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  1. She loves me, i love him
  2. Is there something wrong with me?
  3. new to tinder
  4. Faithful or not , worth it or not
  5. Relationship advice #2
  6. Should I take a break from my husband?
  7. online relationship has started going backwards...
  8. I need relationship advice
  9. What should you do if you like your best friend
  10. Decided to give him another chance :)
  11. Constant need to be in a relationship
  12. Overcoming my asinine perceptions on relationships?
  13. Another question on older men
  14. Female Advice Preferred: Signs if a gurls in to you
  15. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My friend is suffering of a broken heart;How can I help?
  16. Should I ask her?
  17. Should I, or should I not?
  18. I think I have feelings for my (sorta) step brother
  19. Triggering: a misunderstood girl and the boy who sees the light behind her eyes
  20. dating and other stuff
  21. Breaking up?
  22. A girl.
  23. Interested in this guy, what to do?
  24. Theres a girl my friend likes but me 2
  25. Female Advice Preferred: That cheater!
  26. Used Again And Again
  27. my fiance
  28. Please help me I'm panicking
  29. The Ex
  30. I'm a bit confussed >3<
  31. Triggering: Is it bad that ... ?
  32. Will he ever like me?
  33. Insecure about what to do Yes or No
  34. I had sex with my step brother what should I do
  35. Male Advice Preferred: I'm female but I like guys who are Gay is that weird?
  36. Obsessive gf
  37. More Memory Loss Revelations
  38. Triggering (Grieving): Fiancee is wanting to leave (UPDATE)
  39. Getting a girlfriend
  40. How to cut contact with him...?
  41. Does he like me back or am I just imagining things?
  42. Why do girlslike bad guys
  43. What to do?!
  44. Letting someone down easy.
  45. Should I try talking to my crush again?
  46. Want to move on but feel horribly guilty for ex
  47. I am Catholic and bisexual
  48. Is it wrong to be interested in your last crush's sister?
  49. A girl flirted with me?
  50. Is this love?
  51. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): No Idea What to Think.
  52. Do girls like a six pack
  53. I get jealous of my boyfriend. How can I get over this?
  54. Unsure
  55. 3 Year Relationship is Becoming Boring
  56. Breakup advice?
  57. Please Help: His Parents Hate Me
  58. Attraction
  59. Meeting people in the park... creeps?
  60. Tinder
  61. Never had a Girlfriend
  62. Does this girl like me? is she shy/nervous or playing hard to get?
  63. Meeting New People
  64. She rejected me then asked out my bestfriend
  65. Clingy
  66. Is he stringing me along?? I honestly can't tell, could use some insight :(
  67. I have to tell him...but how?
  68. heartbroken and confused and desperate :(
  69. Insecurities about relationship?
  70. my friends keep judging my choices
  71. Engagement Parties and Weddings!
  72. this is all turning very complicated
  73. hey jealousy
  74. Spending the Night With My Boyfriend
  75. I love him but his personality bugs me...?
  76. What are your thoughts on Hs/college relationships?
  77. Female Advice Preferred: Not really sure .. :/
  78. Not sure where to go from here
  79. Ex keeps contacting me
  80. What Should I Do?
  81. I'm 13 and thinking about dating a 15 year old
  82. I never really got closure from my ex. I don't feel I can move on even now. What can I do?
  83. Really Confused About the Signs This Girl is Giving Me
  84. Male Advice Preferred: Girlfriend won't interact with me
  85. Male Advice Preferred: why does he keep hurting me?
  86. an open letter to my ex
  87. Hey guys I need help with a project
  88. Breakup Advice
  89. How to Find Friends?
  90. My social fears
  91. He never wants me to stay the night
  92. Long distance and cheating?
  93. Talking about the future?
  94. Advice needed please
  95. My Girlfriend and I are in love, but my physical wants are causing problems
  96. Soo, I'm engaged... (Photos)
  97. How to kiss? First Kiss
  98. Female Advice Preferred: I Want To Say Sorry
  99. Polly
  100. Want help fast..!
  101. I like him and he likes me...
  102. Male Advice Preferred: Boyfriend getting close to female friend
  103. Male Advice Preferred: Seeing someone my friend talked to first
  104. Male Advice Preferred: Seeing someone my friend talked to first
  105. Confused about my boyfriend
  106. My boyfriend keeps making plans without me. I'm kinda hurt.
  107. How do you deal with feelings of jealousy?
  108. My husband is a cheater.
  109. Texting girlfriend's bestfriend
  110. First Kiss Panic
  111. Female Advice Preferred: Girl avoiding me, what did I do?
  112. advice on what to do
  113. Still in love with EX, jealous of prom date
  114. Female Advice Preferred: Best Universal Compliments
  115. Lonely oh so Lonely
  116. His mum found out that we were chatting online, and I'm scared she'll cut all contact.
  117. Taste in guys
  118. Female Advice Preferred: I need some advice
  119. please help
  120. Need Advice!
  121. I need your help?!
  122. Girl at Work
  123. anxiety to the max
  124. Advice
  125. I can't seem to get her out of my head
  126. I Need Help On How To Handle An Issue In My Relationship
  127. That kid
  128. Online Relationships
  129. Complications
  130. I don't know if this is the right forum
  131. I am interested in an extremely attractive guy at my school, what should I do?
  132. Is This Normal In A Relationship Or Is He Cheating?
  133. Dating advice
  134. What does my fwb want?
  135. Triggering (Suicide): Boyfriend got arrested
  136. Please help me figure out what to do
  137. *sighs* whats wrong with me?
  138. she's driving me crazy
  139. Questioning the relationship
  140. I feel neglected
  141. Why does my bf never want to makeout?
  142. She only likes me when were drunk
  143. Does He Like Me? Or Her?
  144. I like him and he likes... Me(?) But his girlfriend though...
  145. Taking a break
  146. What do I say when asking for her father's blessing?
  147. Best Friend probs
  148. Why did this girl look at me like that?
  149. Best Friend and Boyfriend problems
  150. I have a crush on this girl but...
  151. Female Advice Preferred: Dont know if she likes me
  152. Not sure how to tell her I like her
  153. ugh, this girl..
  154. Am I going right with this relationship?
  155. Triggering (Abuse): I'm not really sure what's wrong with me..
  156. I love somebody, but I need some help.
  157. bad habit
  158. I really need some advice
  159. Jealousy
  160. Dreams
  161. Why do people change their last name when they get married?
  162. Female Advice Preferred: My Best Friend is Confusing Me!
  163. Advice needed: break up
  164. I Have a crush on my best friends ex
  165. My crush
  166. Crushes at Work
  167. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): WHAT THE *****
  168. Love, a different kind. (Bare with me)
  169. Attraction
  170. My boyfriend won't stand up for me
  171. He's a jerk
  172. Jealousy + Anger in a Relationship...
  173. Should I just go to his house?
  174. Fiancée is wanting to leave
  175. Heartbroken
  176. Is this a date
  177. a question for bisexual people!
  178. Did I screw up?
  179. Anxiety destroys relationships.
  180. Non-PG13: Long distance relationship with a twist
  181. Hes 26, has a girlfriend and we work together but we kissed and i really like him
  182. Jealousy
  183. What might this mean? And I should I continue this or move on?
  184. Which one of us is in the wrong?
  185. I could use some help...
  186. opinions/advice please?!?!?
  187. Should I continue this relationship?
  188. I screwed up and need advice
  189. How do I stop being mean to those i love?
  190. I need someone in my life.
  191. Need advice asap
  192. Does this girl love me?
  193. Is this a warning sign?
  194. New here.. in desperate need of help w/breakup
  195. relationships struggles?
  196. Was this girl trying to tell me something?
  197. What's the difference between catcalling and bad flirting?
  198. Internet relationships
  199. What do i do about my boyfriend??
  200. I've been crying for the past 5 months
  201. Girls and I dont mix
  202. What is going on?
  203. How to quit being anxious
  204. Scared...
  205. so we broke up
  206. Male Advice Preferred: Help me....
  207. Help Needed about a Girl from spring break
  208. Long Distance Relationship Ideas?
  209. committment
  210. I just couldn't do it
  211. I want to ask a girl out but it is awkward
  212. Female Advice Preferred: What do you girls like?
  213. Not sure if I should tell him
  214. he's too old for me, but i love him.
  215. I want to feel more of an intellectual and emotional connection with him
  216. I need some advice...
  217. Help Me I'm Comfused
  218. Girl problems
  219. Is This Normal?
  220. Shy Girl vs. Shy Boy
  221. Help
  222. What should i do???
  223. 😁😄YES!!!!!!
  224. Hobbies Question ??
  225. boyfriend moving
  226. I'm 15 in May but I want to live with my 16 year old boyfriend
  227. Arguing against my friends engagement
  228. parents view on my relationship
  229. He asked me out I don't know what to say?
  230. Female Advice Preferred: I really really like this girl...
  231. Is this inappropriate?
  232. We both like each other but it's complicated
  233. How do you know?
  234. I like her
  235. Suggestions on how I should go about life?
  236. playing hard to get
  237. Ex help
  238. Triggering (SH): Emotionally attached to soon...
  239. i don't understand his actions
  240. I'm not sure what to do...
  241. Good Pickup Lines/First Imprerssions?
  242. Why are girls in high school so shallow?
  243. Help me this has to do with cheating
  244. Should I write him off?
  245. Female Advice Preferred: help me ask out someone>>>>>
  246. Girl I like is now in a relationship.
  247. Showing My Scars
  248. I just can't stand anymore his behavior
  249. Could you be in a relationship if you knew it had to end soon?
  250. Crush and friend problem