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  1. i like this guy but he is being confusing
  2. I feel sick around guys who I like or guys who like me..why?
  3. how to get close to my crush
  4. Mother hates him
  5. So confused (kinda long)
  6. Confused*Long post*
  7. i just don't know what's going on with me
  8. Needing some advice
  9. rant
  10. What are realistic relationship expectations?
  11. Oh no. I have a crush
  12. It's over...
  13. Taking a break
  14. this is so mest up
  15. long distance relationship
  16. going insane
  17. What to do when you have a crush
  18. Soooo, there's this girl
  19. Friends?
  20. is it healthy to promise a future to someone as a teenager?
  21. ex telling lies, and believes they are true
  22. Male Advice Preferred: Would you have a relationship with someone who used to be a man?
  23. Hopelessly in love with my best friend
  24. I don't feel good enough for my boyfriend
  25. how to forget
  26. Thinking
  27. Long time Long distance
  28. How to deal with heartbreak and loss
  29. Met someone I like
  30. How do you deal with a break up?
  31. Dont know what to do.
  32. Triggering (ED): I don't know how to talk to my boyfriend
  33. Parents and my relationship
  34. Male Advice Preferred: Does he like me?
  35. this is good right?
  36. Female Advice Preferred: Confused
  37. Triggering: I was accused of cheating and everyone hates me now
  38. day two and houston we have a problem
  39. Should I be worried?
  40. Long distance relationship/ trust issues
  41. Triggering (SH): My ex
  42. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): REALLY WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON
  43. I wonder why everyone is in a relationship
  44. Female Advice Preferred: Advice please
  45. I think he might like me??
  46. Am I moving too fast?!?
  47. what happens now??
  48. Relationships 101?
  49. My BFFs boyfriend
  50. I'm feeling awful right now
  51. Advice with Parent's relationship?
  52. what is going on
  53. I've never been in a relationship and I'm getting depressed again.
  54. Which Path Should I Take?
  55. His parents don't speak English
  56. My bf has a porn addiction
  57. Don't Know What To Do
  58. Tear Down the Wall
  59. How long does one wait to start looking at dating other pople?
  60. rant about my best friends relationship
  61. He's making my life hell...
  62. Boyfriend never wants to do what I want to do
  63. Its Complicated
  64. He's being cold and distant. What can I do to make things better?
  65. I don't know how to be close to people
  66. Ex still loves me
  67. How did you meet?
  68. What's wrong with me, that I'm so incapable of feeling affection
  69. Female Advice Preferred: What's really necessary in a guy?
  70. Girls, am I undateable? Or should I give it more time
  71. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Fuck it: Love's burning me away.
  72. Friends and boyfriend all hate me
  73. I'm so confused, I jut don't know what to do.
  74. i problem i cant find an answer to
  75. Am I doing the right thing ?
  76. I don't know what to do?
  77. Forbidden Love
  78. I just don't know where to go from here
  79. We need time to ourselves! Any ideas?
  80. Girls do you find it attractive when a young guy shaved his head? Assuming he has a decent head shape and can pull it off okay?
  81. Got set up with a girl, but shy to take it up a notch.
  82. Can't forget him and so confused
  83. She is only 16, but I love her
  84. how I feel
  85. How to stop liking a girl
  86. How to establish good boundaries?
  87. Female Advice Preferred: Relationship help
  88. I want to get back with my ex
  89. Non-PG13: My boyfriend is sexually irresponsible.
  90. Long Distance Confusion
  91. Advice
  92. Non-PG13: It's based on sex not a relationship
  93. What Am I Suppose To Do Now?
  94. Hurt by my male friend; I don't know what to do?
  95. I Like Asian Girls...Can Anybody Relate With Me?
  96. URGENT.. secret crush not so secret
  97. Sometimes i feel like I'm losing interest
  98. Non-PG13: Vent/rant/ general WTF?
  99. Girls would you date a shorter guy?
  100. Girls. How much does a guys hair matter when it comes to attraction?
  101. Remember me?
  102. Imp. Decision huh?
  103. Female Advice Preferred: I Need Serious Relationship Help
  104. we're no good for each other
  105. Long Distance Relationship
  106. Non-PG13: Vaguely polyamorous???? & jealousy in trying times
  107. been involved with this man for a few months now
  108. I feel like I'm dating his mom sometimes
  109. I dont know what to doooo._.
  110. Feeling pretty awkward.
  111. How to kiss
  112. What am i doing wrong?
  113. Dealing with a bad breakup
  114. Does he like me as more than a friend? (need thorough advice please)
  115. First Heart Break, hurting like hell
  116. Triggering (Abuse): Life is bringing me down, anxiety after anxiety... What do I do?
  117. Am I being used?
  118. Does he sound interested in me? :/
  119. Need an excuse
  120. long distance
  121. Ex sending mixed signals?!?
  122. what should i do
  123. Frustrated with my girlfriend
  124. Parents
  125. sometimes i miss my ex and i hate it
  126. Falling In Love With Your BFF
  127. Should I date with no intention to marry?
  128. bf and bff are fighting
  129. Is he losing interest in me?
  130. bf mad wont get help from his family
  131. how to forget
  132. Transfer for a girl?
  133. How do you deal with separation?
  134. Your Thoughts On Dating
  135. friend that i slept with need advice
  136. How do you play this?
  137. different around his friends
  138. decisions decisions
  139. Can't move on from ex? :(
  140. Uncertain!
  141. Boy drama
  142. "We'll be better for each other in the future"
  143. Male Advice Preferred: Hardest breakup possible - HELP
  144. Male Advice Preferred: Lacking closure.
  145. so fricking sick of being single
  146. Break-up, make-up
  147. He wants to kiss me..?
  148. I'm in a bad relationship and I need advice
  149. break up
  150. How do I fix this?
  151. He won't stop asking
  152. I'm not sure where to post this thread, but several people in school are mad at me from a possible mistake and I feel very scared
  153. Trust issues
  154. She likes me but doesn't want a relationship...
  155. When your relationship becomes an habit
  156. My family found out... Please help me.
  157. Questions. Lots of them.
  158. Best Friend or Boy Friend?
  159. his mixed signals are polar opposites
  160. learning tagalog for my boyfriend...and a passport/fiancÚ visa
  161. Casual Dating -- is it okay?
  162. Female Advice Preferred: should I stay or go?
  163. not allowing myself to hurt
  164. Need Advice -asking a girl out.
  165. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Male Advice Preferred. Is my bf gay?
  166. Should I bend to my future mother-in-law's wish?
  167. What caused this break up?
  168. Should I?
  169. just my rant on myself
  170. Relationship/sex
  171. Am I in the wrong?
  172. Feeling a little clueless
  173. I'm afraid I love him...
  174. I said no to a second date....but he asked again...? Awkward..
  175. Lonely Forever?
  176. No idea what To do
  177. Is my GF serious?? Or was it really a joke?
  178. struggle
  179. Dating A Straight Boy
  180. To break up or not to break up?
  181. May be a seteotypical question but...
  182. I love him but when we act on it. I push him away
  183. Rushing into things but it feels right?
  184. These long 2 years
  185. I suck at titles but please help
  186. My girlfriend is upset with me for not wanting sex.
  187. My relationship makes me want to die
  188. Triggering: I wish I knew how to let go.
  189. Where am I going wrong
  190. He's in the Philippines. I'm in France. What do I do?!
  191. dealing with a "breakup"
  192. Am I being played?
  193. Ex-girlfriend wants to be alone?
  194. What do I do?...
  195. Helping with girlfriends depression
  196. How to tell if he likes me??!
  197. Advice for Long Distance Relationship.
  198. She's acting odd...
  199. Dreaming about this Girl?
  200. at home
  201. Chasing love
  202. How to deal with a bad breakup?
  203. What do I do?
  204. Is he playing me?
  205. I'm tired of depending on him
  206. Very awkward....or I don't know I'm so confused
  207. Awkward situation
  208. I had a dream about him
  209. How can I help?
  210. Would this be appropriate?
  211. It's been over six months but I haven't gotten better
  212. Male Advice Preferred: How do I let him know he can trust me?
  213. So I think this girl likes me
  214. Female Advice Preferred: help me
  215. Male Advice Preferred: Why ?
  216. I really do love her.
  217. Harmless date...??
  218. Female Advice Preferred: formal dance advise
  219. DISCUSSION: The different views on love
  220. Best Friend or Boyfriend
  221. Too much expected of us.
  222. Handling defeat and uncertainty.
  223. Need Help! Now!
  224. Getting past general unattractiveness
  225. Falling for guys really quickly?
  226. Triggering: ug best friend or girl
  227. I need to stop thinking about this girl
  228. Feeling pretty bad about this
  229. dating one guy but in love with my bestfriend!!
  230. How can i forget him?
  231. Is she interested?
  232. Dammit, not again
  233. Can't put myself out there?
  234. What is the logic behind this?
  235. What is your opinion about this?
  236. Long Distance Relationships
  237. FWB wants to go on a date...
  238. given up
  239. Ex just stopped contact after 6 months?
  240. Can a kiss ruin friendship?
  241. Am I being lead on? Help!
  242. kissed female friend but realised I'm gay, don't want to hurt her
  243. I just need someone before I die
  244. The Art of Presentation
  245. Not telling your significant other about things that happen in your life...
  246. Is there someone else other than your partner?
  247. Non-PG13: stay or leave
  248. getting closer
  249. School...
  250. Google/Shared Ads