like Knows Everything...
  117. Triggering: Love my boyfriend ... attracted to another guy?
  118. Where to start?
  119. I really like this girl...
  120. How Do I Fix Things
  121. Does she like me?
  122. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): yea whatever nevermind..
  123. I'm infatuated with my friend's girlfriend and she's reciprocating.
  124. I like my brother's friend
  125. I think this girl likes me. What should I do?
  126. Moved in
  127. So I really like this girl...
  128. Mixed up Emotions
  129. Triggering (Substances): Boyfriend smoking weed
  130. Advice pls?
  131. BOYS!!!!!!!>:(
  132. Do I Make a Move?
  133. Broke up... And depressed.
  134. I just can't choose. Should I go back to my ex or keep working at things with my current?
  135. Female Advice Preferred: what is wrong with me ?
  136. Post break up
  137. My Boyfriend is getting serious afer 2 days
  138. This Girl
  139. scared and weird feelings
  140. How can I get over the guy I have liked for over a year?
  141. What to get him
  142. I messed uppppp
  143. I really really like him
  144. Great girl with low self esteem
  145. how to break up(confusing situation)
  146. Do I really like her?
  147. Six-packs: yay or nay?
  148. I've fallen for my best friend...now I don't know what to do
  149. Getting over something
  150. Stolen homecoming date
  151. Would it be possible to get her back?
  152. Not ready for a relationship
  153. Another question //clueless
  154. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): GAH!
  155. Too shy?
  156. There's a hole in my chest where my heart should be.
  157. Just a question
  158. Blind Date
  159. How do I stop liking a girl?
  160. Non-PG13: Thumper's Happy Ranting (TLDR)
  161. The Prevalance and Dehumanisation of Divorce.
  162. Does he really care?
  163. Why am I afraid to see him go to jail?
  164. She thought it was a date
  165. Stressed, hurt, and confused
  166. He cheated WITH me?
  167. Bodily functions in front of significant other
  168. Is She Interested in Me???? HELP PLZ!!!
  169. How Do I Get Him To Get it?
  170. Struggling with dating and parents
  171. Should I accept this friend request?
  172. Is having no experience a turn off?
  173. Trouble from the girl next door
  174. Triggering: Still
  175. IAmA: Polyamory
  176. I'm not sure if he's being serious
  177. Some serious thoughts! Opinions wanted!
  178. Triggering: Is his Dad/Parents in the way of our relationship or no?
  179. Confusing love/hate friendship
  180. I need advice ASAP!:(
  181. 14 and not had first kiss
  182. What can I do?
  183. Age and height differences?
  184. What do I do, I'm lost
  185. Attraction.
  186. Crush or what?
  187. Female Advice Preferred: How to goal always and fastest way possible?
  188. What should I do?
  189. turning 18 but girlfriend is 15
  190. Boyfriend's request makes me feel uncomfortable
  191. I'm gonna do it!
  192. He's my second cousin but yet I like him
  193. Split up
  194. My best friend suddenly likes me again?
  195. I've become selfish in my relationship
  196. Unsure if it's the situations or if he's controlling?
  197. Why do I care so much about being engaged?
  198. Hot Bad boy or good boy?
  199. Cheating? or Not?
  200. i really need advice
  201. Relationship problem x
  202. Triggering: He doesn't understand
  203. I don't know if this is normal or not?
  204. Social experiment?
  205. I don't know what to do.
  206. My friends crush likes me!???!!
  207. Cliché relationship situation... Please help :(
  208. Female Advice Preferred: Light Hearted but I Need Your Advice.
  209. I love her but I can't take care of her
  210. Does he like me or am I trippin?
  211. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): cue the self hatred
  212. When is the right to move out?
  213. Do I like him?
  214. Is it just me, or does nobody want someone like me?
  215. I've given up on him :(
  216. How to stop hating your ex?
  217. Is it easier to just not date in High School?
  218. random kik guy
  219. How Do You Get Over A Crush
  220. do you get mad when your boyfriend stop listening to you?
  221. Triggering (Suicide): Im Really Confused About This Girl:Need Help
  222. Too Strong?
  223. is my friend wrong for raging at her boyfriend?
  224. You're a great guy but..
  225. Boyfriend think family first?
  226. Triggering (Abuse): Ex arrested
  227. Online dating app time wasters
  228. What do I do about my best friends??!!
  229. Does he like me?
  230. How can I stop feeling worth less than my boyfriend?
  231. Does this taken girl like me?
  232. Triggering (SH): My ex
  233. i dont know
  234. This girl
  235. He broke up with me. How long do I have to wait to contact him again?
  236. idk anymore
  237. What should I do?
  238. How can I get him back 😣
  239. what shall I do
  240. So theres this girl..
  241. This is crazy
  242. someone backstabbed me after an offer just before the end of a school year, and may not know that I'm a person they actually know
  243. My friend's crush likes her! But there are some causes for concern...
  244. Abusive relationship breakup
  245. talking in game to girls like a boss and in real life like a noob
  246. Called cute by girl in school. Wondering if this should be a confidence booster.
  247. Can you be friends with an ex?
  248. Am I being selfish here?
  249. I could use some help :/ [WARNING: EXTREMELY LONG]
  250. Dealing with an ex?