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  1. Is this a good way to tell him I like him? :o
  2. Sigh. Kissing?
  3. Non-PG13: Gay FWB with best friend?
  4. When to Cut off a Relationship
  5. Strong feelings for my STRAIGHT best friend HELP
  6. Please Read and Respond!!!
  7. my brothers friend likes me
  8. Where I am at right now in my lonely life
  9. How to fall out of love?
  10. Confessing to longtime crush
  11. It's happening.Again. What should I do?
  12. My first relationship is falling apart...
  13. help getting over him (or fixing whatever this is)
  14. my mom found out about my boyfriend. what do i do? im 17 years old
  15. I dont know how to deal with this
  16. What should I do? Or is it out of my hands?
  17. what do I do about this? (girl friend/best friend issues)
  18. New Internet friend hit on me. Oi.
  19. Advise pronto
  20. I need some advice
  21. Confidence issues maybe?
  22. Love after love
  23. Is this bad???
  24. Just regular drama
  25. Liking girl after faking it for 6 months?
  26. Long story short...
  27. Feelings
  28. What to do if he comes back this summer?
  30. Am I being unreasonable?
  31. Female Advice Preferred: LONG story....advice Please?
  32. Thought I liked this girl.. But I dont
  33. why???
  34. does she like me
  35. friends... friends not..
  36. so alone
  38. how to tell if a girl likes you
  39. Male Advice Preferred: Does he like me??
  40. ugh
  41. LDR do you agree?
  42. I lost the only person who ever cared
  43. (Never actually cared about me?
  44. so does he like me or not??
  45. Help Maintaining a FriendShip?
  46. Is she interested or...?
  47. Overprotective Mothers and Dating
  48. Friendzoned (kinda??)
  49. Should I talk to my ex?
  50. I'm not sure what to do
  51. My mother doesn't approve of my boyfriend...
  52. how can I tell?
  53. Do you agree with this?
  54. what do i do!!!!!
  55. She never texted me back?
  56. Workplace relationship
  57. I don't know what to do..
  58. How should I get a BF?
  59. Why does she shows signs she likes me if she doesn't?
  60. Torn.
  61. Worried about him :(
  62. What to do?
  63. How can you make American girls like you if you aren't British ?
  64. My ex
  65. Twlling my parents that I like both male and female
  66. This doesn't count as leading him on right?
  67. Advice on Relationship
  68. Should I text him?
  69. What should I do?!?
  70. Finding a Girl Friend
  71. Best way to get over someone?
  72. handling jealousy in an open relationship?
  73. I feel betrayed.
  74. Help With a Girl
  75. Do I tell her?
  76. Are "they" phonies or are they real?
  77. Not sure what to do..
  78. Female Advice Preferred: Best Friend
  79. Should I tell an American girl I'm dating that I served the military ?
  80. best friend
  81. Female Advice Preferred: Suggestions On What To Do (urgent)
  82. A Relationship for Myself
  83. I Want His Number
  84. upset and hurt
  85. why do I do this.?
  86. I'm In Love
  87. What should I say?!
  88. Should I ask her out??
  89. She says we can be friends, but ignores me? Please Help!
  90. Do I stop talking to him?
  91. Non-PG13: Little resentments piling up
  92. Is procrastinating on our future a red flag?
  93. i like him but i don't know what to do?
  94. What to do, what to do? ....
  95. Should I date him?
  96. Triggering (SH): Have I made a mistake?
  97. Should I feel guilty?
  98. She cheated...please help
  99. Do men find some women intimidating?
  100. i need to get out of the Friend zone , help!!!
  101. Female Advice Preferred: leaning back to my old ways
  102. Hooking up with the ex's friend. Off limits?
  103. Female Advice Preferred: Should I court her?
  104. Is this Weird?
  105. When I see certain things it hurts me...
  106. Do I risk this?
  107. Is it strange?
  108. No Idea
  109. Girl wants to hang out?
  110. Naked pics on boyfriend's phone
  111. My friend stoled him? What should I do? (long text)
  112. Confused about what I want
  113. Triggering (Suicide): Obsessive boyfriend
  114. What do i do?
  115. The Key to 💛Flirting💛
  116. Advice on my sorta boyfriend
  117. He kissed me and now he's acting really distant
  118. Non-PG13: Flashbacks of a Dominating Ex.
  119. Can we fix this?
  120. Went out with friend's previous date
  121. Awkward Problem with Dream Girl
  123. discouraging parents
  124. So. . .? Help?
  125. Some guys are "ugly" to me just based on looks, as a feminist I feel this is wrong...
  126. oh no.
  127. Its Time to Achieve my Goal, but I Need Help!!!
  128. Triggering (SH): Torn and Struggling Over the Truth
  129. Male Advice Preferred: I'm CLUELESS please please help!
  130. Crazy Jealous.
  131. Non-PG13: How to move on and to let go?
  132. Moving in with my BF
  133. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Sex before a relationship?
  134. He was my best friend.
  135. Male Advice Preferred: Idk what this is?
  136. That gut feeling
  137. Rapidly losing my patience
  138. Triggering (Substances): How to move on from major roadblock
  139. Three important qualities for "the one" to possess!
  140. The Relationship I Had
  141. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My girlfriend is scared of commitment.
  142. Constantly Fighting...
  143. The downsides of long distance
  144. Boyfriend and I have only kissed once
  145. +%&şihelp_+^%?
  146. Worried Sick
  147. So confused :(
  148. So confused (long post) please read/reply
  149. Love Triangle..?
  150. What do I do about my feelings for her?
  151. Could he be interested in being more than friends?
  152. Can one find a serious boyfriend/girlfriend during high school?
  153. Pathetic
  154. My boyfriend keeps thinking I'm going off him :(
  155. Should I go for it or...?
  156. I am just so confused and infatuated
  157. Girl giving off mixed signals
  158. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): That special someone.
  159. Finding love as a gay guy?
  160. Weird situation with a boy x
  161. Triggering (SH): Any advice?
  162. What is this..??
  163. Super Confused / Bestfriend
  164. Want to stop thinking about her...
  165. trouble with bestfriend
  166. what does "danger of the mind" mean?
  167. Can a relationship get boring sometimes?
  168. Non-PG13: Sorry, just needed to rant
  169. My crush/bestfriend
  170. What Should I do? *Need Advice*
  171. Breakup?
  172. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My friend is asking my crush to prom (warning-this is a REALLY x100000 long post.)
  173. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Sick of this...
  174. What do I do?
  175. Ok so this is going to sound weird
  176. Need some advice.
  177. Engaged
  178. Should I sleep with him?
  179. His ex wants to be friends with me?
  180. WTF
  181. confused
  182. I met his family
  183. jealous boyfriend
  184. How do you tend to approach someone you are interested in to start talking to them?
  185. It's getting out of hand
  186. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): PLEASE HELP!: My old love is haunting me again.
  187. My relationship of 4 years just ended and I don't know how to feel.
  188. is age a concern
  189. Do you really believe in "the one"?
  190. Want to date a guy but can't
  191. Broke up Long Distance Relationship
  192. Female Advice Preferred: Is it leading him on?
  193. I Like A Guy, But I Don't Know What To Do
  194. Should I ask him anything?
  195. How long is enough of a grieving period?
  196. cant be with my girlfriend because of my dad
  197. Why does this happen every time
  198. Falling For My Sex Buddy?
  199. am i wrong for thinking like this?
  200. PTSD :
  201. When do I tell him?
  202. Help with this girl I have a crush on! Does she like me or have any feelings for me!? And suggestions on what should I do next?
  203. Female Advice Preferred: Swallowing my pride for her (long)
  204. What to text a girl when you get her number?
  205. I throw up when i'm with my boyfriend, HELP ASAP
  206. He's 20 i'm 16...is that ok?
  207. Female Advice Preferred: What Girls really want...?
  208. is a university student ok to be with if you aren't in bed?
  209. need help on what to do!
  210. Crush from 8th grade, complicated relationship?
  211. Can I leave someone for someone else?
  212. Irresistible but Sweet way of Asking to be someone's "Valentine"
  213. Friend set me up with stranger for semi
  214. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): nothing goes right
  215. He said Love first.
  216. I Like Him, But He Doesn't Know It's Me...
  217. Starting to love really good friend, but don't want to
  218. Dating a 14 year old (I'm 18)
  219. Is This Healthy?
  220. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): am i not enough for girls?
  221. How to really move on.
  222. I like an American girl but I have a problem
  223. Am I ruining my long distance relationship with my issues?
  224. Male Advice Preferred: Do guys like nerdy girls?
  225. whaaa?
  226. Need advice/rant
  227. 18 years old, never been in a relationship or asked anyone out. Should I ask him out?
  228. Female Advice Preferred: How do I ask him out at Curch
  229. Female Advice Preferred: How do I let him in?
  230. can i start over with him or not
  231. Asking a guy out to Prom
  232. ok to tell your teacher that you like him?? (not to be his gf, i know thats wrong)
  233. as you get older, is it normal for your dating age to change for good?
  234. I like her, and I think she likes me back...
  235. Male Advice Preferred: How can I tell?
  236. Friend Has Feelings For Me
  237. I am 11, and I want to ask out a guy. How do I do it?
  238. Non-PG13: I just don't know what to do with him...
  239. How to ask this girl out?
  240. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Possibly abusive relationship?
  241. What do I call this relationship?
  242. Confused...
  243. How do you become more than friends
  244. Why is it awkward???
  245. Long Distance Relationship...
  246. Am I wrong for not telling her?
  247. God he is so confusing!!!
  248. Leaving partner to be near family and sort mental health
  249. I still have feelings for my first...who's also dying.
  250. Female Advice Preferred: Is being a gentleman appreciated nowadays?